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Teaching Tips for Teachers

Updated on January 9, 2016

How to teach

Teaching tips, things to know about teaching, how to teach well
Teaching tips, things to know about teaching, how to teach well | Source


There are some teaching tips which every teacher should know. These tips when properly understood and practiced makes any teacher outstanding. The tips are what make some teachers more professional than others.

What is teaching? Teaching is giving lessons to students in schools, colleges, universities and other institutions of various categories for the understanding of the one being taught. Tips in this write-up are important information which anyone who wants to go into teaching job needs to know. There are some important tips teachers need to know before going into teaching profession. These qualities will help them render healthy services. These fundamental tips are: being punctual to work, being serious with your work, confidence, paying good attention to the students’ questions, practical works, assignment, reading wide and good grading.

Explanation of the Principal Points

To teach is not beans, so the tips must be put into consideration to make good impact in teaching profession.

  • Being punctual to work. This tip applies to all work areas. A good teacher must live by example. When teachers come to school on time, students look up to them and do the best they can to be punctual as well. This makes the teachers to prepare for the work of the day. Punctuality prevents teachers from losing their works and this is a sign of responsibility. Punctuality shows that the teachers are serious and value their work. This adds respects to teachers and it makes students to be proud of them.

  • Being serious with your work. Non-serious attitude of many teachers is the basic reason that makes students to perform poorly in their areas of study. This is why some get fired in their places of work. They promised to do very well, but later do not accomplish what they promised. A teacher that cares should be serious with his teaching job. He has to prepare, revise, and equip himself before coming into classrooms to teach. When a teacher is serious with what he does, students will love him because he takes good care of them through the quality of services he renders to them.

  • Confidence. A teacher or lecturer should be bold enough to stand at the front of the students and teach. He should not be afraid to give answers to students’ questions while teaching. A teacher who is confident enough will not be afraid of questions from students he teaches. Confidence makes the students to say: our teacher really knows what he is doing and he is not afraid of questions. It is a pity that some teachers shy away from students questions as a result of lack of trust in themselves. Some of them usually say to students “take that question you asked as an assignment”. They (teachers) say this because they are not confidence on whether the answers they have is right or not.

  • Good attention to students’ questions. Students prefer teachers that pay good attention to their questions to those that do not. A teacher should be able to attend to students’ questions in and outside the classrooms. I noticed that students that ask questions in classrooms are the brilliant ones. They do so because they need to understand their topics better. A good teacher should answer reasonable questions asked by the students in any way or from any angle. Teachers should give room for questions after the end of each class. This is clarity section as many students learn what they did not understand at the beginning of the class. The question time can be between five to ten minutes, depending on the number of questions the students have to ask.

  • Practical works. Practical and theory are two opposite words. Students understand more when they are taught practically. Teachers should make sure that they conduct practical for students for easy comprehension. When students are taught practically, they can easily apply those things they are taught in real life. Example, teaching students computer science without showing them what you have taught them practically can make a mess of the whole thing. With the computers available and operated in front them, they tend to understand well and better. So to carry out a good teaching job, practical should be embraced.

  • Assignments. This is tasks or duties assigned to somebody which he should carry out. In this writing, assignments are duties given to students to carry out on their own, in their homes, or any comfortable place they find themselves. Any good teacher should have it as a habit to give assignments to students after teaching in the classrooms for hours. The examples which the teachers give in the classrooms stand as a guide to the students when they work on their own time. Many students do not like assignments given to them by their teachers. They do not understand that engaging in assignments will make them to understand the topics well. Students that do not carry out assignments given to them do not perform excellently in their examinations. The reason is because some of the assignment questions are used by the teachers as the students’ examination questions. If you are a teacher, make sure you engage the students with proper assignments for they are helpful to students who are serious and not to the lazy ones.

  • Reading wide. Reading is not only made for the students, rather it is for the teachers as well. A teacher must form reading habit and read newly published books. This makes him to be updated with new discoveries and developments. A teacher that graduated in 1950 should not use the text books he had then to teach his students, because the books may not meet up with the demand of the new generation. He needs to buy new books, read them and get updated. The kind of thermometer used in 1950’s may not be the same with those used today. Teachers should read to avoid giving false and archaic information to the students. Reading makes teachers to remember things they might have forgotten. Any person that wants to succeed in teaching job should read wide. He should not only depend on the area he teaches but should go beyond that. This will make him to know some terms associated with others areas and do not lack words when teaching in the classroom or even in a public discussion.

  • Good grading. Students that show more seriousness in their studies should be given better grades in their results. This will make those students to put more effort in their study as well as when assignment is given by teachers. Grading serious minded students well will make the less serious to pickup and work hard. The unserious emulate from the serious and put in more effort. Students who perform exceptionally well in class discussions should be graded well. This is a very important tip in teaching and should not in any way be overlooked.


Let me make a crucial highlight here, that you are a teacher does not make you a devil. What I am trying to say is that the opportunity you have as a teacher should not make you tight your face to your students. Wear smiles on your face so that the students will feel free with you. Do not push them away by wearing tight face.

In conclusion, tips on how to be a good teacher have been stated out in this article and these tips were explained as well. Any person who wants to engage in teaching job needs to embrace these tips notwithstanding the teaching area. Do you know the importance of being a teacher? Do you know that it is a good privilege to be called a teacher? So, you need to teach well for you to gain in all angles and be respected.

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