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Updated on October 28, 2011


"Health is wealth" - almost everybody is familiar with this proverb. In fact, good health is the precious wealth of mankind. Those who are physically unfit fail to enjoy their lives. A man may be born in a well to do family, he may be highly educated, he may have extraordinary knowledge, but all these will be proved useless if he does not possess sound health. A person of ill health always suffers from different kinds of diseases and can not make the best use of his knowledge or his wealth. If a man works harder to earn money he may be successful in his effort and dilligence. But if his health breaks down in going to do so, what is the use of his vast wealth! He will never be in a position to enjoy the fruits of his hard work. A person possessing a diseased body must have also a diseased mind. He will have an exciting temper, he suffers from disappointment and loses all charm and faith for his life. So a man's first and foremost duty is to keep his health good. In order to do that, he should take physical exercise daily, take nutritious food and lead a disciplined life. This will help his physical, mental and spiritual growth and he will be able to carry on with his duties and live a happy life.


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