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The Abolition Of Slavery

Updated on October 18, 2015
Slaves On A Cotton Plantation
Slaves On A Cotton Plantation | Source

Slavery is an abomination and an insult to humanity. Slavers vocalise that slavery is justified because blacks are not as human as us, but that is a lie. A lie which is the only thing that allow them to sleep at night knowing what disgusting crimes they commit against blacks, their morals and the very order of nature. Blood of the innocent is on our hands. Black people are just as human as the whites are. Blacks are the same as us and should be treated equally.

In the first horrible stage of the slave triangle or rather the cruel abduction and transportation of slaves which lasts around 6 to 8 weeks slave ships leave from Britain in ports like London, Liverpool and Bristol for West Africa carrying goods such as cloth, guns, ironware and drinks which were made in London.

Upon the arrival of the Western African Coast, these goods would then be traded for black men, women and children who were captured by slave traders. Some captured by white men or even by their own kind.

In abhorrent stage two, slave traders enslaved the black people and separated families until a ship appeared and then sold them to European/African captains. Sailors would sail up and down the coast filling their ships densely packed with Africans that would be carried to the West Indies.On the journey to the West Indies in order to keep the slaves active, the slavers would make them dance or exercise to maintain their physical ability. Some slaves committed suicide off the side of the ship. The slaves were chained ankle to wrist. On average, slaves had a tiny 6 square feet of deck space. The slaves were kept below deck for most of the day. The diet on the ship was largely consisted of horse-beans and rice while each slave got 24 ounces of water a day. The slavers controlled everything from what they ate, drank, and also when they were allowed to come on deck as if the Africans were animals and the slavers their owners. One of the most disgusting, heart breaking things was that often women slaves were raped by the white slavers.

In the horrendous final stage of the slave triangle which was in the West Indies, Africans would be sold to the highest bidder at slave auctions. Slaves demonstrated a lot of passive and active resistance. Passive Resistance is where slaves resisted but in unnoticeable actions such as; goofing around when they are not being watched; pretending to be stupid and breaking tools and destroying crops; stealing food and drink from the masters house. Active Resistance is when slaves acted in more serious offences for example; trying to escape and the slaves revolting against their white owners. Once bought they would work on plantations. They belonged to the plantations like a possession and had no rights. They were often punished harshly. 2/3’s of enslaved Africans, taken to the Americas, ended up on sugar plantations. The goods from these farms such as sugar, coffee and tobacco were shipped back to Britain for sale.This cycle then continues and repeatedly continually ruins innocent human lives.

On these appalling slave ships and plantations, the living conditions were gruesome and a real eye opener into the cruelty of slavery. White masters had enough power over the slave that they could whip them to death and this occurred on many occasions. On the ships the slaves were treated like animals, they were chained and packed into very tight spaces because the captains of the slave ships wanted to fit as many slaves as they could to gain as much profit. Disease was a common thing slave ships encountered because of the unhygienic conditions the slaves were kept and also because of the fact that they did not have a toilet or ever get washed. Instead of a toilet, they got a bucket which they shared among each other. If a slave died on the trip to the Americas, the white crew would simply throw them overboard. Slaves once bought, were taken to their new “homes” and were then branded with hot iron by their master usually on their back which would cause excruciating and they were also given a new Western name. Slaves were forced to work from sun up to sun down. Slaves got new clothing once a year if they could not make their own due to lack of resources or skills. Slaves lived in dirty little huts that fit about 8 other slaves inside. Women and Children would do domestic work inside the masters house whilst men would do Field work, tending to cotton, sugar and tobacco. On a slave journey, up to 600 African slaves would be crammed into a space equivalent to the area occupied today by 20 passengers on a cruise ship, thus proving just how horrendous slavery is and how poorly the blacks were treated. Slaves were provided with food rations, which were meant to last a week, and it consisted of cornmeal, herrings and pork and sometimes a very unlikely chance of receiving sugar, tea or coffee. If a slave was caught trying to escape, they would be severely beaten or sometimes even killed. The living conditions of these areas were truly haunting.

Many abolitionists helped end slavery. Examples include William Wilber force and John Quincy Adams. Methods used by these slavery abolitionists include anti-slavery petitions, of which they used many. Abolitionists were a very persistent breed of people. They failed many times to abolish slavery by passing their bills in the House of Congress but never gave up and this shows that persistence was key in the abolishment of slavery. They also organised and participated in slavery debates and also brought about other bills which in term would end would abolish slavery.

Slavery must be ended as it is unfair on the black people as they are not inferior to us and therefore should be treated just as equally as us. We do not have the right to abduct and force people to work whilst killing many along the way. Imagine if they were to abduct us, take us on to ships for months on end, give us very little food, punished us and forced us to work for nothing in return but an endless amount of sadness and pain. End this despicable act! The slaves must be freed!

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    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 

      3 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Wonderful Hub on this past and present scourge. This speech was a clear illustration into that abominable institution and its vehement opposition. Great job, Shelby.

    • Rabadi profile image

      3 years ago from New York

      Interesting Hub, Slavery exists in different forms but nothing as bad as it was 200 years ago! Great read I am now following you. Looking forward to reading more hubs.

    • mactavers profile image


      3 years ago

      Slavery was indeed a sad chapter in America's history, and yet a new slavery, that of human trafficing exists in America and most other countries ruining thousands of young lives every day. Become aware.


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