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Updated on October 22, 2011

Teleportation means transfer of a body from one point to other almost instantaneously such that the body doesn't cover any physical distance in order to reach its destination. The idea of teleportation developed from science fiction and most importantly from the famous Star Trek sequel. Later on as technology developed practical experiments on various sub-atomic particles became possible, scientists then started to take more interest in this matter.

The idea of teleportation always looks fascinating when some one thinks about it for a moment. Imagine that we move from one place to other in a matter of seconds. You could travel from your home to your office with out the need of any car or something. Even space travel would be possible with the idea of teleportation and we could travel back and forth from Earth to space with out the need of any space craft.

Teleportation In Fantasy

The idea of teleportation is not just limited to science fiction, in fact many fantasy tales are full of such accounts where some one could move from place to place using some magical spell or by using his powers. Although this concept of teleportation is solely fantasy based and has nothing to do with science but since these fairy tales are quite ancient so one can say that human being have though about teleportation way back but may be not in a very scientific manner.

Currently the idea is still in modern acclaim and many people think that it is really possible through magical powers. That is quite an odd topic to discuss so lets just leave it for the time being. However if we see things in a more scientific manner, teleportation appears to be possible but using technology and not any magical spell.

The idea of teleportation is quite popular in World of Warcraft, now that also can be considered teleportation using technology but how about teleportation of an actual human being and not your Warcraft hero?

Idea Behind Teleportation

Now the basic idea behind practical teleportation is that an object can be transferred from one point to another if some how we are able to dematerialize the object and transfer it to the other point with the same atomic configuration. This is some thing quite unusual to think of but scientists have been able to do this to some extent. Teleportation means that there would be no such thing as time and space and one would move between places without covering any physical distance.

But that also is something more advanced to think of because scientists have only been successful in transferring photons from one place to another but this required the destruction of the original photon. This idea was proposed by Charles Bennett in 1993 and later on was confirmed by scientists after experiments were carried out in which teleportation of photon was accomplished.

Quantum Teleportation

The idea mentioned above is actually called quantum teleportation. In 1998 for the first time scientists were able to transfer photons using the idea of entanglement. The teleportation was such that the photon to be teleported was actually transferred to its destination such that a replica of the original photon was created. There are of course many obstacles in doing this on a material scale.

Many different theories have come in the negation of complete teleportation and the biggest obstacle, the Heisenberg's uncertainty principle which actually restricts us from many things in the sub-atomic world. But again as technology has developed new doors are opening showing us the way to precise teleportaion of material.

Currently scientists are hoping to develop the idea of teleportation to some level so that it could be put to practical use in quantum computers. Quantum computers are thought to create a new revolution if they are built on a commercial scale. These computers will be much much faster than what we use today. Teleportation can allow data to be transferred in such computers at much much greater speeds.

Teleportation today means that we can transport objects without any physical means but only in a manner that the original body is destroyed and a new copy is created at its destinations. This again takes us towards the issue of cloning. But again scientists are thinking of new ways to tackle many of such obstacles. The task is really difficult as they have to find an alternate route pass the laws of physics.


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    • profile image

      S.M.J.N. 6 years ago

      1- This type of transfer have been recorded by ancient historic events recorded in the old testament and the Quran. This event happened some 3000 years ago in Jerusalem by the time of Prophet Solomon (Suleiman) the sun of Prophet King David. King Suleiman asked his audience to fetch him the Throne of Balkis the Queen of Saba (Yemen) some 4000 kilometers away.One of the Audience managed to get it to Solomon by a glance of his eye lids.

      Physically this cant have happened because this huge speed may have destoyed the Throne or Burned it because of the friction with air consequently it must have been transfered by some teleportation means . The way he manged so was related to his being of knowlege of the Book. I will not comprehend over this point as some people may not credit this as a fact .

      2- I think that our world that we live in is compsed of 3 orientation dimentions and a fourth Time Dimention. This actually means that in order for two objects to coincide (Exist)in the same place of space they need to have the same 4 dimentional coordinates (x,y,z,t).Refrence to the world Big bang theory the (0,0,0,0) coordinate was the instatnt just before the Big Bang explosion started.and at that point the 3 dimentions whered zeros as well as time was also a Zero.

      Consequently in order for an object to move from one point to another within our space it either do it by one of the following 3 ways :

      I)By physical transfer within our Universal Dimensions, which means traditional transfer of mass from one point to another . This needs energy to give speed/velocity and consequently need time to do so as theoretically matter cant reach the speed of light.Even with such speed you need millions of years to move within such huge universal space dimensions as well as going through the complexities of Relativity Theory of Einistine. Besides, withis this root of transfer , if anothe object is coinsided then there exist a possibility of collision.

      II) The second way that an object can be transfered from one point to another in our universal space is by going beyond the Time dimension we live in. This means that we need a technique to send our object out of our time dimension (disappearance) and then a technique that transfer it back from the other Time dimension back to our Universal space dimensions but at the coordinates of targeted end point . This method (if applicable) resolves the conflict of possible collision with other objects during tranfer process, however, we dont exactly know what is the surrounding environment at the other outer space dimension and its effect on matter and life.

      iii) The third method is also physical but with a vhange in natures of the matter , ie transfering the matter from mass to waves or Photons , sending these waves to the targeted end point and the reforming it back from wave to mater.This method is theoretically acceptable as we all know that matter and energy are the same , and quantum and wave behaviors are applicable to both the objects and waves. This method of teleportation is also subject to the pssibility of obstacles on the track of movement and also despite possibility of transfer of objects codes but it may not be possible to transfer living objects as destruction of the original object is a must by disintegrating it to atoms and waves/photons .

      Finally among the three methods mentioned above I think the most possible within our time horizon is the last (third )one (ie Wave transfer) until we are able to resolve the mathematics of the negative roots in the relativity equation of einestine which may open for us the fourth dimension dilemma unless that the other dimensions beyond our Time Dimension is :Impossibility (to our existing Universe , death , eternity or all of them where it is then a one way road .

      Hope this to be a start for the analysis of the subject.

      II)The other way

    • slc334 profile image

      slc334 7 years ago from Canada

      Great article, thanks for the insight!

    • profile image

      Paul Knittle 7 years ago

      I know that the last statement seems weird, but the problem has been approached incorrectly. The mathematics needs to be developed in a different coordinate system. A tetrhedral system with statistical elements and no time function. The problem is we will use it as a teleportation as a weapon.

    • profile image

      Paul Knittle 7 years ago

      Teleportation is a lot simpler than one would expect. I'm planning on developing it in two years. I feel like an adult handing a child a shotgun and asking the child to be responsible.

    • peterxdunn profile image

      peterxdunn 7 years ago from manchester uk

      Some theorists have described sub-atomic particles as having presence everywhere and every when (they're sort of 'smeared out' through space-time).

      Then we have wave-particle duality which goes: particles exist as waves until they are actually observed then the wave function collapses and the observer sees a particle.

      The upshot of all this is that teleportation will one day be possible because the sub-atomic particles that comprise: lets say, a person already have 'presence' at the location that he or she wishes to teleport to. The trick will be to collapse the wave function of all this person's sub-atomic particles at that particular point in space and time.

      This is a fascinating subject Hassam - thank you for posting this Hub.

    • kephrira profile image

      kephrira 7 years ago from Birmingham

      fascinating subject, I hadn't heard of the use of this in quantum computers, but it definitely seems more likely to me that this kind of thing is more likely to develop into new ways to transfer information rather than physical objects.

    • spartanking1978 profile image

      spartanking1978 7 years ago from Earth

      Cool topic...moving a 3d object via 4d tools in a 4d perspective...x,y,z. I never was good @ such until I started researching Unreal game design.

    • wandererh profile image

      David Lim 8 years ago from Singapore

      It is interesting that although teleportation is the transfer of an object from one point to another, most references to teleportation actually means the destruction of the object at one location and the duplication of that object at another location.

      I really can't see that as teleportation. :(

    • mulberry1 profile image

      Christine Mulberry 8 years ago

      Very interesting topic. We obviously have a long, long way to go before this would be useful for us. Thank goodness we have people with enough imagination to pursue such things.

    • Johnyboy profile image

      Johnyboy 8 years ago

      "Teleportation means transfer of a body from one point to other almost instantaneously such that the body doesn't cover any physical distance in order to reach its destination."...

      Well I can't imagine how would someone do that. You mean hire some chinesse people to carry those atoms hundreds of miles in miliseconds? HOW?

      It is really a fiction. I can understand that an atom can be reproduced exactly, but you'll have to have a warehouse of all kind of atoms allover the place just to reproduce a single human being.


    • hassam profile image

      hassam 8 years ago from Pakistan

      Thanks for the insight

    • dipless profile image

      dipless 8 years ago from Manchester

      Hi, interesting hub, however your understanding of quantum teleportation is slightly flawed.

      It is actually the method of transfering information on a quantum level, It does not allow for the transfer of "useful" information faster than the speed of light so as not to go agains the laws of causality. It is intricatly tied to the superposition of the quantum state, and it does no concern rearranging of particles in a macroscopic object. Which is what distinguishes it fromthe "teleportation" in science fiction

      Quantum teleportation is the way of transporting qbits from one location to another... it will be extremely important in quantum computing.

    • hassam profile image

      hassam 8 years ago from Pakistan

      Well originally teleportation means, going from one place to another in a flash no matter how far is it. That is what "Star Trek" showed us but practically it is not possible and we can only travel very near to the speed of light.

      The concept of worm hole is actually different and in Matrix we are in a virtual world not the real world so it does not deal with actual transfer of matter.

    • packerpack profile image

      Om Prakash Singh 8 years ago from India, Calcutta

      An amazing Hub. I really liked it. However there is a confusion is Teleportation related to travelling via wormhole where one can travel at the speed of light i.e. in no time or is it like the one shown in movie Matrix i.e. the body remains at a place while one can travel other places.