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Ten Strange Folklore Creatures

Updated on November 30, 2017

Some folklore and myths can be created by misunderstandings or things that cannot be answered, while they do give us some interesting characters such as Count Dracula or Witches they can leave us with some rather creepy nightmares.

#10, The Wendigo. The Wendigo is a creature most heard of in Canada, Alaska and parts of North America. The Wendigo is essentially a creature of undying hunger, it is said that if people participate in consuming human flesh or by becoming so greedy they have a good chance of becoming a Wendigo. Wendigo's are said to have human like features but are twisted and contorted into something monstrous. With an insatiable hunger for human flesh the Wendigo is one of the more dangerous creatures of folklore.

#9, Krampus. Known to be the complete opposite of the jolly red colored Santa Krampus is a torturer of sorts, while Santa goes about giving presents to all the nice boys and girls Krampus punishes the naughty. With eerie rattling chains he catches you and throws you into his bag where he beats you with branches, a tale meant to frighten little kids into being good much like the Boogeyman however Krampus has his own day. Krampusnacht is a day where the demonic looking creature of Christmas becomes celebrated. Many people will often dress up as the creature and parade around their home town.

#8, Banshee. The Banshee is a creature from Irish folklore and mythology, she wails and cries which is to signify the certain death of a family member or a sign that someone has already died. She is usually depicted as a hag, or old woman. She is said to be a fairy, which in some depictions of her she will almost shimmer like one. She is not known to be very malevolent but I believe if you were to hear her shriek in the night it would fill you with a sense of dread.

#7, Trolls. In many visualizations trolls are rather mean creatures, not many know to be benevolent. Example the story of the troll under the bridge and the three goats, the troll tries to eat them but is tricked to wait for the father to pass by and he ends up getting hurt. Trolls can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from tall to small they all like to make a little bit of trouble. They are known to be very dangerous to humans, known to snack upon their bones and such. However there is usually a weakness, they cannot stand sunlight. In many books they are known to turn to stone once touched with sunlight.

#6, Demons. In nearly every form they are shown to be in Demons come from Hell, bloodthirsty and cruel in nature these beings like to create their own little Hell on earth. They like trolls have been known to either be large or small, usually depicted with horns and tails. Their favorite colors are red and black since many times they have those very colors as their skin. They tend to have a conflict with angels and many times will possess a human being, reeking havoc with mortals or some other forms of dangerous things. Nearly every demons worse nightmare is a priest however, if one becomes possessed or attacked a priest will help exorcise the demon away. In many instances a rosary or cross will help defend against them.

#5, Brownies. These little creatures like to help you around the house, they are also the opposite of Hobgoblins in most instances. Brownies will help with everyday tasks, however they only work at night. They live in unused areas of a house and since they are very small they can go around the house with ease. They like honey and porridge and like them as gifts, however they have been said to leave the house if they are misused or if their gifts are called payments. They seldom ever talk to humans but they have been said to be the chatterbox with their own kind.

#4, Revenant. Revenant's are said to be evil people who have been brought back to the land of the living, most likely to spread chaos among the good folk of the world. From murderers to rapists these beings come back to haunt the living, not much has been said whether or not they can be gotten rid of.

#3, Succubus. A succubus is usually shown to be a rather gorgeous woman, most stories tell of these beings tricking young men into intercourse and stealing their souls. Their counterpart the Incubus is also known for this. Succubus is shown to be able to change their looks, they tend to turn into what it is that their prey would like the most. These beings mainly rely on tricks and deception over violence.

#2, Undead. The Undead come in varities from not only their looks but how they are made, example is that Voodoo an old form of Black Magic was able to bring spirits back from the dead to do their bidding. Many undead can be slaves to whom brought them back or they could simply go along and do their own thing.They have not been shown to be incredibly smart, zombies for example tend to just go around in search of humans to feed upon. Skeletons have been said to haunt old graveyards or tombs, waiting for an unwary adventurer to come around and become trapped. In Voodoo it is possible to get rid of the dead by eliminating the caster, or if you just want to go melee on some zombies the head is the main weak spot on zombies who have either been created by science or magic.

#1, Slenderman. While actually originating as a Creepy Pasta by a worker Slenderman has become somewhat of a cultural icon, while some believe he actually exists. He is depicted as a tall slender figure with long arms and wearing a black suit, he has a bald head with no facial features and has the ability to teleport and use tendrils or long tentacles. In the few games made of him he goes around stalking the player, keeping his distance till enough items are collected from there he begins to creep up closer and faster. When looking at him, which is usually through a lens, the camera begins to become filled with static meaning he is close. It is said he can drive people insane, which if I had to look at the bland face I would go insane too.

© 2017 Thomas Finney


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