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Updated on September 15, 2017

Tamerlane's Conquests

A Legend?

Timur the Lame (Tamerlane )

He was born in 1336 in what is today called Uzbekistan.

He was a Mongol of the Barlas tribe, one of those who followed Genghis Khan.
He was called Timur the Lame due to an accident to his hip.

He walked with a limp.

He began the conquest of Persia In 1383 when he was quite old for the time. For in those days, living past fifty was not common.

It took him four years to capture all of Persia.

Why he is not considered a 'Great' is due to the extreme savagery of his methods.

The Violence

In 1386 Tamerlane's hordes moved to India. They entered Delhi which was
left in ruins.

Timur executed over 100,000 people, mostly Hindus.

In 1399, Timur came against the Ottoman Empire and Egypt. He invaded Syria,
and captured Damascus, then killed everyone except the artists who were carried to Samarkand.

In 1400 Timur invaded Armenia and Georgia. He enslaved the populations.

Timur reached Baghdad in June 1401 and killed many of its citizens, ordering that every soldier should return with at least two severed human heads to show him.

He ruled over an empire that extended southeastern Turkey, through Syria, Iraq, Kuwait and Iran, part of Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, and North-Western India.

He died in 1405 nearly 70 years old.

Many people thought he was a legend until his body was exhumed in 1941 by anthropologist Mikhail M. Gerasimov.

Legends had him as a cripped dwarf, but his remains prove he was tall( 5′ 8" was tall in those days) and broad chested. His lameness was not that pronounced as examinations of the hip injury suggest it would have made his gait uneven but did not hamper his ability.

It is said that when Timur's body was exhumed the body, an inscription in his casket stated:

"Whosoever opens my tomb shall unleash
an invader more terrible than I."

Two days after the exhumation, Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union.


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    • qeyler profile image

      qeyler 6 years ago

      he the hero for Uzbekistan

    • profile image

      Dick 6 years ago

      Tamerlane is my Hero i will someday restore his empire and rule it with brutality and PAIN

    • qeyler profile image

      qeyler 7 years ago

      He was not interested in empire, settlement, spreading any form of 'culture' he was just destructive.

    • profile image

      Don 7 years ago

      What a conqueror this man was! Mongols sure did rise fear into everyone! Ah the world is not done with his kind U.S. simply picked off where Tamerlane left off, pillaging, killing and bombing.

    • qeyler profile image

      qeyler 7 years ago

      Unlike the other World Conquerors, Tamelane was extremely brutal.

    • profile image

      Ron 7 years ago

      What a monster Tamerlane was! Let's hope the world is done with his kind!