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How to Survive if You Have to Leave Your Home Behind

Updated on October 30, 2013


A disaster can come in many forms. The key to survival is to be prepared ahead of time. Get yourself educated. Learn basic survival skills. Whether you survive a plane crash out in the middle of the wilderness. Survive a natural disaster or find yourself homeless. You will still need to eat and drink and build some sort of shelter to protect you and your family from the elements.

Prepping for End Times

Are you ready to face the end time threats and rumors?
Are you ready to face the end time threats and rumors? | Source

Types of Duffle Bags

This would be the idea duffle-bag because you can carry it on your back or hand carry your survival supplies.
This would be the idea duffle-bag because you can carry it on your back or hand carry your survival supplies.

Keep a Large Duffle Bag Per-Person in Your Household

Getting prepared and packed for any emergency is the key whether it's a natural disaster or an evasion. You should have a duffel bag ready to go if you have to go in a hurry.

Personally I would buy a small survival kit for my car incase you find yourself in a survival situation.

The best survival kit is one you put together yourself. There is no perfect survival kit if you look all over the Internet you will find that different people suggest different things to add to different survival kits for different situations.

It is recommended to get ideas to add to your list of survival supplies from survival and camping sites. Hunting sites are great to learn how to skin animals for survival purposes.

The key is to get educated learn all you can by watching videos,visiting survival site on a regular bases. Purchase a survival book with high resolution photos to add to your survival kit. Purchase books on edible weeds and plants.

You never know how long you will have to be in a survival situation, so be prepared for the long term.

Keeping your duffel bags ready in worse case scenario is best. You might have to leave your home in a hurry. You might have to leave your home by foot so you want to carry supplies that will benefit your survival needs. If you live in the city get out any way you can specially if people are rioting and lauding the stores and businesses. If there is ever an economic breakdown people will be panicking angry and desperate. This kind of chaos creates a recipe for murder.

How to Pack Your Duffle Bag

It is very important to pack your bags properly to make the best of the space you have in your supple bags. First you want to put your wool blanket and your tarp at the bottom of your bags.

Then place your stew pot then your gallon milk jug in the pot. Put all the small stuff in the gallon jug. Fishing hooks, lent anything you can think of that is small laying around the house. Lighters, fingernail clippers, anything that could be of some sort of use. I went around my house and looked through all the junk draws to find stuff to add to my collection of supplies.

The coffee can fill up with small none perishable packets of bouillon cubes. Packets of broth this will keep you hydrated and provide you with well needed nutrition. Purchase powder packets of Emergen-C its packed with all sorts of vitamins. Pack the coffee can with tea bags whatever little packets of stuff you already have in the kitchen cabinets. Pack your bags now because tomorrow you might not be able to. The coffee can is for while you're traveling and foraging for food. If you make it to the woods its best to snack and forage to keep your energy and strength up. You may not be able to start a fire because you're still not far enough from all the dangerous people in the cities.

Catch grasshoppers, grub worms anything you know you can eat on the go and put some in your can and put the lid on the can so when you rest you have some food to keep you going. Later you could use that can to store stuff like berries.

Multitask or multipurpose tools will come in handy once that you have gotten a safe distance away from society. Having a small radio wouldn't be a bad idea so you know what's going on in the world and if it's safe to come out of hiding. Get an easy compass to read some compasses are complicated be sure you know how to read your compass?

This type is heavy duty longer lasting but heavy in weight.  The idea is to travel as lite as possible but be prepared for the long term.
This type is heavy duty longer lasting but heavy in weight. The idea is to travel as lite as possible but be prepared for the long term.

Supplies to Keep in Your Duffle Bags


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    • sabbirkhan175 profile image

      sabbir 4 years ago from kolkata

      tamron...great work!!! i never thought of this kind of hub..its really useful and interesting..

    • tamron profile image

      tamron 4 years ago

      I think if more people learned foraging and survival skills they would have more respect for life and have the confidence and security knowing they can feed,shelter and water themselves no matter what the circumstances.

      I find learning can be fun and interesting about nature and the outdoors. You are also more alert of your surroundings and you see beautiful life all around you.

    • gaplumber profile image

      gaplumber 4 years ago

      It tickles me to see a female interested in this, love the bullion cubes. Great job.

    • torrilynn profile image

      torrilynn 5 years ago

      tamron, excellent hub you have here. this will definetly help anyone survive that really needs the help. thanks and voted up.

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 6 years ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      This is a marvelous hub on how to use a duffle bag for emergencies. I am forwarding this on to friends and family. You have a new fan! Rated up - :)vocalcoach

    • Alastar Packer profile image

      Alastar Packer 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Excellent Hub on preparedness tamron. Everyone should have a duffle bag for emergencies. With the way things are going with the disasters going on its more timely than ever. Your list even had a few things I'd forgotten. Thank you.