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The Moon And Sister Theory

Updated on September 27, 2012

sister theory is proven

In astronomy there are two important theories about evolution of planets and their satellites after the BIG BANG of mother sun. First one is Mother Theory and the second one is Sister Theory

According to the mother theory planets were formed by the primary condensation of particles scattered from the BIG BANG of mother sun. After many thousands of years satellites or moons of the planets were formed by the secondary condensation of the particles. But sister theory tells that planets and their moons were formed simultaneously after the BIG BANG of mother sun.

The above said sister theory is proven by a very simple phenomena of our daily life as follows. Take some water in a tumbler and dip your point finger into it. Now gently take away your finger from the tumbler and let some water drops fall on a cemented or brick tiled floor. Carefully watch the changes attained by the water drops. You can see the moon like water drop adjacent to planet like water drop. Some times two or more water drops will be formed with every planet drop. The same thing won't happen when we use water filler.


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