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Taxation Is A Criminal Act

Updated on December 5, 2013

Many people have wondered if taxes are actually voluntary or mandatory. If you consider the fact that people lose their homes, cars, businesses, and bank account for failing to pay taxes, then by that point of view, taxes most certainly are not. If they are not, can we be held liable for the use of that tax money even if we have no say in what it's used for? That is up for debate. Since we technically do have a say in the use of the tax money through elected officials, then those acting as our representatives are our agents, our "bag men," or our "hit men."

If those in government are our agents and they act outside of the laws they swore to uphold, then it's like we are acting outside the law. Furthermore, we are paying them to do so. I can give you an analogy of how it works. If Al Capone orders a hit man to hit Pauly for stealing from him, doesn't Al Capone AND the hit man get the electric chair? Isn't Al Capone a conspirator in the death of another human being? I'd say so, and so would any jury that had tons of evidence against him. On that same token, if we pay elected officials to break the law, and upon finding out they have done so, we re-elect them so that they can continue, we are also the "Al Capones" of whatever unlawful acts the government commits. We pay them to do it.

Congradulations- You Are a Drug Dealer

U.S. military personnel are guarding poppy fields in Afganistan. To deny this is to live in a fantasy world. Those troops are paid for by your tax dollars. Now don't get me wrong, I think we have the finest troops in the world, who would put their bodies in harms way at the drop of a hat, and dispense a destruction on any enemy they could possibly be asked to do so to. This is not a "bash the troops" article. However, the fact remains that the politicians and top generals have ordered them to do so.

Now I'll go back to what I wrote earlier about Al Capone. If government is the agent, and we are the principles, legally speaking, then we the people would be the Al Capones, and the govenment in general which is supposed to represent us, is the hit man. It is carrying out our will, and we pay them to do it. Poppy fields in Afganistan are the bread basket of the drug trade. Afganistan supplies more Heroine precursor than any other country. That heroine winds up on our streets as the United States is the largest importer of it. So in essence, our military is violating our own laws by facilitating the drug trade. If You or I were caught guarding a field of poppies, we'd go to prison for a long, long time. When does the government get a pass on this?

With herione likened to murder and We the People likened to Al Capone for paying for the murder, and our military likened to the hit man, wouldn't that clearly make us accomplices at the least? Pay the hit man to commit the crime, and the payer goes to prison with the payee.

I've come to the conclusion that it is hypocritical to pay taxes, essentially, a dichotomy. We pay taxes to the government to guard the poppy fields, then pay taxes to the DEA to arrest people for having the drug heroine which is made from poppies. It looks very suspicious. Only government can run a heroine operation. Everyone else must go to jail.

It's just like the Mafia gangsters of the 1930s running moonshine. They were sanctioned through the use of bribes and kickbacks while some old ridge-runner with a copper still was hunted down for producing alcohol. Sounds like racketeering to me. And since we pay taxes, we're paying the racketeers off.


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