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10 Old-School Monsters

Updated on October 20, 2017

#10, Vampires. Before we had Twilight which honestly ruined Vampires for a bit we had guys like Count Dracula, Vampires are the nocturnal blood suckers with a dislike of garlic and sunlight. These creatures are what some would say the worlds best predator, with greatly enhanced senses and super strength and speed Vampires are a big threat. Unless you're Van Helsing or Blade or Hellboy, or like anyone with a cross or clove of garlic.

Anyways these guys can't go out in sunlight since their skin is very sensitive to the sun rays, while they do have quite a list of weaknesses such as not being able to come into your house unless you say they can or they blow their cover since they don't have a reflection in the mirror these Vampires have still been a threat for countless years, some even being able to transform into bats or other animals and some even have some powerful magic. But don't worry just carry some holy water or a wooden stake and these blood suckers will leave you alone.

They also have really nice looks for some reason.

#9, Frankenstein Monster. Frankenstein is what you get when you cross a bunch of stolen body parts and mad science, voila instant giant monster for the family to enjoy. The Frankenstein Monster is a large mad science creation of sorts, in many forms of media he can be either a giant lumbering oaf or a complete bada$$ like in Van Helsing where he fights a vampire.

For some odd reason he has alot of strength and though he has only been stitched together his body holds fairly well, especially since he tends to get chased by a mad mob from time to time, the whole monster and stolen body parts thing.

Frankenstein as many people call him is said to be eight feet tall and butt ugly but with a need to want to fit into society but due to how he is a walking graveyard basically no one wanted him around therefor he went to seek revenge against the mad scientist who created him Victor Frankenstein.

The usual method of creating him in media is usually by electricity, although the creator of the character has said that the process of creating him is rather unknown so many people seem to just enjoy the beakers and vials in its stead.

#8, Werewolves. Werewolves are the equivalent of a wolf on steroids and crack, they aren't the nicest poochies. Werewolves can be created by getting cursed, performing a certain ritual or act or simply being bitten by a werewolf that was already around. They are not like Vampires who always seem to have more control over themselves, no werewolves tend to be more rabid and ferocious then a vamp.

Werewolves can differ in size and color but they always look rather the same, sharp claws and teeth plus some wolf features like hair and ears. They come turn on the full moon, Van Helsing had it to where they only could be a werewolf when the moon was directly on them but that is more false then anything.

Werewolves have a weakness, silver bullets. These will ultimately kill the creature so prepare to say goodbye. The person who turns into a werewolf won't really know he does so, they tend to lose all thought and control when transformed and become basically a flesh craving animal. One sure sign that you're a werewolf is if you wake up and are covered in blood or surrounded by half eaten bodies.

#7, The Mummy. The mummy is an undead creature wrapped in bandages due to the Egyptian thing called mummification which is basically the nice way of putting someone in a coffin. Mummies are much like their zombie brothers, they tend to be rather slow and not quite bright when it comes down to it, other times such as in movies the Mummy can have powerful magic and be quite a big threat.

Mummies can be the protector of a tomb, sometimes a Egyptian Curse just won't work on tomb raiders so you got to send in the Mummies. Unlike Zombies who's main focus is to devour anyone in sight Mummies can have a goal or be commanded, they also can control large armies or send clouds of scarab beetles or sand at their enemies.

Mummies also can cast curses, these are usually unpleasant and put on the more dislike-able people of the group either way mummies can be a big threat.

Also steer clear of tombs.

#6, Ghosts. Ghosts, phantoms, poltergeists oh the many names of things that just like to move stuff around in your house. Ghosts are one of the more freighting beings because you can't fight back really, unless you got Luigi on speed dial or know the Ghost Busters you are on your own.

Ghosts can wander for a variety of reasons: they can't accept that they are dead, they have unfinished business or they just like to mess with you. Chances are you will not be running into Casper so your best bet is too carry a cross or a vacuum cleaner.

Ghosts are rather bad since they can go right through walls and doors, possess people or items and remain invisible if they want to. They can also harm you without you being able to harm them. Much like demons they can also move things around and toss damaging items at you, not all ghosts are bad but you should be prepared anyways.

#5, Zombies. Before Resident Evil began to start pumping out super human zombies and stuff we had the good old brain eaters, these zombies could be created by black magic or a fungus or a virus or whatever. The basic plot of zombies stay the same, zombies go out in search for humans to munch on and don't stop.

Zombies do not need sleep, water or food technically. They can keep going until either their bodies deteriorate enough, the brain is destroyed or you just sever all their limbs or they die of starvation. They have really good hearing, can smell human flesh from a fair distance and when it comes to loud noises you are better off staying nice and quiet.

Zombies are kind of slow though, before Runners and Tanks and all the other subspecies of zombies that media began to pump out all we had were walkers. These guys just walked around in search for humans, they mainly were huddled in groups but did at times get separated from the rest. They can be avoided if you try hard enough, the surefire way to kill a zombie is to destroy the brain, problem is alot of the weapons you can use such as guns would just draw in more.

To defeat the zombie horde use quiet weapons such as hard blunt tools or something, they can survive in any climate due to them feeling nothing but hunger and starvation. They're coming..

#4, The Boogeyman. If you were a child before the 2000's then you probably know about the Boogeyman, a terrifying being who can appear in your closet or underneath your bed and take you away forever.

The Boogeyman is said to not have any set appearance since he can change from house hold to house hold, it is somewhat connected to the Boggart, another malevolent creature who likes to scare people and cause destruction and mischief. The Boogeyman is the embodiment of fear, usually taking form of whatever scares you the most, he will come to your room at night and watch you from your closet or from the shadows.

In some stories there can be more then one Boogeyman, each can be attracted to a certain form of naughtiness such as sucking on ones thumb or by talking back to your parents. Each of the Boogeymen can grab you and pull you under your bed or into your closet.

Fear The Boogeyman.

#3, Demons. Demons are the lovely folks who possess someone close to you and then try to murder your family, fun times. Demons are rather evil since they like to possess people, the more emotionally unbalanced you are the easier it is for them to take hold of you. Sudden changes in emotion, out of nowhere bruises or cuts, things moving around the house when you don't touch them or a strange presence.

Demons are usually connected to things unholy. The way to get rid of one is by either hiring a priest to cleanse the house, get a butt load of crosses and holy water or pray to god that it isn't out for blood.

Many demons also have a name that you can say to take control of them, Valak is the demon from The Conjuring 2 and once the name is spoken they are able to somewhat banish it from the house. Most of the time this doesn't work unfortunately, a few lines read from the bible isn't always enough to detour some of these inhabitants of hell from taking over your house. Your best hope is to get a priest and maybe call Doom Guy.

#2, Underwater Monsters/Sea Serpents. One of the oldest forms of scaring people is by saying there are giants monsters in the sea, and I gotta say that it does the job right. Sea monsters have been told for years, the Kraken being one of the oldest sea monsters out there, along with Godzilla. He comes from the sea so shut up.

Sea Monsters tend to be huge, either being like a long snake or by beings something with a ton of tentacles. These creatures can be seen in alot of old paintings and photos, Nessie is also a underwater monster.

These freakishly big creatures are able to destroy wooden ships with ease, devour men whole and sometimes even cause large waves when moving about. Their size is almost unmatched and the fear of one of these beasties popping up while at sea enough to make me not want to go out.

Seriously screw the ocean.

#1, Subterranean Monsters. Since there is a variety of different types of underground monsters such as the Graboids and others I have decided to simply put them as a whole. These kinds of beasts live underground either in caverns or what openings they make themselves. A big factor for how they act is their senses, since they live under the surface of the earth they don't have the greatest vision and in many cases are just straight up blind.

Crawlers, the antagonists of the horror movie The Descent, are pale human like creatures who are blind yet have an increased hearing sense. The way these beasties look can very but the main two types are humanoid beings or some kind of worm or bug.

They can dig under the earth, climb caverns very well and can hear you make the slightest movement. Be weary.

© 2017 Thomas Finney


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