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Teaching English - Fun Puzzles for ESL Kids

Updated on September 4, 2013
You will have to explain some of the vocabulary before starting
You will have to explain some of the vocabulary before starting | Source

Below are two ESL puzzles that focus on reading comprehension and vocabulary. They are a lot of fun and the students will enjoy them. The first puzzle is quite easy as the students can place the information on any line. The second one is more difficult as the data needs to be placed in specific lines. These puzzles can also be given to Elementary and Intermediate classes if you give them more clues.

People Puzzle for Pre-Intermediate Students

Instructions: Read the clues and place the information below into the empty boxes. You must discover names, where they live, nationality, jobs and other information. Solutions are provided at the end.


  1. The man from Scotland works in a shop.
  2. Bruno is from a country where they speak Portuguese.
  3. Pierre is from France.
  4. The Scottish man sometimes has problems breathing.
  5. The Argentinian works in a hospital.
  6. The woman from Saudi Arabia lives in the countryside.
  7. Argentinians speak Spanish, Brazilians speak Portuguese.
  8. The man who lives on a boat is musical.
  9. The Saudi Arabian woman looks after her three children all day long and cooks and cleans.
  10. Bruno lives in a building that has lots of homes in it.
  11. The Brazilian catches criminals.
  12. The nurse lives in a tall house with a big light.
  13. Angus lives in a house that is not connected to any other houses.
  14. The Frenchman lives on water.
  15. Fatima comes from the Middle East. The country initials are S.A.
  16. Bruno likes to invite his friends around for meals.
  17. Valentina likes to make necklaces and bracelets in her free time.
  18. Pierre works underwater.
  19. Fatima has two daughters and a son.
  20. Valentina is from Latin America, she speaks Spanish.

Puzzle 2

Crime Puzzle for ESL Students – Upper Intermediate

There are five criminals in this jail. You have to use the clues to complete the chart. Discover their names, cell numbers, crimes, personality traits, interests and other information using the following information. Solutions down below.

Insert this information into the grid
Insert this information into the grid


  1. Jack doesn’t like the summer. He sneezes a lot at this time of the year.
  2. Igor bought some painkillers for his leg last week. He had an accident in the past and can’t walk properly.
  3. The prisoner who likes adventure sports thinks about money all the time. He is never satisfied with what he has.
  4. The man who gives his time to a charity was sent to jail for breaking windows and spray painting the building where he used to work.
  5. The prisoner in cell 103 likes to spend all his money on car racing, dog racing and card games.
  6. The criminal who lives in the centre cell likes to go parachuting and skydiving.
  7. The person with the Russian sounding name was put in jail for hiding diamonds in a suitcase and bringing them in illegally to another country.
  8. The person who has seasonal health problems doesn’t like to talk to people.
  9. Paul has a personality that others find very pleasing and attractive.
  10. The man who never gets depressed and is always cheerful loves equestrian sports.
  11. The person who does a lot of exercise stole people’s personal information and set up false bank accounts.
  12. The man who doesn’t have any friends likes to build miniature aeroplanes.
  13. The person in the end room can speak French and Spanish.
  14. Niall made a sofa and an armchair before going to jail.
  15. The person in cell 104 wants to succeed in life.
  16. Harry once lost a lot of money on a game of poker. Because of this he illegally transferred €100,000 from his company into his own bank account.
  17. The man in cell 101 was sent to jail for burning an old factory to the ground.
  18. The prisoner in the cell between the fitness fanatic and the gambler likes to give soup and sandwiches to people who have no home.

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