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Thai Language: Basic Thai Phrases and Thai Words when ordering food.

Updated on September 17, 2014

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Useful Thai Phrases When Ordering Food.

Thai cuisine is renowned the world over, from fresh noodle dishes to an overwhelming array of aromatic curries and spicy soups, Thai food is sure to arouse your taste buds. Useful Thai sayings, words, phrases and sentences here are intended for those first timers to Thailand focusing on all things related to ordering food. As a quick language guide it gives you everything you need in your speech armoury to ensure a truly memorable culinary experience when exploring street vendors, bug selling merchants and the top end skyline restaurants of Bangkok!

Survival Vocabulary Kit!

Can I have...?

When asking for something in Thai simply use 'Kor' at the beginning of the sentence. Tip: Remember to say 'Krap/Ka' (Male/Female) at the end of each and every sentence to show politeness and respect.

Can I have a (Chang/Leo/Singha) beer - Kor beer (Chang/Leo/Singha) krap

Can I have one/two/three/four bottle(s) - Kor neung/song/sarm/see kuat krap

Can I have ice - Kor nam keng krap

Can I have a glass - Kor gaew krap

Lighter - Kor fai shak krap

Mosquito coil please - Kor ya gan yung krap

Ashtray - Kor ti kie buri krap

Can you help me? - Shuay Pom dai mai krap?

Ordering Food at a Restaurant.

Food and eating are quintessential aspects of every day life in Thailand. One of the first questions you are asked might well be asked in Thailand is, "gin kaao yang?" (Have you eaten yet?)! To which you can duly reply "yang krap/ka", (I haven't eaten yet) or, "gin leow" (I have already eaten).

When addressing older and younger people, it’s good practice to use the correct Thai terminology. However, this is not a necessity in many places, especially where you are the guest and it is the persons duty to be serving you – it’s what you’re paying for. If you’d like to speak the Thai way, use these terms when addressing your server(s). Whether you be at a street vendor or 5* restaurant, it’s the same.

Older persons - Pee krap...

Younger person - Nong krap....

Can I have the menu please - Kor menoo krap

I'm hungry - (male/female) Pom/Chan hiew mak.

What drinks do you have? - Kuhn mee derm arai krap?

What food do you have? - Kuhn mee ahan arai krap?

The food is Delicious! - Ahan aroi krap!

One more plate - Eek jaan neung krap

I'm full! - (male/female) Pom/Chan im!

The bill please! - Check bin dui Krap!

Thai Language: Vocabulary box.

Food - Ahan

Drink - Derm

Bottled water - Nam pao

Ice - Nam Kaeng

Breakfast - Ahan chao

Lunch - Ahan klang won

Dinner - Ahan Yen

Chicken - Gai

Beef - Nua

Pork - Moo

Fish - Pla

Shrimp/Prawn - Gung

Duck - Behd

Learn How to Speak Thai.

It's always good to let the chef know how you like your food done. Spicy, a little spicy or, get those chilies away from me. Beware! If you tell someone you like spicy food, you will get it spicy...very spicy. It's not unusual for a Thai person to have several chilies in one small meal, ordering food 'a little bit spicy' tends to carry a different meaning, to the average western palate! These simple Thai phrases should put you in good stead.

Pom/Chan chop... - (male/female) I like...

I like spicy food - Pom chop ahan ped krap

I don't like spicy food - Pom mai chop ahan ped krap

A little bit spicy please - Ped nid noi krap.

Ilike Thai food! - Pom chop ahan Thai!

Allergic or Vegetarian?

Here are a few sentences that might save your head swelling to the size of a baloon! Please reasearch further if you are allergic to something, as a lot of Thai food contains nuts, fish and eggs. Even if you believe your food doesn't contain dairy product after a consultation, it's not uncommon for your friendly food vendor to just nod in agreement and smile having not understand a word you have said! This is a part of Thai culture, please be aware.

*Disclaimer. I hold no responsibility for head swellings or hospital visits!

I don't eat meat - Pom mai gin neua sad krap

I don't eat eggs - Pom mai gin Khai krap

I'm allergic to... - Pom pae...

I'm allergic to nuts - Pom pae tua krap

Thai culture.

It's a good idea to be polite and respectful when speaking Thai, especially to older elders. If Thai people usually are, then so should we. Being taught in a rural Thai city where many traditional practices and customs are still highly valued (as they are throughout Thailand) has ingrained this into me. As a result of learning the Thai way, I believe this knowledge should be passed on and shared with others.

Thanks for stopping by. If you would like to know a few basic everyday conversation or, learn how to ask for directions look no further.

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