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Want to Become a Teacher? Think Again!

Updated on July 7, 2014

When I was little all I wanted to do was to grow up and become a teacher. I wanted to change the world and inspire children to reach for the stars. However, as I realized my dream of becoming a teacher, I also realized the realities involved with being a teacher. Everything wasn’t as rosy and joyful as I thought it would be. The kids were not our focus because of outside sources and I soon found myself in a nightmare position as a teacher. The ideal dreams that individuals have when hoping to become a teacher are nothing but just that… dreams. Teaching is not what it used to be and there are many reasons why you shouldn’t become a teacher.

You Love Children

Yes, it’s true you will get to work with children but with the new curriculums, core standards, standardized tests, and teacher evaluations being put in place you will never have the opportunity to truly enjoy your children. The days of having discussions about topics not on a standardized test are gone. Your focus will only be on the skills and concepts tested by the standardized tests. You will be told by your administrators not to stray from the curriculum which has been designed around the test and if you do stray from the concepts you will be told to stick to the content. Yes, you will be with children, but you will be a part of the wheel that is making their educational life a living hell. No matter how hard you try to make your classroom hands on, safe, and fun there will still be test after test after test that you will have to administer to them and you will be evaluated on how they perform on that day on that particular tests.

Frustrated Teacher
Frustrated Teacher | Source

Teachers Are Professionals

Again, this is very true. Teachers are very professional. Teachers are highly educated and they often hold multiple degrees and certifications. However, when you become a teacher you will fall behind other professionals right out of the gate and you will never catch up for the entire life of your career. Teachers start out at a much lower pay rate than comparable professionals and teacher do not receive the same type of raises the comparable professions do. In fact, my union recently agreed to a deal of a 1% raise. The teachers in our district are actually getting a total of a $300 raise for the entire year. That equals to just a few dollars a paycheck, not even in the double digits. Also, teachers are expected to continue their education, which costs a lot of money. Good luck paying for all of that education with your teacher salary.

Teachers Have Great Insurance Plans

Well yes we do have good insurance plans but as I said before a $300 dollar raise!!!! I think our lack of raises and smaller paychecks more than make up for our insurance plans, but let me tell you after my last contract our insurance isn’t look much better than most, so we can’t even say we have great insurance anymore. So let’s recap teachers are not receiving a pay raise, we do not have that great of insurance, and we are not able to work with children the way we would like. Sounds like a great job so far!

Frustrated Teacher
Frustrated Teacher | Source

Teacher Unions Protect Us

HA HA HA…. My union could be one of the weakest unions in the country. My union and its members do not fight for anything. In fact, our saying is “It’s not going to get any better.” So we sit down and bow our heads and take whatever the board and administrators tell us to do. We never say “NO” we keep taking on bigger class sizes, less support in and outside of the classrooms, and more roles inside and outside of the classroom, and then we ask for nothing more than paying more towards our insurance and a lovely $300 raise. Unions are just like people. They can be fickle if a bad leader is in charge. Often the union becomes a stepping stool for the leader to accomplish their personal agendas and not the members’ agendas.

Everyone Loves Teachers

The majority of society HATES teachers. Teachers are to blame for every single problem in a school district. If a bullying incident occurs, it is the teachers’ fault for not stopping it. If property taxes are increased then the teachers are to blame. If a student’s fails a grade or class it is the teacher’s fault. Anything that can possibly go wrong in education, will somehow end up being the teacher’s fault. Also, we aren’t just bad mouthed in person but now we face the ridicule of being humiliated on social media too. Facebook is not good to the teachers.

Teachers Are In Charge of Their Classrooms

BIGGEST MYTH OF THEM ALL! School boards are in charge of the classrooms. Uneducated, non-teachers, who have received no formal training in education are running things in the public school systems. Everyday people who have not studied education and spent their lives in the classroom are making the decisions for what is best for our students and quite frankly most school boards are not very good at their jobs. So when our students are failing, please do not point your finger at your child’s teacher, instead look at the school board which has overloaded a teachers’ room with students, or cut support services, or took money away from a tutoring program and instead gave it to a sporting team

If I Knew What I Know Now

If someone had sat me down and told me the realities of teaching, I would have gladly searched for another way to reach students. My dream was to make a difference in a child’s life and instead I have become a member of a machine which spits out test takers and children that are supposed to be treated all the same…even though all children are very different. If you are teenager, college student, or anyone thinking about going into education… PLEASE RE-THINK your decision. Teachers are a dying breed and soon we will all be teaching from scripted manuals in order to give everyone the same test taking education. Teachers are just little minions at the hands of the school boards.


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