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Thanksgiving (Poem)

Updated on November 25, 2009
Thanksgiving ~ Christine B. (c) 2009
Thanksgiving ~ Christine B. (c) 2009


I’m grateful for people in my life

Who’ve shared their joys and secrets told,

For the happiness they’ve given me

Are fond memories that’ll never grow old.

I’m grateful for my family ties

And the support that never seems to end;

No matter what mistakes I’ve made

They’ve always been there to pick me up again.

I’m grateful when I see a smile

Upon one of my grandchildren’s face;

For there is no bliss quite so dear

Than a caring grandmother’s loving embrace.

I’m grateful for the ability to rebound

From whatever life to me has thrown

And for the determination to succeed

Even when my future is vastly unknown.

Christine B. © 2009


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