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The 4-B's; Butterflies, Birds, Blooms and Bugs

Updated on September 3, 2016

Seeing is Believing

Experience the Beauty of Butterflies, Birds, Blooms and Bugs.

Zebra Butterflies

Heliconius Charithonia Zebra butterflies
Heliconius Charithonia Zebra butterflies | Source

Butterflies have scales?

This place has butterflies in black, blue, brown, white, red, orange, yellow, green and everything in between. Thousands of overlapping scales producing colors through chemical pigmentation and wavelengths of light. Did you know butterflies have scales? Get out your microscope and check it out. There is a flight zone with beautiful butterflies with names like; Tiger, Cythera, Sara, Egg Fly, Cattle Heart, Blue Crow, Cruiser, Shoemaker, Cracker, Atlas, Archduke, Mosaic and all with so much to show. There are butterflies in every cycle of life from; courtship to mating, egg laying, larvae to adults and all while the miracle of migration is taking place among the bright blossoms.

Butterfly World - Butterflies


Birdbath | Source

The Jewels of the Sky

Among the colorful butterflies are the beautiful clowns of the parrot world the Lorikeets and Lories. The "Jewels of the Sky" - hummingbirds hide among the fragrant flowers and luscious leaves of the trees in the aviary. You might also see; a Red-collared Widow, Jamaican mango hummingbird, Southern bishop Weaver and more.

Butterfly World - Birds

Passiflora Blooms

Passifloria "Inspiration
Passifloria "Inspiration | Source

Butterfly Gardening and Passiflora's

Among all the colorful fluttering is the awesomely striking blooms. These blooms are the flowers that the butterflies, birds and insects eat. For pleasure of eating the moths and butterflies will find; Lantana, Russelia Sarmentos, Java Glory Bower, Sao Paulo Flame Vine and so much more. Then to please the eye "Grace Gardens" is there to behold. It holds orchids of all kinds, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, St. John Creepers, and Lucky Nut. But that's not all; there are the glorious Passiflora "Inspiration" and "Spruce." Butterfly World has the world's largest collection of Passiflora species.

Butterfly World - Blooms

Walking Stick Bug

Phasmatodea Insect
Phasmatodea Insect | Source

Among the Lilies

Among the Lilies or in this case the butterflies, birds and blooms comes the bugs. Here in this world you find a museum and collection of many bugs/insects. You also find lizards, the endangered Cuban Tree frog, snakes, spiders, and other predators. The Cycle of Life continues within the confines of this enclosed world.

Butterfly World - Bugs

Extra Credit

It may be summer and school is out, but that doesn't mean that learning has to end. This facility has a guide book that helps in the learning process. Purchase a guide book and allow your child to find the butterflies, birds, plants or blooms and bugs. It will provide hours of enjoyment and they will be learning.

Continuing Your Education

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