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Teachers that are damn lazy

Updated on February 3, 2011

If there is something I really hate, with all my heart are teachers that are lazy as shit.

You know, that kind of teachers that just find some questions based on the book you are reading, and then copy and paste them into a worksheet of 50 fucking questions that they use to keep you busy for the next week. And in top of it all, when you are finally done with the 50 damn questions; you, very proudly, go and present it to them. What do they do? They take one look at the front page (but only the front, they do not want to waste too much time) put a check on then paper and give you an A. They do the same with the other 20 students of your class no matter how bad or good their work was.

The only thing this has accomplished is to make ME lazy, because I am not fucking stupid, and well it does not take a lot of brains for somebody to go online and type the first question from the worksheet for the same document your lazy teacher used, with answers and all.

I guess at first I looked at it as an advantage, you know: very easy straight As, it improves your GPA, the teacher will even write a good recommendation letter just to get you out of the way. But lets face it, when you are doing the SAT, you are going to get fucked over because you have no preparation, at all.

For real, these kinds of teachers are doing wrong to their students, they are teaching them, that there is no need to make an effort, and that there is always an easy way out. 

Now as you might suspect, I am working on one of these worksheets right now. The teacher just gave us a book, a worksheet with like 30 questions an a essay question, and basically sits in front of his computer the whole class and just writes on the board "work on your questions, due on Monday, be quiet", now of course, nobody does anything, we fuck around all class and then everybody gets home and gets everything online.

Of course, the teacher is happy (he does nothing), the students are more than happy (all straight As), the parents are happy (their intellectually handicapped lazy ass son is at least passing English literature), and the principal is happy (there are no kinds from that class in the office and everybody is doing great and "learning). Now I just realize just how much harm it is doing to us.

Well I guess I will continue my online search for my A, I am sorry I might have disappointed you my dear readers but there is really nothing I can do and well I have fallen for the temptation. 

Study hard my friends, and have a nice day.



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    • profile image

      AMY 5 years ago

      a bit same for my maths teacher