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What Do You See When You Look At The Piano?

Updated on February 11, 2017

A Piano

The Music organ.

Somehow, I am very sure that many of us have played the musical keyboard or probably touched or seen one. Also, I guess we all believe that it is an amazing piece of musical instrument producing beautiful music notes.

If that is correct, I presume many of those who do not know how to play this machine wish they have the knowledge to do so either for personal reasons or otherwise.

Practically, have you ever being in a church ceremonies, music concert or gig and any other musical gathering and being fascinated by the organist? Perhaps, so much that you wished you could do exactly what he or she does?

I have been in such situation a number of time, if only I could be as good as they are! This I always say to myself. I suppose it is very normal for one to ponder over such a thought.

Haven't said that, a Piano, as an acoustic, stringed musical instrument, in which the strings are struck by hammers. It is played using a keyboard, which is a row of keys that the performer presses down or strikes with the fingers and thumbs of both hands to cause the hammers to strike the strings.

The keys on this machine are made up of two colours. The black and the white, we all know this. It is also a fact that playing just the black keys without involving the white or otherwise will certainly produce some sounds or music. But even at that not so many songs that can be played using a single coloured key on the piano.

Majority of the music we hear or listen to are composed using or playing both colours. By so doing they produce great harmony which in itself is a finished product.


Symbolically, the combination of these two colours are powerful in relation to the ideal world.

The kind of society where everyone is not just perceived as equal but seen as equal, given the same amount of opportunity in all aspect of life. Irrespective of who we are, where we are from, able or disable, white or black, man or woman, Christian or Muslim.

These elements are supposed to be part of the societal indicators to greatness. The type which does project the society towards a progressive, stable and a guaranteed future for everyone. If we take a moment and ask one question. Can this so called ideal world be possible at all?

Let us assume we could achieve it, as the saying goes - whatever is conceive can be achieved. But when? Or is it already being actualised by some cultures or societies? If that is the case, why it is that everywhere we look gives opposite picture of a perfect world. No wonder some people say that the ideal world is more of the abstract instead off the opposite.

Again, could it be if we take a minute to examine the music keyboard perspective, then the sky could be our limit?

Imagine a society where the harmony produced by the music organ is translated into the form of relationship between individuals.

Furthermore, watered down to how we treat each other without just looking at the surface, which, moreover, has no tendency of seeing beyond what the eyes could see. Other than simply judging the book by its cover.

Surprisingly, it is wonderful to know that before the piano was invented nature has done so through the colour of the human race.

There is nothing as beautiful as seeing folks being happy doing what they love without restrictions in the like of racism, tribalism, nepotism, religious or cultural barriers and the like of others.

Happy Group

We know every key has a note, in the same vein every being has a talent. Like the piano when a particular key is not utilized or given the chance to do so it remains dormant.

In real life many people find themselves in a very disadvantaged situation, just like the unutilised key on the keyboard. It might not be for the simple fact that they are not talented or able, but, it could be that some elements in the society have conditioned them so without even giving them a chance.

We all can change things by writing our own special songs, plus maybe, going by the tradition of rendering a helping hand when we see or perceive that somebody needs one. In other words changing our perception about the person next to us at all time.

Though, we are not victims today do not mean we are sure of that tomorrow.

The world presently is a global village and through the help of technology it is becoming smaller every now and then. Migration is more frequent now compare to years back. This reason for migration could either be positive or negative.

For society to evolve the movement of people can't be underestimated and diffusion has to naturally take it course. History has shown that this act can be delayed but can't be stopped.

Hence, shadow does not just exist, something is responsible for it.

What would you do if the table turned the other way tomorrow and you are no longer in control. Have you for once asked yourself this particular question?

There's nothing more gratifying than positive legacy.

Let's make hay while the sun is still up in the sky.


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