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Ten Hubs in...a new Hubber's confession

Updated on August 31, 2009

After ten hubs, I think I'm not the same as I was before...

 I must admit, when I signed up for hubpages, I had a motive.  I wanted to make money online for creative writing.  In other words, I wanted to earn cash for being online.  I saw the forums, the questions and answers, the networking and said o myself, "cha-ching".  But then something funny happened...I noticed a little number on the lower right-hand side of my profile picture, my hubberscore.  I became determined to increasae it at all costs.

I researched and found that increasing my reputation as a creative writer or UberHubber or superHubber, or whatever powerhubbers are called, I had to be as original as possible.

So, after ten attempts at hubbing, I have found that the adsense account and stats pages are not what really keep me hubbing.  I now look for the responses of my peers and read feedback as if I am interviewing for a job.  I talk to people who have never been on the site and refer them now.

So after ten hubs, i'm a changed man.  Whereas I was in it for the money, prestige, fast cars and fast women, now i'm in it for a quality hubscore. 

Thank you for reading my hubs, and I will see you next hub.



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    • hinckles koma profile image

      hinckles koma 8 years ago from nyc

      kool hub!! keep them rolling. love all koma.

    • sparksdaniel2000 profile image

      Danny Sparks 8 years ago from Los Angeles...

      hahahahaha thats funny...i still need money, but im having

    • charm_baker profile image

      Charm Baker 8 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      Welcome Newbie Neighbor - I say neighbor because I see you're from Cali like me. Since you're just starting out, I'll give you the heads up that you have already got a whiff of - Hub community! Stay plugged in and read the points and tips from those who have been here for a while. Like you, I enjoy the comments and feedback, but damnit, I'm still in it for the dough!!! Keep Hubbing!