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Surviving Your Freshman Year Of College

Updated on June 15, 2016

We have all said those last goodbyes to family and friends and have anticipated that first day as a college freshman. Whether you are going miles away or not to far from home. These days will be some of the best and memorable days of your college life. Knowing how to survive your freshmen year will make your transition so much better.

Tip #1 Meeting New People

Meeting new people should be one of your first priorities. You're in a new place and a new city get out there and socialize. Getting to know your roommates will help you in the long run. We have all seen the roommate from hell just like the movie. It does not have to be that way, getting to know your roommate will help you survive. Many friendships that evolved from living together in college have lasted a lifetime. Joining a club is a great way to meet people. It could be an activity club like bike riding on the weekends, or a a volunteer club that meets at the hospital. Fraternities and sororities are a great option also, they give you a bond for a lifetime.

Tip #2 Getting To Know Your Professors

Getting to know your professors helps out tremendously. Some grade easy and some grade hard. Being on time to class helps you get to know the professors announcements like homework and classwork. Also some grade you on punctuality;while some give you extra credit for it. Read your syllabus it tells you everything you need for the class. Some professors have certain days and times for their office hours. This helps you out if you need help outside of class hours especially when you have a class over hundreds of students. It's good to get a relationship with your professors. Give them a compliment as they enter the class and join their study groups. I am not saying be a teachers pet but kindness goes a long way. When it is time for grading they will remember you and maybe give you extra points if you need it. Extra credit helps you out a lot if you really need it or want to bring your grade up from an A- to an A+. There really are some students that concerned about their grades they are called the "overachievers".

Tip #3 Staying Focused

Staying focused is the main thing for surviving your freshman year. A lot of new things are happening right now. This is your first time away from home, you have new friends and new crushes. Yes college is supposed to be fun from the frat parties to the toga parties. Do not get lost in the statistics of the best party schools even if you do attend one of these schools. Drinking and partying will not help you survive your freshman year in college. That will take you down a path of failure and sleep deprivation. Some students party every day and that will not get you anything, go to some or wait to the weekend. The course load in college is very different, sometimes you will pull all nighters just to finish a project. So continue to stay focused by doing your homework and classwork.

Hope you are ready for this new experience. There are so many things to explore from your new place to your new roommate. Hope you get stuck with a good one because some are not quite so lucky. If you are one of those you can always talk to your RA about maybe switching you with some one who is a better fit. Have fun but remember the reason you came to college was to get an education, which some people take for granted. Throughout the year if you ever get sidetracked just come back to this list it should help give you some direction.


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