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Teaching Strategies to improve the use of English Language for Kids

Updated on May 15, 2009

Teaching Strategies to improve the use of English Language

Here are some techniques that parents and teachers can employee improve English language of their little kids at home or schools

Improving Pronunciation

  1. Get kids involve in speaking English daily
  2. Story telling by teacher and pupils
  3. Optimum use of library for reading
  4. Dramatization in the narration of a story Drill Model (reading by teacher, Role play, mimes)
  5. Listening to Audio program
  6. Encourage pupils to speak English. The teacher gives instructions in English and are followed by students

Improving Reading Skills

  1. Make student to recognize words and sound
  2. Adapt textbook passage to the level and reach of pupils
  3. Identify keywords recurring in English language

Miscellaneous Activities

  1. Newspaper cutting, Articles, TV programs
  2. Oral practice
  3. Interpretation, and Matching words/sentences with pictures
  4. Through reading more exposure to English language is made –oral and listening CD, film, Cartoon, Model, group and individual reading
  5. Ask oral question on passage to see if the gist has been grasped
  6. Pupils to formulate answers in their own words
  7. Puppetry
  8. Martiniere Guiding apparatus
  9. Supplementary reading (with illustration) for consolidation
  10. Doing Peer tutorial


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    • improveenglish1 profile image

      improveenglish1 4 years ago

      I find that playing 'copy' games are extremely good. These can be either 'repeat after me' songs or pronunciation exercises or just normal conversations. However, it needs to be said that any activity where learners are producing any language is beneficial. I suppose the trick is keeping them interested. Some really good ideas here. Thanks