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Teach Children to Spell at Home using Free Online Tools

Updated on November 16, 2016
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Teach Your Child to Spell at Home

It is very important to teach children the strategies to learn words and to check spelling of words they have written, but it can be very difficult. To be effective it has to involve families, parents, families, teachers, and special tutors that need to adopt effective teaching strategies for learning words.

How to Teach Spelling at Home

  • Parents can be crucial in teaching spelling to their children. Homework and practice sheets should be checked regularly. The earlier you can start the better. The more the children read the better their spelling will become as they see and learn the words. Parents should spend time with their children at home for an about 30 minutes or an hour to revise the spellings of words.
  • Parents can put written words on various items at home. Children will look at the words daily and he/she will see how to spell common words they use in their daily life.

  • Parents can use various drills by getting the child to look at the word and say the word. Then you can say the word and have them write it down and try to spell it. Teachers will often provide lists of commonly misspelt words that you can use in the exercises
  • Parents can teach children about groups of words with similar sounds, patterns and spellings. Parents should encourage children to make associations of words with similar patterns, for example - other, brother, mother etc.

All of this sounds like the way to go, but often parents simply do not have the lists they need to teach spelling and also don't really know how to go about it.

Don't Despair! There is a better way - Use an Online Spelling Tutor.

There are many software packages available, but they are usually expensive and require installing onto your computer. However there are some fantastic online tools that are now available that do not require any installation. AND better still some of these tools are completely free.

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Some of the best examples are:

Online Tools offer Many Advantages

These tools have a vast collection of graded spelling lists - so good in fact that they are used for training by the Spelling Bee enthusiasts.

The major features of these tools are:

  • words are spoken by your computer;
  • there are large numbers of lists for each school grade;
  • the scoring and grading system are fun to use;
  • the tool provides hints, word definitions and sentences;
  • very simple to use at home or at school;
  • the sounds can be repeated, words skipped.

These tools are simple enough to used by your child, especially with your help and supervision.

The tools even include a Free Keyboard Tutor to help your child to learn to type.

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