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The End of Time as We Know It: Zodiac and the Logical Mind's Search for Knowledge

Updated on April 11, 2018

This is a talk about our culture and our planet, which i feel is very out of balance at this time.

The displacement seems to be mirrored within our body's as much as it is around the world. We seem to have lost our way, lost touch with ourselves, our neighbours, our planet, and our mind. I think the key to this problem started within our mind, with our choices of lifestyle and our quest for a deeper understanding of life. The mind has a logical side with a positive masculine energy, which is referred to as the left side of the brain and a illogical side with a negative feminine energy, which is referred to as the right. The two energy's work together, like the sun, (male energy) which sends energy outward in a wave and the earth, (female energy) which receives in the form of a spiral, due to circling the wave.

What it seems we have done as a species is over use our logical thinking, an outward expression of manifestation or energy. Is the sun also mirroring this?. Is it this search for logic that has been in our mind so much that it has blinded our vision of what really is? We have labelled everything, tried to answer all the questions in life, trying to heal the pain we have seen. It seems all we have done is make it grow and pushed ourselves further from reach, We have pushed further into the logical side of the mind with this search and we need to learn how to recoil from this thought process and find a balance.

We now need a way home, a path back to the balanced, un-questioning self, The spirit of the child within. To reconnect with nature and the feminine energy within us and the earth. To do this we have to go back to an image of where the logical mind may of first started.

Picture this.. A few thousand years ago humans decided to settle into area and make home. To build a community they first made a base or village. They then started looking around there surroundings, maybe got lost a few times? In need of a system to guide them in and out of there area they created a circle or wheel around there village. To create a circle you need to find a starting point, the central point of the village, maybe the chiefs home or witch doctors, maybe the village hall or church. We then found a magnetic pull or pulse, being north, which created south as a polar opposite, giving us duality. This magnetic pull i feel maybe the only natural earth line in the wheels we are about to view. We then created 90* angles and a cross was formed, the four directions Never Eat Shredded Wheat or NEWS.When this symbol was formed a wave of change swept the world, which is a whole topic on its own. I will leave that to your imagionation.

I feel we as a planet started doing this at a similar time in history, a little like electricity, a jump in consciousness. Some used only the four spokes (Indian Medicine wheel) or eight (The I-Ching), and the largest being the twelve direction (Modern time) which is split in 30* sections, all of these directions we gave a sound and a image to remember the different position. This gave the other lines our conscious energy, which can be just as powerful as nature.

These sounds became numbers and then words, giving us a structure of language and mathematics. The images were given names and we started naming the areas with similar tones and attachments, marking key points to guide us in nature, travelling further into the unknown. From the twelve directions we formed the calendar and zodiac, giving birth to man made time.

These wheels can be seen all over the world and in the UK. Maybe biggest and one of the most unknown is Canterbury, the bigger the wheel and more energy put into the symbols the more affect on the surrounding areas. This has all been done from one side of the coin, its all man made and from the left side of the brain (The mind or ego as we now call it). Is it the over use of words and numbers, which has created and caused a misbalanced civilization? The need to be heard, to have associations, a big house, a bigger bank account, which are all just numbers and figures, the matrix...From these wheels we created sacred geometry and a mapping device to the universe.

When we created symbols to go with our directions to represent the differences the logical mind created, we made divisions in the form of duality. We kept the images of male, sun, hot etc and female, moon, cold as separate divisions. Where as we now know both sexes or energy's contain the same attributes within. The differences seen are caused by extremities; there is a balanced centre for all duality.

I feel that duality is formed when we start labelling things with two eyes, we have two hands a left and a right which are considered two separate hands for different uses, or eyes, but like eyes they are used by one and are part of one. Guess this may have been our first encounter with direction? lol. The two spokes of left & right, male & female, hot & cold and our first two numbers This is were logic kicks in and builds division and separation, labelling differences, which is just an illusion of the projected mind and only reality from the point of personal reference. Like north and south are part of the same line just different views depending on where you stand and which way you face.

When we created divisions we caused separation & different views, languages, lifestyles as most tribes over distance chose different sounds and images to represent there directions. This is where i feel we started conflicting with other cities and countries due to losing the connection of being one, we are now many different peoples. I feel we are coming back together, back to the way we once lived in harmony, in the balanced beginning. Hip Hip!!

Logic can be thought of as the projection of the mind into the past and future, we now live in a time where we are in a state of premeditation, we analyze our every move. Actors, singers, teachers, builders, designers, etc..., The list goes on and on, they all live in a state of rehearsal, life has become a act, where we are using our minds to perfect a future event based on past knowledge. This removes us from the now, this moment, the silence of our soul, where we connect to the energy of nature. When we are in this state of premeditation, we do not notice the bird song, the smell of the air, the feel of the wind, we are in a state of sleep and the need for the alarm bell is upon us, no time too snooze.

Now we get back to the start and we can see how we moved forward into the highly logical beings we have become, like i have said in other talks, we are dangerously out of balance and we need to return to the one, to the middle balance as such. This gives us our thirteenth point of the wheel, which is actually the first point of all navigation and centre of the universe within, this is our self, the single energy which looked out in all directions asking questions and needing directions, the search for knowledge.

I have no doubt we needed to get to this point of logical living to be able to look back and see how we started, the masculine left brain force of logic has given us so much and will always be used in our new future, in a more balanced and understanding way joined with the right feminine. I hope this is what is meant by being one, of one mind, a non-duality within the mind. The question now is how do will bring the right feminine side of life and the brain back into balance? This is the imagination, the creative emotional being, the energy within which feels and looks after the self, which is the body, the earth.

This is where the quest turn's inward, look deep within yourself for the answers to your personal questions and heal the battle field of the mind. As the mind heals and balances you will find your body will feel more alive, less tense, true happiness will send vibrations through you veins, the rivers of your body, cleans these rivers, look for good waters and nourishment to remove the toxins built from years of neglected stress and emotions. Don't be surprised if you shed a tear or two, release the pain and learn to adapt to a brighter future. :D

Please refer to my previous talk on Internal & eternal energy.


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    • bubbleboy2233 profile imageAUTHOR

      Stephen Coombs 

      7 years ago from Whitstable

      Thanks jatded, glad it tickled the taste buds! :D Cheers for the feedback.

    • Jatded1d9l7 profile image


      7 years ago from West Virginia

      Very interesting hub, I admire your viewpoint.


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