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Snow Day Ideas: Take Advantage When the Snow Hits

Updated on February 20, 2011

Ideas for a Snow Day

The big freeze hits your city and your stress levels rise as life comes to a standstill. The kids are off school, you can't get to work and it's all a big inconvenience. But in life, you make your own happiness. Turn the situation and make the most of the snow while it lasts. Here are five ideas to encourage some warmth amid the wintry weather.

Become a Child Again

Maybe you can't get to work. Maybe the car's so deep in snow, even getting your four wheels out of your driveway would be a risk, or just too much effort. Remember the excitement snow used to make you feel when you were young? Before it became a hassle? Relive those childhood years. Get on your boots, coat, scarf and mittens and take a walk. Kick around some snow, throw a snowball, make a snowman and just enjoy the beauty of a snow-covered neighbourhood. Take your kids out sledding, spending quality time together and having fun. You'll be creating memories that last a lifetime.

Call on Your Neighbours

A snow-in can be the perfect opportunity for neighbours to get to know each other. Chances are, there are some who need your help. What about that old lady next door? How about that couple across the road? How's that single mom coping on her own with three kids home from school? It's time for everyone in the neighbourhood to pitch in. Check on your neighbours, especially if they're old, infirm or on their own, and see if there's anything you can do for them. Perhaps their heating's broken down in the freezing weather, or they're running out of groceries and can't get out to the store. Doing a good deed could put you in touch with neighbours you've never really talked to before.

Community Snow Shovel

Shovelling snow from your own driveway can be an arduous task, but chores are always more fun with a few helpers on board. Assembling a handful of people from your neighbourhood to shovel sidewalks, paths and driveways creates a great sense of community. Share a coffee or a hot chocolate afterwards, and you might get some new friends out of the experience.


Have a Snowman Contest

This is a great idea if there are kids in your neighbourhood or you have your own children. Holding a snowman contest will keep them occupied for a while, and other parents on your street will be grateful for some relief from the craziness of a snow-in.

Catch up with Chores

Okay, so catching up with housework isn't the most fun thing to do on a day off, but some unexpected free time can be a gift to a working person. Most weekdays you come home from work and you just want to relax. On the weekends, you're too busy recuperating to worry about the things that need doing, so you put them off. A snow day is your chance to file those bits of paperwork, clean out the garage, finally sort out the den or do any of the hundreds of other things you've been dreading.

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    • Rattigan profile image

      Rattigan 7 years ago from St Catharines, Ontario

      Thanks, Ken. Was inspired to write this after a friend sent me a link to a news story about his neighbourhood in England, where folks had really come together to beat a winter crisis.

    • kenwrites profile image

      Ken Crawford 7 years ago from Yreka, California

      Great ideas and fun too. It does give us a chance to "slow down" and get to know our neighbors better. Great time for building community.