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TEFL - Revision Exercises for Intermediate ESL Students

Updated on December 4, 2013


Complete the expression using the word in brackets.

1. A) I really don’t understand this new software.

B) Don’t worry, you’ll soon ____________(ropes).

2. A) We’re all worried about losing our jobs and paying the bills.

B) Yes, everyone is ____________ (boat).

3. I am finding it really difficult to keep up with my colleagues in class. The course is too difficult. I really feel ______________ (depth).

4. Marta always said she wanted to go to Germany, but when I suggested we book our tickets she____________ and changed her mind (feet).

5. No one wanted to say anything until Nick _____________ by chatting about the job (ice).

6. Alex is ______________ at the moment. He won’t talk to me or even look at me (shoulder).

7. Noticing that the floor was damp was just the _____________. There was also extensive damage to the walls and ceiling due to the constant rain (iceberg).


Complete the sentences with on, in, about, of, for.

  1. She’s not afraid ___ anything.
  2. We’re not interested ____ politics.
  3. The whole museum is full ____ bad art.
  4. My boss insists ____ giving me more and more work to do.
  5. What are you talking _______?
  6. He’s been dreaming ________ that holiday for ages.
  7. The kid is scared ___ of his own shadow.
  8. You need to focus ___ getting better.
  9. My parents are involved ___ charity work.
  10. They’re thinking ___ leaving early.



Choose the correct alternative

  1. I didn’t use to / used to like cooking, but now I make meals for my girlfriend every day.
  2. She’s getting used to speaking / didn’t get used to speaking Chinese, but it is a slow process and she still makes mistakes.
  3. I only eat a little / few chocolate each week.
  4. The sun shone / was shining when I woke up this morning.
  5. I haven’t eaten / haven’t been eating since this morning. I’m starving!
  6. She’s worked / been working all morning, she’s exhausted.
  7. They were very excited about the trip to Denmark as they had planned it / had been planning it for years.
  8. She had just left / had just been leaving by the time you arrived.
  9. By this tomorrow I will finish / will have finished painting the room.

10. In 20 more years we will be living / are living in a very technologically advanced world.

11. A) There is only beef or chicken left on the menu.

B) In that case, I’ll have / I’m going to have the chicken.

12. I’m doing the course in order to / so as not to get a better job.

13. I can’t stand watching / to watch reality T.V.

14. Brad Pitt is so / such a good actor

15. If I haven’t / hadn’t eaten that fish I wouldn’t feel so sick.

16. Thousands and thousands of old T.V.s have already been / were already being thrown away.

17. I shouldn’t have argued / ought to have argued with him, now he’s not speaking to me.

18. I don’t normally let / make my daughter go to nightclubs, not till she’s 18 anyway.

19. She told me / said me not to raise my voice.

20. We’re having / we have the sitting room painted.

Phrasal Verbs

Use a phrasal verb in the correct form

  1. I am really_______________ (look) to my trip to Colombia.
  2. They _________ (give) their old C.D. player.
  3. Dad _________ (give) smoking 10 years ago.
  4. I usually __________ (get) a lot of magazine when I am sitting in the doctor’s waiting room.
  5. We ____________ (get) over the weekend to discuss our classroom presentation.
  6. My uncle _________ (turn) at my house last Saturday, so we ate out.
  7. He ___________ (break) with his girlfriend after 2 years.
  8. I ___________ (come) a very interesting article on climate change online.
  9. She _________ (take) her mother. They look and act alike.

10. He’s __________ (take) paragliding. I think he’s crazy!

Answers –Grammar

  • 1. didn’t use to
  • 2. getting used to
  • 3. a little
  • 4. was shining
  • 5. haven’t eaten
  • 6. been working
  • 7. had been planning it
  • 8. had just left
  • 9. will have finished
  • 10. will be living
  • 11. I’ll have
  • 12. in order to
  • 13. watching
  • 14. such
  • 15. hadn’t
  • 16. have already been
  • 17. shouldn’t have argued
  • 18. let
  • 19. told me
  • 20. we’re having


Answers - Idioms

  1. Learn the ropes
  2. In the same boat
  3. Out of my depth
  4. Got cold feet
  5. Broke the ice
  6. Giving me the cold shoulder
  7. Tip of the iceberg

Answers - Prepositions

  1. Of
  2. In
  3. Of
  4. On
  5. About
  6. Of/about
  7. Of
  8. On
  9. In
  10. Of

Answers - Phrasal Verbs

  1. looking forward
  2. gave away
  3. gave up
  4. get through
  5. get together
  6. turned up
  7. broke up
  8. came across
  9. takes after

10. took up

© 2013 Muttface


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