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Text Message For College Sports Wireless Updates

Updated on March 8, 2011

Text Message For College Sports Wireless Updates

Did you know that you can receive wireless text message updates for most college sporting events and college game final scores. With today's fast growing technology advances and the availability of text messaging on mobile devices, smart phones and cell phones this feature is now becoming very common.

Being able to get the results of a college athletic sporting event within minutes of the end of the game simply by signing up to receive a text message of the final score or results of the sporting event.

One way to start receiving text message wireless updates of a sporting event from a particular college is to first visit that colleges athletic website. Each college website looks different from the next so directing someone to a specific area of the website isn't really possible.

The colleges have different looking websites because each college and their sports department offer different needs and programs. This is what makes one college unique from the next.


In general looking for something that refers to the submitting of wireless updates or text message and a sign up. Some other phrases are cell phone updates stay current on final scores something of this nature will be links to check into.

If after surfing around the college website where you are interested in getting the results text messages to you and still can't find it then a quick phone call to the athletic department may be made.

Talking with a person from the organization will help to determine if the facility provides such a service. Not all colleges have adapted this means of communication with their students and the community that follow college sports.

More and more colleges are slowly beginning to introduce this into their program system as a means of transmitting information.

Getting an occasional text message with game updates is a great way to stay connected to the performance of the college team.


Colleges that already have this set in place for instance have an area to enter your phone number to start receiving text messaging of sporting games. Most have a selection process of the different events to choose from.

This way you only get a text message of the games of you liking or opt in to get text of all sporting events but with larger colleges this could mean a greater number of unwanted text messaging.

So if you like college sports and would like to start receiving results from some of your college sporting events then visit the colleges website and sign up.

Generally this is a free service as a promotion for the college but be sure to check and be sure there are no extra hidden fees attached.


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