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The Amazing Tree

Updated on January 24, 2017


Sometimes, we take things for granted. The tree is an amazing resource and we rely on it for many things. It is part of our ecosystem and we need it for our own survival. In addition, it provides us with unlimited joy and comfort and utility. It is the perfect complement.

- March 2016

Some Benefits of Trees

There are numerous varieties of trees. Here are just a list of some benefits.

  • forests
  • photo synthesis, converting CO2 to Oxygen
  • natural air conditioning
  • prevents soil erosion
  • excellent source of building material
  • beauty in landscape
  • home to some wildlife

Some facts about trees you may not know. It is estimated there are 400 trees per person in the whole world. That's over 2.8 trillion trees. Every tree has a unique fingerprint in it's leaves. Some trees can live up to 5000 years old.

Some Properties of Tree or Wood

Why are trees so important? They provide us with many utilities. Some of which are essential to life on earth. The unique properties of wood is what makes it so valuable.

  • It is light weight but strong
  • it floats on water
  • it burns for heat and light
  • it can be shaped into tools and weapons
  • it resonates as in wood musical instruments
  • it bends
  • it lasts a long time
  • It can be made into paper
  • a basic building block 2x4 stud

Dong Yang Wood Carving

Trees Are a Perfect Living Entity

In our modern technological world, I wonder if we had the choice to create the perfect material, what would it look like? Something that can be used to make so many useful things yet so economical and readily available.


Nature is a wonderful thing. It has given us just the stuff we need for a progressing world. The tree is one shining example. From firewood to ships to log houses to paper and a million other items that makes our lives richer. As an engineer, I can appreciate the beauty of the design. It is light weight yet strong and easy to shape. Trees are just perfection. I have to wonder if it was all by chance?


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