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Hawk strike at bird feeding station

Updated on June 19, 2012

My flighty friends

A pair of cardinals have taken up residence nearby. The male’s red plumage brightening as winter approaches; the female grey with tinges of pink. They frequent the birdfeeder, at first, sitting atop the shepherd’s hook with their “tsip, tsip” calls and wary, watchful eyes on the arrival of their feline enemies below. The birdsongs that reach me through wall and window remind me that I am part of this beautiful Creation.

Danger above - danger below

The feeder is a free-for-all for feathered friends of many varieties. The sparrows always find their way. The doves scrabble to hang on, allowing the feeder to tip and thereby feed the hungry hordes of pigeons below. A flurry of frightened feathers, followed by immediate flight, as a cat is drawn magnetically to the frenzy. Danger below!

Red tailed Hawk in flight
Red tailed Hawk in flight | Source


During migration, not only do my feathered friends warily watch the walkways, but also cast their eyes to the skies just in case danger swoops down on them by the variety of hawks that pass this way. I happened to be in my kitchen and stopped in my tracks to see a juvenile red-tailed hawk sitting on the path below the birdbath. The hawk was facing my window and sat as still as a rock. His eyes were piercing and his beak dagger-sharp. He sat, motionless, listening. I stood, transfixed. Then, his head turned ever so slightly as he heard the faintest of noises behind him. As swiftly as a bolt of lightning, he turned, wings spread, and ran at the flower pot against the wall. After the quickest of scuffles, he turned toward me again, a sparrow cruelly speared and clutched in his talons. As the hawk proceeded to rip into his meal, I turned away and could not watch.

Nature - Creation of Intelligence

Nature is always a faithful reminder of the food chain. It is God’s design - there are predators and prey. Each has claws and beaks specifically designed for their own purpose. I welcome nature to my windows


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