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Survey on the Most Preferred Vitamins of CFAD Student

Updated on May 17, 2015


First and foremost, the group would like to thank Prof. Crisencio Paner for continuous guidance on the creation process of this thesis from the topic itself to the computations of statistical data. This has helped the group immensely.

The group would also like to thank the UST Library for providing inspiration on collected data to support the research results. For additional resources, the group thanks google and the websites used for researches (indicated at the end).

For being the respondents of the research, the group thanks the CFAD-UST students of the batch 2014-2105 who agreed to answer the surveys. Lastly, the group thanks their families and the block of CFAD-UST-2AD4 2014-2015 for the continuous support.


In the College of Fine Arts and Design, there are four majors - Advertising, Interior Design, Industrial Design and Painting. Each of them have their own expertise. Advertising specializes in advertisements, Interior Design specializes in home interiors and space planning, Industrial Design specializes in Innovation and Painting specializes in Art Mastery. However, there is one thing they all have in common. That is, with all the things they do, stress is included.


1.What is the most used vitamin supplement?

2.How many College of Fine Arts and Design students take vitamin supplements?

3.How often do College of Fine Arts and Design students take their vitamin supplements?

4.What are the factors the College of Fine Arts and Design students consider in a vitamin supplement?

5.How long have the students of the College of Fine Arts and Design been using the vitamin supplement?

6.How did they encounter the specific brand of vitamin supplement?

7.How satisfied are the College of Fine Arts and Design students with the vitamin supplement?


This research aims to:

1. Determine the most preferred vitamin supplements of the students of Fine Arts and Design

2. Identify the different factors and considerations of the students in their preferred vitamin supplements.

3. Find out if the students are disciplined in taking their vitamins.

4. Find out if the students are brand loyal.

5. Inform the readers about the students of Fine Arts and Design.


This study will be of help and significant:

1. Advertising Practitioners - They will be informed about the students of the college and will get to know their consumers better.

2. Company/Manufacturer - They will be able to improve their product to increase their sales, specifically with the students of the College of Fine Arts and Design.


The research was done in the University of Santo Tomas, in the College of Fine Arts and Design. They are located in the intersection of Espana Boulevard and Padre Noval Street in Manila, Philippines.

The subjects of the study are the students of the college, divided into four majors - Advertising Arts, Interior Design, Industrial Design and Painting.

To reach the goals of this study, a survey was conducted. Here are the questions asked and the results of the survey.

Majority of the random sampling of fine arts students, out of 139 respondents, 106 of them take vitamin supplements.

Out of 106 Fine Arts students who take vitamin supplements, the most preferred vitamin supplement is Fern C, with a total of 19 respondents. The second most preferred goes to Enervon with a total of 15 respondents. The third one goes to Centrum with 14 respondents.

Out of 106 respondents, 58 of the students take their vitamins everyday. They are very disciplined in taking their daily supplements.

61 of the 106 Fine Arts students who take vitamin supplements have been using their preferred vitamins for more than a year. Thus, it can be said that majority of the students are brand loyal.

Majority of the Fine Arts students, specifically 39 out of 106, chose their own vitamins to take. It was through their own assessment. On the other hand, 34 of them chose to follow doctor prescription.

42 of 106 Fine Arts students who take vitamin supplements can be said to be very conscious of their selves, considering physical care when taking vitamin supplements. On the other hand, a lot of them - 35 out of 106 respondents - take vitamins because of nutrient deficiency.

44 out of 106 Fine Arts students consider the benefits a vitamin supplement gives before buying one. It can be said that it supports their care for their physical health.

Many of the Fine Arts students would recommend the vitamin supplements they take - 50 of them would fairly recommend, while 51 would highly recommend.

Overall, it can be said that many of them are satisfied with the benefits their preferred vitamin supplement provide them, with 49 respondents saying they are satisfied and 24 of them says neutral and very satisfied.


• Majority of CFAD students cope up with their academic life by taking vitamins.

• Most of the CFAD Students have their own choice of vitamin supplements and are disciplined when taking them.

• Most of the CFAD students who take vitamin supplements prefer Fern C.

• Many of the CFAD students take care of their physical body and prefer vitamin supplements that will benefit their body.

• Majority of the CFAD students have been using their chosen vitamin supplement and have been loyal to the brand.


To the next researchers who will research on the same topic, it is recommended that the research have wider respondents. The demographics should also be considered and a division between respondents among their gender, year level and major can be done to improve organization of data.


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