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Ten Huge Monsters From Myths

Updated on December 3, 2017

In mythology we have all kinds of monsters from large to small, while they size doesn't matter these big baddies will have you saying otherwise once they start stomping on your city like a dirt pile. Here are ten of some of the biggest of the baddest.

#10, Jormungandr. In Norse mythology there aren't many things that are bigger then a giant, except for this Serpent of Midgard or Midgard Serpent. The Midgard Serpent is a child of Loki when he mated with a giant. Stories say that the serpent was tossed into the ocean. Midgard is Earth basically and this snake is long enough to circle it completely, it even holds its tail in its mouth. Tis said that once Jormungandr releases its tail from its mouth Ragnarok will begin, which means the world of Norse Mythology goes bye-bye. In the battle of Ragnarok Thor slays the vicious beast but succumbs to the poison from the serpent.

#9, Typhon. Greek and Roman mythology are no strangers to large monsters however this one tops them all, literally. Said to be so tall his head touched the stars. With the torso of a man, the legs made of thousands of writhing serpents, large wings and a humanoid head that breathed fire this beast was said to be feared by everything. Demon, god or titan no being didn't fear this monster who with the help of Echidna the mother of monsters created other monstrosities. Not many beings can be as tall as too touch the stars.

#8, Yamata no Orochi. In Japan there is a story of a large dragon, which could have many heads or eight the sources are a little mixed. The dragon was aid to be large enough to cover many hills and valleys, its belly always bloody and its eyes glowing red. It is also said some trees and rocks grew on the dragons back. The creature is also in the game Okami which seems to tie in with the actual story quite well. In order to defeat Orochi the warrior Susanoo got the dragon drunk with Sake before slaying it, he found a sword called Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi in one of the dragons tails which has been passed down through generations and has become one of the Japanese Imperial Regalia.

#7, Thunderbird. In several Native American cultures the Thunderbird is thought to be a symbol of strength, some descriptions of it make it a very large bird in a story or two even said to block out the sun. I couldn't find much else about it though.

#6, Charybdis. Coming back from Greek mythology we have this sea haters nightmare, a giant man eating whirlpool. In the travels of a hero he had to pass through a strait with two dangers, on one side was Charybdis and on the other was Scylla. Charybdis is said to be the daughter of Poseidon and Gaia, she has a mouth for a face and has to swallows large amounts of water a day. If she swallows any ship it is dragged to the bottom of the ocean where it is never seen from again.

#5, The Gashadokuro. In Japanese culture there is a story of a large skeleton like monster, it is said that it is created by those who have starved or died in battle but were not buried. Described as being fifteen times taller then an average person the Gashadokuro wanders around at night searching for prey, while said to have the power of invisibility and invincibility you will hear a loud ringing in your ears when it is close. If caught it will bite off your head and drink the spraying fluids. While no way to defeat it has been found people say Shinto Charms help ward the creature off.

#4, Gogmagog. In Welsh and some parts of english folklore there tells a story of Gogmagog, the last giant found by Brutus of Troy and his men. A story tells of Gogmagog and twenty other giants assaulting a Trojan settlement, slaughtering many the giants were then killed by a retaliating Trojan force. Corineus wrestles with the giant and after getting three of his ribs broke by Gogmagog the man throws the giant over a cliff from whence it is known as Gogmagog's Leap.

#3, The Leviathan. In some Christian stories there tells a story of a large sea beast called the Leviathan, which later on says just to be the devil. In other stories such as in Hebrew which claims it to be one of Gods creatures and in Judaism which describes the Leviathan as a dragon. In any case many descriptions name it a large sea beast, which some say the name simply refers to a Great Whale. Some stories call it the Hellmouth, a mouth which the damned will enter and be banished forever.

#2, Basilisk. Another monster we have from Greek mythology, the basilisk has been described as a very large snake while not as large as the Midgard Serpent it is still big enough to gobble you up. While often described as somewhat of a rooster looking creature more popular depictions are of the snake. It is also associated with being able to turn people to stone.

#1, Ogre. Ogres are quite similar to trolls since they can be depicted in various sizes however they are more often then not large, large then the Big Show. Ogres tend to be the same in behaviors which would be violent and often like to dip into a bit of cannibalism, they can be described as somewhat humanoid or large and rather animal like in looks such as large patches of hair on certain parts of their bodies.

I apologize for not having many other giant creatures, most of the ones I could find were from Greek or Norse but I did try to find others. Google was not helping.


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