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Thank a Teacher If...

Updated on November 27, 2013

Thank You

all rights reserved
all rights reserved


Thank a teacher if you can write and spell cat,

and actually know when you see one,

read a story about Sally and Dick, throwing a red ball,

and then watch a pup named Spot, run.

If you can spell your name, know your home address,

and then know how to get there,

add up all your bills, after reading mail,

then get through a month, with room to spare.

Thank a teacher if you passed your twelve years,

while in public education, and did survive,

you passed a driving test, got your license,

now to drive on interstates and remain alive.

You learned about the constitution's rights,

our freedoms of speech and of the press,

you make positive choices, knowing right or wrong,

never having to make any guess.

Thank a teacher, because you know the law,

you're secure to walk the narrow road,

having learned the skills needed to live by,

and then to help lighten your heaviest load.

Thanks to all teachers who devote their lives,

giving gifts to children, of life's happy song,

showing their devotion and love so strong,

and in letting them know that they all belong.


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    • skybase21 profile image

      skybase21 6 years ago from Athens, GA

      I really liked this poem. Teachers rarely get the recognition they deserve.