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The Alien Abduction of Betty and Barney Hill.

Updated on February 13, 2009

Paranormal Article

On September, 1961, Betty Hill and husband Barney were traveling home from their vacation in southern Canada. They were driving on Interstate Route 3, which cuts through the White Mountain of New Hampshire. For quite a while the Hills had been puzzled by the 'white star' that had seemed to be tailing them. Barney, being skeptical by nature, thought it might be a plane heading towards Montreal. Theirs was the only car on the highway that night.

Somewhere along the way Barney felt the sudden urge to stop and leave the car. They were near an isolated spot called Indian Head. Betty's was concerned by Barney’s bizarre behavior and pleaded with him to return to the car, but Barney walked deeper into the roadside tree cover. He seemed as though in a trance. Instead of looking at where he was going, Barney was staring ahead through his binoculars at the white light in the sky.

Later both of the Hills described what they saw as looking like a pancake or a banana, and Barney was sure he could see figures standing against a large picture window in front of the spacecraft. Suddenly Barney lowered the binoculars from his eyes and shouted 'I don't believe this!', then muttered something about a military helicopter playing tricks on them, then screamed out loud 'They're going to capture us!' With that, he fled back to the car. The couple then sped off southwards to begin the drive down from the mountains. Further down the road, the Hills heard a strange 'beeping', a sound which, years later the Hills would describe as similar to a microwave oven. A second 'beeping' noise followed by a bump, and then everything returned back to normal.

The morning after they arrived home, the Hills noticed some problems with their car. The vehicle had strange blotches where the paint had been removed, revealing bare metal. Betty's sister suggested that they should see if the spots were magnetized. She asked this because she also had experienced a UFO before, and had read that UFOs could stall car engines. Using a hand-held compass, they discovered that the compass needle swung wildly over the blotched areas of the car, suggesting that these spots were indeed magnetized.

Distressed, the couple decided to contact the nearby Pease Air Force Base to report their experience with the UFO. They were told nothing at the time, but documents researched 20 years later reports of a similar UFO being reported at the base on September 20th at 2.15 a.m. in the morning.  The Hills also decided to report their encounter to a national UFO group. UFOlogist and
astronomer Walter Webb visited the Hills on 21st of October, and set in motion what was to become one of the most remarkable investigations in UFO history.

On 30th September, Betty began to have a series of recurring nightmares
that lasted for several nights. In them she would see horrible faces with cat-
like eyes that belonged to creatures intent on kidnapping her and her husband.

One fact that emerged during Walter Webb’s investigation was that, during the
Hills journey, they could not account for two hours of time, or 55km of their route.

By the spring of 1962, the Hills problems were still evident and they were
regularly seeking medical advice to relieve them of their mental torment.

Eventually they were referred to psychiatrist Dr. Benjamin Simon in Boston. He
recommended that the couple undergo regression as a way to free their subcon-scious minds of whatever was causing the problems. Although both Betty and Barney were regressed separately, a number of images surfaced from their subconscious minds that were remarkably similar. The Hills' response under hypnosis shook Dr Simon. On several occasions staff had to help him restrain Barney while he relived the events of that night and fought to escape the aliens that he visualized while under hypnosis.

The Hills both remembered that the UFO had landed beside the road. They also remembered that they were rendered semi-conscious. The couple was then taken aboard the craft by small beings with whitish skin and large cat-like eyes (similar to what UFOlogists call “greys”). Once on board, Betty and Barney were taken to separate areas and given medical examinations.

Barney had semen extracted by a suction device, while Betty had to endure a large needle being stuck into her abdomen. Other samples such as nail and hair clippings were also taken. The aliens also appeared fascinated by the differences between the couple. Barney, who was Ethiopian by birth, had dark skin and Betty was Caucasian.

After the tests, Betty was shown around the UFO where she attempted to persuade what seemed to be the group's leader to allow her to take away a book as proof of their adventure, but this was denied.

One thing that skeptics cannot explain is that Betty could draw a detailed sketch of the star system Zeta Reticuli which is in the Reticulum constellation, 6 years before astronomers even discovered it.

Until their deaths both Betty and Barney insisted that their experience was real and not a hoax. No one has ever proven it to be otherwise.

Books to read for more information:

Encounters at Indian Head: The Betty
and Barney Hill UFO Abduction Revisited
Karl Pflock and Peter Brooksmith

The UFO Book of Lists
Stephen J. Spignesi

Captured! : The Betty and Barney Hill UFO
Experience: The True Story of the World’s
First Documented Alien Abduction

Stanton T. Friedman


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