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Surviving in The Tropical Climate Jungle

Updated on August 10, 2008

Tropical Hidden Wonders

What Lies Within The Tropical Jungle

Deep inside the tropical jungle, it is hot, wet and humid. The surrounding, less undergrowth, and it is shaded by the canopy layer of the tall trees that reaches 10 to 20 meter high. The jungle floor is cushion by the trees dead leaves, branches, trunks and all kinds of mold growth that makes the earth surface hardly can be seen. So, when ever we steps and move, we can hardly do our movement without a noise, all the cracking and twisting sound will follow our step and movement.

Our surrounding, the colors is always the mixture of dark green and brownish which is cause by the less bright light that reaches the floor of the jungle. Our hands and body will always swaying when we move because the undergrowth on the floor of the jungle grows closely and there also the entwined vines crawling on the jungle floor and up the trees.

Wild animals, we can seldom see them around, unless we are prepared to move slowly or stay and wait, excepts for their sounds that echo around us, either on the tree top or on the jungle floor. Insects is aplenty around, especially the mosquitoes, and the leeches.

To find our way around the tropical jungle is not easy because all the jungle floor surrounding has almost the same undergrowth and the undulating topography. One way to make sure that we can find our way back is by breaking the small trees stump every 30m apart, so that we can track back our route that we use. We also have to make sure that our step during our movement is always firm, because of we can never know or guess the jungle floor undulating surface. Never expects the comfort, but always be prepared to face the unexpected in the tropical jungle.


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    • profile image

      ikram 6 years ago

      thanks for he info.. :))

    • gss profile image

      gss 9 years ago from Florida

      I think I will stick to watching the guys on TV survive in the jungle. There are too many critters to worry about. Thanks. Nice hub.