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Texting While Walking Should There Be A Law?

Updated on August 3, 2017

Texting While Walking Should There Be A Law?

Texting While Walking Should There Be A Law?

I thought this would be an interesting hub to write, "Texting While Walking Should There Be A Law?" Hawaii passed a law that you cannot be walking while texting. Most people think it is a ridiculous law.

I think the law was implemented to prevent people from being injured or killed while walking and texting when their eyes are glued to their smartphone. I will be honest, I have actually found myself walking and texting, when I was walking downtown this week. I actually thought about it after the fact though. LOL

I don't think it is a ridiculous law, I think the law was created for safety reasons. To me , it is the same as driving while texting. Everybody that reads this hub knows it is very dangerous to drive and text. yet people still do it.

I definitely understand the logic behind enforcing this no texting while walking law. How many states will follow suit behind Hawaii, remains to be seen. I know that other states will follow with their own laws too, just a matter of time.

However, I remember the last time I was walking, just exercising and I stopped what I was doing and I began texting on my phone. So, the logical thing to do in the future when you are walking with your smartphone and you feel the need to text .

Foremost, it makes sense to stop walking or just pause whatever it is you are doing, whether you are walking, jogging, just stop and then text.

You know what I like, are statistics. Take a look below.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, where the highest percentage of pedestrian deaths relative to all traffic fatalities occurs in New York City (51%), Los Angeles (42%) and Chicago (30%).

A huge majority of those percentages are contributed to pedestrians walking with their cell phones and I believe the numbers are increasing due to people being distracted on their cell phones while walking, plus the sheer number of people having cell phones is increasing too.

That’s equates to one death every 2 hours and an injury every 7 minutes. I believe this is from distracted walkers using their cell phone while walking and the pedestrian fatalities compared to overall road deaths is getting worse each year.

My best and most logical advice to give, would be. Just come to a complete stop, clear of any traffic, construction, other people walking and just text to your hearts content.

Because if a law is passed in your state and you are caught doing it by a police officer you will be given a citation. Then, the most important thing about this law if it is implemented in other states, it could save your life.


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