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Ten Types of Grottoe

Updated on June 23, 2013

What is a Grotto

A grotto is any type of naturally made, or hand built cave or cavern. That is constructed out of natural organic materials, like stones, pebbles, shells, sticks, or other. Grottoes are usually historic, or prehistorical, and have a story that comes with them. A natural grotto it is often found near body's of water, and often flooded or liable to flood, at high tide. Grottoes are considered to be one of the tenth wonder’s of the world. Below are ten of the most fascinating, grottoes in the world.

The Seven Sleepers Grotto

The seven sleepers, is a religious story that varies based off of religion. It is located in Mount Pion, near Ephesus. Some believe that this would be located near Turkey, while others believe that the location, to be Amman, or Jordan. For myself I believe it's in Ephesus, Turkey.

According to the Christian Beliefs

The belief is that during the time of the persecution of Christian's (250 AD). Seven young Christian men, were given a chance to recent there faith, they refused to do so. Instead they gave everything they had to the poor, and downtrodden, and fleet to the grotto. The emperor Decius was furious about the seven men casting away paganism, that he had ordered the mouth of the grotto to be sealed at once.

The emperor died a year later, and it seemed everyone had forgotten about the seven men. Time started to roll away, and decades had gone by. Then came a time when Christian's were no longer in fear of prosecution for their beliefs. Around the year of 450AD, the land where the grotto had been bought up. The landowner decided to open up the grotto, thinking it might be a great place to rest his cattle. Upon the opening of the grotto, the man was astonished, for he had found seven men vast asleep inside.

The Shell Grotto

In the year 1892, Paul Rosenfeld started Seminary of St. Francis in Milwaukee, to prepare for Priesthood. Paul would find himself, passing the time through his developing artistic ability's. But one day Peter started not to feel good, the doctor had came to see Peter. The doctor had told Peter that he had pneumonia, at that time there was no penicillin so Peter could do nothing but lay in bed and pray. As Peter saw him self losing his life, he prayed to mother Mary. Promising her that if she would spare his life, he would make a beautiful tribute to her.

That promise was built in West Bend, Iowa and took over 52 years to for fill. The grotto of redemption, is a mile long and filled with marvelous beauty’s of stones, shells and more

The Devils Grotto

In Grand Cayman, is one of the worlds most popular scuba sites, known as The Devils Grotto. The Devils Grotto is located 46 feet underwater, were you can see some of the worlds most beautiful, tarpon, silver sides, parrot fish, as well as barracudas. There is not very much information, about this location, although there is this extremely interesting video.

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Grotto

It has been told, that in Staten Island, New York, during 1935 Russo had lost his five year old son to pneumonia. In order for Russo to cope with such loss, he had built a shrine to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. He had crafted the saint out of paper, cardboard,aluminum foil and more, from only a photograph. The grotto had begun in 1937 by the Mount Carmel Society, during there spare time. When the grotto first opened on May 6, 1938, there where over two hundred people waiting in line to awe at its magnificence.

The grotto is constructed out of blocks of stone, cement, and bricks. The grotto has a central chapel housing Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the surface of the grotto is made with stones,shells, and has glass flowers laid into cement.

Jeita Grotto

Time and water have constructed the amazing cathedral like grotto, known as Jeita Grotto. Jeita Grotto is located on the western region of Mount Lebanon, where Nahr al-Kalb valley and Mount Lebanon meet. The grotto is a tunneled escape route, for the high tides that live underneath of the beloved city of Lebanon.

The grotto consist of two levels, the lower level being discovered first. This discovery was made in 1836, but it wasn't until 1958 that the tourism could start. The upper galleries were opened for there first time in January of 1969. There have been concerts, cultural events, and unusual venue's that have accused within this prominent grotto.

The lower part of the grotto is full of marvoulas natural treasures, that millions of years have built. This wounder is naturally illuminated through natural resources, to show the marvel of expert rock's, columns, and sculptures. In the summer time, your able to visit the grotto in its authenticity . Where as if you would visit in the winter, you would not be able to reach the lower level do to high tide.

Mogao Grotto

The Mogao Grottoes, or better known as the Thousand Buddhas, is located in Dunhuang China. The Mogao might possible be the most historical landscaping in the world. Composing of shrines, sculptures, manuscripts and murals. The Mogao grottoes are carved out of the sandstone cliffs, and were constructed over thousands of years. Each had been filled with more than 2000 mural, and sculpture paintings. When the construction had taken place, the grottoes were separated, into north, and south regional areas. However today there are only half of the grottoes still standing.

Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto, is a naturally made grotto, in Campania, Italy. This grotto is an illuminating blue watered, tunneled grotto. The blue glow, that penetrate through the grotto is do to the lighting conditions. That come through two various sources, one of which is a small hole located at the top of the grotto walls. This whole is very small, but is big enough to allow a rainbow to penetrate though. The second whole is ten times larger, than the other, this can be located at the bottom of the grotto.

Lourdes Grotto

The Lourdes Grotto, is a Catholic shrine, used for the purpose of meditation. The gotto sits upon an elegant hill, located in the western region of Baguio. Many Catholics visit this grotto, duging the Holy week to show praise and prayers. The grotto is constructed out of precious stones, with a shrine of Mother Mary within the middle.

The Crystal Grotto, is a horizontal grotto located in Maryland. The grotto, is made out of brown and red clay, and is layered with rooms. The first room is eight feet below, the entrance house and is oblate in shape. The room is 30 feet long, and 10 feet wide. At each end of the room was once, considerable number of form structures.


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    • Annie Miller profile image

      Annie Miller 

      5 years ago from Wichita Falls, Texas

      Beautiful Hub. There is a grotto in Portland, Oregon, Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother but know simply as 'The Grotto', that I visited often when I lived in the area. It is an amazingly peaceful place.


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