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Taliban Fighters Use American Uniforms

Updated on August 29, 2010

Recent Taliban tactics either reveal an act of desperation or a more conventional use of military tactics.

The Taliban recently conducted several attacks simultaneously in the Khost region as the US prepares for the big one at Kandahar, the Taliban's home turf. At Khost, the Taliban fighters assaulted Camp Champman using a page from history. In 1944-45, the Germans frequently used soldiers dressed in US uniforms and spoke perfect English, to infiltrate lines and conduct rear area harassment attacks like blowing bridges, ammo dumps etc. In the Taliban attack, there were dozens of Taliban assaulting in US uniforms armed armed with suicide vests, only a few were able to penetrate before being killed. In total, about 50 Taliban in US uniforms were in the attack. Of the attacking force, 21 were killed before the remaining scattered and began attacking the governor's and police compounds. Here, the US gunships managed to disarm the attack. 

Khost is far away from  the main battle line drawn at a Khandahar. It seems the Taliban employed the military tactic of using a feint, to drawn attention from the main area or simply hoped that this remote area would yield an easy victory in which they could use a propaganda. I suspect it was the latter, because with a feint, there is always a "main" blow, which never happened. It would have been much smarter of them to employ the faux US dressed Taliban as the Germans did in a more subtle manner than simply have them assaulting a compound.


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