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Survival Tips For Foreign Student

Updated on May 27, 2009

Every year many Asian students leave their country for studying abroad. They could go to another Asian country that have better education centre than their own country (in this case Indonesia) like Singapore, China, Japan, or South Korea and to many western countries like USA, England (UK), Canada, Australia, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, and many more.They have to spend hugh amount for their tuition fee and their living costs. You can not save the tuition fee of course, but you can save the living costs.
In many western country, the living costs are extremely high compare to Asian's. So searching for low cost apartment is a must. As a foreign student they do not have much money except they come from the very rich family. In country like United States the cost for apartment rent is about $700-$1,000 per month and it depend on the facility and location. If you stay at the big city like Boston, New York, or LA the cost is higher than in Texas or Oregon.

Foreign student admissions to Cambridge University

What to do to find low cost apartment

1. As a foreign student don't be shy to tell your friend in college that you need a low cost place to live. Many International Students find affordable place with this way.

2. Check classified ads in your local newspaper or magazines.

3. Searching the low income apartment online. There are plenty of landlord who offer their apartment for rent.

4. Every time you go out, do not forget to look for sign "to rent" in every window, who knows you will find a nice and low cost place to stay.

5.If you like to use a professional help, ask the apartment locator for their help. Just feel free to tell them what kind of apatment you're looking for and the price range.

How to survive in high cost country

1.Take the part time job. As a foreign student, you can take some part time job as long as it not against the rule.
In country like USA, the rule for part time job for international student is clear.Usually the student will work fulltime during their summer vacation about 8 hours per day. You could get two or three part time jobs and that is allowed by the law. Even if you just take a part time job and you are a foreigner do not hesitate to have your Social Security Number (SSN) to protect your rights a worker. By getting part time job you can get some extra cash to survive and get many new friends and experiences.

2. Reduce your eating out habit. Cook your own meal. You can shop once or twice a week and it much cheaper just about $150-$200 per month. You can cook cheap but healthy food like vegetables, pasta, potatoes, eggs, sandwiches, and chicken. Compare with eating in restaurant, cook your own meal is cheaper. In some grocery store there is special discount time, you can shop during that time. It save much money.

3.. Ask some of your friends to stay with you. Of course you have to discuss first with them that they should share the apartment rent cost, electricity cost, telephone cost, and daily cost. But it is common among foreign students to share. It can save much money.

4. Choose the cheaper transportation for your daily activities. Subway is a mass transportation that is most cheapest, if you take monthly ticket subscribe, you can get the discount. Some of my friends buy a bike for their daily activities is cheaper and healthier or just take a walk.

5. Make as many friends as you can. Having many friends (local or international) are great way to survive in foreign country. Take time to have vacation, make a budget for vacation trip with your friends and if they invite you to their home for vacation take it, you can learn about their culture and meet their family. It's fun.


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    • febriedethan profile image

      febriedethan 8 years ago from Indonesia

      Carl, you're absolutely right, thank you for the information!

    • profile image

      Carl Madison 8 years ago

      Also, ask your University guidance counselor for help. Or go through a private program, which usually is cheap and helpful.