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Taking a stand for my dear Teacher - Teacher Appreciation

Updated on May 7, 2014


The World Teachers’ Day triggered a few issues to think about. We also had a chance to witness members of the noble profession picketing for higher wages as they walked the streets. It took time before authorities bowed to pressure and finally addressed teachers’ needs. Is there any respect in the teaching profession?

Teachers' woes are many as tutors strive to survive while doing the same thing they always do. Times have changed with economies growing and standards of living reaching higher each year. Picketing becomes a normal order of the day the world over, as workers walk the streets in protest, seeking to get a pay rise. Life is not like it used to be in times of old. Yet teachers must continue enriching the world with knowledge.

Teaching Tools

Chalkboard by  Image courtesy of scottchan /
Chalkboard by Image courtesy of scottchan /

The wealth bestowed by a teacher

Esteem extended to professionals is measured by the way we treat workers. This seems to be lacking in the teaching profession. School children will often walk into school toting guns.

Ear has often heard the elite in higher echelons of society say, "My daughter will not get married to a public high school teacher or a member of the clergy", "What will you eat when you become a teacher’s wife, will you come back here for alms?" they gloat.

The wealth bestowed by teachers upon society in general is immense but sadly goes unnoticed despite teachers toiling to mold you from kindergarten to university. What does society give back to the teacher? What does the society think of the teacher?

Literature has graded teachers with the clergy when it comes to economic well-being. They have often been regarded as the "Have Nots", who only have knowledge to peddle and not real tangible merchandise from which real income accrues.

The world acknowledges the significance of a teacher. But it questions the real value of services rendered by teachers? Above all, what goes on in a teacher's mind? Do teachers deserve respect or do we feel they need a walloping especially after we have gained power and esteem, far above what the teacher had to offer back there? Why don't teachers excel above those they mentor?

And yet a silent war goes on in both the school master and their charges, who have now become mighty and influential men and women in society.

The best of teachers

The best teachers is expected to produce results. Does the teacher work alone in isolation?

The best teacher teaches outside the box. Government regulations box in teachers.

The best teacher does not teach from the book. Try teaching outside the syllabus and face the music.

The best teacher carries pupils off to academic jaunts without leaving the classroom. Imaginary trips.

The best teacher is an innovator. How many of them have patents?

The best teacher is a good role model. Society rides against the grain.

The best teacher is motivating. Who motivates the teacher on the other hand?

Question: what do teachers have to show for the effort they put into the education of an individual?

Good teaching

As craftsmen of all that is good in modern society, teachers deserve the best. I am yet to meet a teacher who encourages evil in society. The “noble calling” they call the teaching profession. Where would you be without your teacher?

That you can read, write and do arithmetic is self-explanatory on the role teachers have in imparting good to every community. “Messengers of good tidings” leave good goods wherever they go and with whoever they interact. Good teaching sharpens and polishes society. That is a teachers calling and responsibility.

Teachers mold the individual where the parent goes missing in action. By spending more time with the pupil than parents do, teachers play a maid’s role to the letter. The problem is that many see a maid as a rug upon which you clean your feet as you move on to more important issues. How often do you think about the good that your teacher imparted to you?

Teachers rebuked

A teacher's worth is not in what they earn, but what they offer to society. Invaluable are the services offered by teachers such that their quantification fails the brightest of minds. Societies desperately need a teacher’s services as children keep coming forth into this world. Machines have not been able to replace the roles played by teachers. This implies that teaching continues to occupy its place in the world of knowledge, opening up young minds to what the world has to offer both technically and intellectually.

Teaching services cannot be measured in terms of finances. But who desires the tutelage of a needy mentor? The teacher molds a child’s character and teaches them what to do, what to say, wear, how to sit, make the right choices in life and so on. If it were not for the teacher, we would not be where we are.

And yet a big question remains unanswered. Do teachers have to picket in order to get a pay rise? Many say teachers are better remunerated than they deserve. How factual is this?

No one compels the teacher to teach. Teaching is a calling, they say. Does this imply that those who are called need no morsels? People continue to hit back at the teacher to settle old scores, while the poor school master moans in the background. It is a tragedy that society claims to love knowledge but rebukes the messenger.

Teachers deserve the best

Except for very few individuals, almost all people pass through a teacher’s hands. This implies that teachers literally mold the nation into shape. A nation’s progress owes greatly to teachers’ efforts in many aspects of life. The changing of academic diapers of every Tom, Dick and Harry is bestowed upon the teacher. If nations could pay teachers what they deserve, they would greatly be indebted to the teacher.

It is rather sad that among many professionals, the teacher is least appreciated. Nothing is done to recognize their input in society. If wages are the scale to be used to judge appreciation, then none goes towards teachers.

Many children born of teachers will not as much think about a career in the teaching profession. People pretend to respect teachers but scoff at them behind their backs. This is evidenced by lewd remarks directed at teachers just outside their hearing range.

History will bear me witness. Remember the days when no rich man or woman would allow their daughters to get married to a teacher or a clergyman. Images of their lovely child sleeping hungry and always in need, drove such notions thereby thwarting any such inclinations.

Society’s reward to the teacher

Did I hear someone say “Send the best teacher to the worst schools?”

Of course, the argument is sound if your goal is to ensure many pupils benefit from such teachers thereby improving educational standards. Many communities take much more from the teacher than they are ready to give back. They never stop to consider the teacher’s feelings about being shuttled left, center and forward? You say, that is their job.

How often are you shuttled from one station to another one at your work place? Is this the best way of rewarding good performance? Many employers will consider giving performers a bonus, a trip to a fine desirable destination, a promotion or a salary hike. But, when many teachers produce desirable results in schools, no reward is dished out to them owing to the fact that they are too many.

A word for teachers

I yearn to rebuke the teacher

When I become an attorney

My wrath my teacher will meet

A show of might will come to play

When work I failed to do

A rebuke I got from thee

Anger wells as I recall

Bad school master, said I

A soldier of strength

Need I become

To mete justice to master

Who made me loath school

Lip significance is all you'll get

For teaching me three rrrs

Important we call thee

But the tale ends there

Though you helped me excel

But I loved it not

Wait till I leave school

A show of might will come to play

Pangs gnaw my belly

A need for food it yells

A parent I be like all

For kids to fend I have

My master deserves respect

But his reproach is fresh in mind

Isn’t it why we love and despise him so

A show of might will come to play

To teach is joy fulfilled to me

Though a frugal life to live

My handwork a sight to behold

A noble job to do

In the heat and cold

I toiled on you

On and on I forged a day

That I might see the man in you

Many words I taught

A dime to get

Read this I say to all

And show me some love


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  • Anjili profile image

    Anjili 5 years ago from planet earth, a humanoid

    Thanks shiningirisheyes. I have similar views on teachers' plight. I strongly feel they deserve appreciation for their commitment, dedication and service delivery to mankind. They deserve much more from the society. Thanks for visiting.

  • shiningirisheyes profile image

    Shining Irish Eyes 5 years ago from Upstate, New York

    I for one, commend the many teachers who devote their life toward educating endless generations. I truly feel the majority of them are underpaid and under appreciated.

    Voting up

  • Anjili profile image

    Anjili 5 years ago from planet earth, a humanoid

    Thanks Eiddwen for visiting and finding something of interest too. You are most welcome

  • Eiddwen profile image

    Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

    Very interesting.

  • Anjili profile image

    Anjili 5 years ago from planet earth, a humanoid

    Hi alancaster149,

    It is indeed a contradiction considering what teachers think of themselves (Middle class professionals) and the picketing we witnessed recently over higher wages. It is worth noting that the mayor finally bowed to their pressure. They might just pass for Lower Middle class at the end of the day if were to extend the scale downwards.

    There are however a few teachers who are not really cut out for the role, in that their conduct doesn't fit the cloth. This lot does not cherish being teachers at all and will cool themselves down on the poor tots.

    I think your teacher should have been more understanding with regard to your essay. You must also be an adventurous one right from school.

    Thanks for checking in. Please, do come again.

  • alancaster149 profile image

    Alan R Lancaster 5 years ago from Forest Gate, London E7, U K (ex-pat Yorkshire)

    There's an odd contradiction with teachers in general, exceptions apart of course. Many consider themselves 'Middle Class Professional' whilst at the same time - here at least - we have several professional bodies who represent teachers and heads separately, the biggest being the militant National Union of Teachers, who do not hesitate to call out their membership on strike. I thought that was a blue collar trait!

    We have to call to question why many become teachers. When I was young we had many whose only claim to teaching was in the use of the cane or the slipper (my experience). Only a few I remember didn't have to resort to punishment to control their classes. One female English Language teacher set us the task of writing an essay: 'A Day In The Life of a Trapeze Artiste'. I wrote an adventure story and was caned for my efforts. What sort of teaching was that? The same teacher later had a mental breakdown, and was not long after seen pushing a pram. Makes you feel sorry for the little blighter in the pram!

    Most of my teachers did try hard - I'd write that if I had to make out a report card on THEIR performance.