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The 13,000 Year Ago Past Apocalypse

Updated on December 21, 2013
12,600 years ago, something catastrophic happened and the effects lasted a thousand years according to the data mapped on this graph. There was a clear meltdown associated with the sinking of Atlantis.
12,600 years ago, something catastrophic happened and the effects lasted a thousand years according to the data mapped on this graph. There was a clear meltdown associated with the sinking of Atlantis. | Source

Does the Bible Accord With Recent Geology After All?

12,600 years ago, a major catastrophe struck the earth, leaving a wake of destruction planet wide. It is considered that a comet struck in NE Canada in the Laurentide Ice sheet. The result was a sudden meltdown, a huge earthquake, massive tsunamis, a sudden upsurge in volcanic activity and a possible pole shift. Several geological pointers mark this period for a sudden global change. So do many stories around the world in mythic legends that find their way to us via philosophy and the Bible. We know of Plato's account, but the Biblical account needs some calculation with the difference insofar as match can be found in the geological record and the account in Genesis and thereafter. The key to the account is the Bible verses in places like Ezekiel (1), Daniel (2) and 2 Peter (3) where a prophetic day equals a prophetic year or a thousand years. With this simple formula as seen from the passage of 2 Peter, we now set out to prove the validity of the matching accounts.

In Genesis we read of the seven days of creation;

  • The spirit of God moving upon the waters in the earth that was without form and void in the dark. This is the initial condition.

  • Light is created; Day and night (day 1)

  • First the waters are separated to the firmaments above and below, heaven. (day 2)

  • Dry land is then formed out of the waters and land created, seas and earth. (day 3)

  • The herbs of the field, according to kind are made and reproduce. (day 3)

  • Next the two great lights, the sun and moon appear and darkness and light are separated. (day 4)

  • Then God makes the fish in the sea. (day 5)

  • Then the birds and land animals are made. (day 6)

  • Finally, out of the dust of the earth, man, then woman are made in God's (Elohim) likeness. (day 6)

  • Then God rested. (day 7)

  • Sin enters into the picture and history as we know it commences either during the Sabbath or thereafter..

!3,000 years ago, this is approximately how the ice was positioned at the north pole. This suggests that the pole was different then than now. The reference provides a different argument.
!3,000 years ago, this is approximately how the ice was positioned at the north pole. This suggests that the pole was different then than now. The reference provides a different argument. | Source

These seven creation including the Sabbath days account for the 7,000 years from an age of chaos and darkness where the earth was “without form”, to the end of the heavenly Sabbath. Considering that modern civilization is accepted as having arisen some 5,000 to 6,000 years ago, we get a neat correlation. 6,000 years passed while the earth fully recovered from the devastation of ruin 12,600 years ago. During the period of 6,000 to 7,000 years in the past, was the midpoint or “Sabbath”. Trouble once more began to foment with the rise of historical civilization about, 5,500 years ago. There were remnants of an older civilization too, and that is also contained in the Biblical account of the 8th day, specifically, the story of Cain and the land of Nod (4). The Sabbath/Eden period was over and a new age of lawlessness began to unfold that would see another catastrophe. Evidence exists that show earlier developments as far back as 12,000 years ago. We will look at all of this.

12,600 years ago, a major catastrophe befell the earth and an earlier civilization. The myth of Atlantis hales from this incident. In a single day, the earth was plunged into chaos, darkness, flash heat, mega-floods, super-volcanism and then a deep seated chill. A comet striking the earth at high speed was massive enough to trigger a pole shift (5). The old ice cap, centered in what is now Hudson's Bay, was already massive and was near the tipping point for generating a pole shift by centrifugal force alone. The comet strike flash melted polar ice, triggered a massive planetary earthquake, mega-tsunamis and all hell broke loose. Several independent markers point to this catastrophe. The First Clovis people suddenly disappeared. All large animals and plants went extinct in a blink of an eye in every region except Africa. The Niagara escarpment formed in that period, the result of a massive super-quake. Vast plant and animal graveyards are found in S. America and at the bottom of oceans. Animals associated with the sea are high and dry on land, like the bones of whale pods. Volcanoes exploded into life and blackened the skies. Northern regions in line with the 84 degree west longitude sank, while in S. America, they rose. New land emerged from the sea close to Antarctica as it slid to the southern pole. Where there was stretch stress, the crust separated into huge chasms, exposing the molten mantle many kilometres below. Where exposed to water, this rushed in and was mass vaporized in vast columns of steam. Where the crust compressed, new mountain ranges sprung up. This happens, because the polar diameter of the earth is less than the equatorial diameter. The former north geographic pole was approximately at what is now 60 degrees north latitude 12,600 years ago and prior. To the south, Antarctica was partly in the temperate zone where it is close to S. America. A pivot point was near Principe off the west coast of Congo/Gabon and it's opposite in the Pacific ocean, SE of the Marshal Islands, These represented the places of the greatest calm in a world wide tempest. The earth, being liquid below the surface, allowed the crust to slip, generating the pole shift according to Charles Hapgood (6) and others. We can see the residue of that disconnect between crust and mantle in the Chandler wobble today. There are plenty of minor pole shifts, such as a rather large displacement by our standards at the time of the Boxing Day Malaysian earthquake of 2004 (7). The combined events 12,600 years ago caused world wide mega-tsunamis. The tumult lasted for days and slowly subsided. Little survived. Given the foregoing, there is little wonder concerning the story of Atlantis that sank in a single day and night and the nearly universal stories of destruction and floods. Nor is there question about the Biblical account of creation based on this. The creation grew out of the former cataclysm.

Thus, began the renewal. It was dark, turbulent and hot at first and rapidly chilled. The weather was violent like all our worst storms on steroids combined all the time. How Africa managed to escape the greatest severity, is somewhat of a mystery as flood legends do not prevail in much of it beyond Egypt. In addition, large plants and animals survived where they perished to extinction everywhere else. Some people survived there too without resorting to boats and high technology. The world grew quiet. It took some time for the tumult to settle, where water settled in new ocean basins or remained in huge clouds and copious amounts of mist perpetually rising into the air. All the landmasses with the exception of much of Africa changed radically. It is said later in the Bible that there was no rain, but a mist prevailed and allowed plant life to spread out once more. This point about no rain is the most difficult to substantiate, It took a long time before the sun, moon and stars could be seen again. In some regions today, there is an almost perpetual overcast with mists where these celestial bodies cannot be seen, but life is luxuriant. Slowly life in all its forms, in the sea, the air and land returned. Then, near the end of the 6,000 year aftermath, we hear of the creation of mankind anew. But, there are two creation accounts and the Bible tells of an existing civilization at the time of Adam's and Eve's entry into life. This is another mystery, but not unsolvable.

There are trillions of objects that make up the solar system. 2013 has been a year of many encounters, such as over Russia. There have been near misses with asteroids. 12,600 years ago something did strike and cause massive devistation.
There are trillions of objects that make up the solar system. 2013 has been a year of many encounters, such as over Russia. There have been near misses with asteroids. 12,600 years ago something did strike and cause massive devistation. | Source

A Different Time of Catastrophe is Suggested Here

Science Weighs in on The Trigger Event

12,600 years ago, the earth was a shattered ruin, transformed into a quaking, steaming, dark hell world from a former near paradise state. The first centuries after the cataclysm, it was barren and tumultuous for the most part. The extent of the damage was revealed when the smoke and dust settled and allowed a diffuse sunlight into a steaming and smouldering world where water was still in contact with the molten regions. We see a small versions of that today in Hawaii and in Iceland (8). Thick clouds and mist enveloped everything. Witnesses of the period tell us through handed down myth that this period lasted about a millenium. There was almost no life and living was extremely difficult and harsh.

As the earth began to settle, water found new basins and began to stay, separating those of the seas and clouds. As the tumult quieted, stable land provided for a new lease on life for plant life to grow. After any cataclysm, it takes a long time for an ecosystem to recover. After the KT event, it took the earth over a million years to fully heal. Similarly, after the 535 AD event commented on at length by David Keys (9), it took earth a century to recover from a history changing event. In the 535 AD event, old civilizations collapsed and new ones arose. The rise of Islam and the Holy Roman Empire can be traced to that era. After the catastrophe of 10,600 BC, it took some regions thousands of years to recover. A few regions still remain barren to this day.

According to legends, the sun, moon and stars became visible only after massive clouds had cleared and the remaining earth heat stopped vaporizing copious amounts of water, or at least, precipitation exceeded vaporization, allowing enough clearing to the skies we see today. There is something of a mystery concerning no rain prior to the days of Noah, which may be a separate event than the 12,600 BC event. It is considered that there were two more floods tracing back to 8,600 and 8,000 years ago. The Noah flood is considered by some to be the latter. It was not as devastating as the 10,600 BC event but on the human scale, anything like this is a major catastrophe.

Some people did survive the huge calamity of 12,600 years ago and are thought to be the “originators” of civilization and technology. They may have survived by being at the right place at the right time, hidden in deep underground bunkers or off planet in large ships. Hints of an advanced civilization are strewn all over the earth, such as massive aligned temple complexes around the world in a world wide line tilted at 30 degrees from the equator. The line through all these appear to be oriented to the pole displacement (10, 11), but the temples align with the contemporary east, west, north and south points and not to something earlier. This suggests that they may have been built for the most part, very early, prior to what is considered to be the advent of modern civilization. The existence of these structures is still controversial in many ways. Even more startling are all the underwater sites found around the world. To date, there are some 500 of these sites and some are clearly artificial, having all the earmarks of human construction. Perhaps, this is the origin of the Bible legend of the land of Nod, the place to where Cain departed to find a wife and learn city building.

Once plants were re-established, the animal communities follow and along with them, wandering humans. The human beings that survived extreme conditions suffered from what we call today, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They were so shocked and stressed, they forgot everything in a mass amnesia. Velikovsky considers this in his book, “Mankind in Amnesia” (12, 13). We see versions of this today after major disasters that wipe out entire regions. This phenomenon occurred after the Malaysia Boxing Day earthquake of 2004, The Haitian earthquake of 2005 and elsewhere. Is it possible that Adam represents people who had their minds wiped clean by the scale of earlier world events? Is it possible that he and his kin lived very much like animals and in harmony with nature? Did these people co-exist with more civilized counterparts? We know of tribes in central and south America that are still in close harmony with nature with barely any rudiments of civilization beyond fire, bows and arrows (14).

What we do know in this scenario is that there now appears to be a close match between Biblical accounts in time lines, to what we find in not so well publicized archaeology, but this is changing, especially with the advent of more easily accessed knowledge.


  1. Ezekiel 4:6, Numbers 14:36

  2. Daniel 9

  3. 2 Peter 3:8

  4. Genesis 4:15-17












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