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The Art of Questioning

Updated on May 31, 2011

Often in life we make questions, inquiries that will enable us to gather information and discern the things we need to know. Questioning will also help us discover things that are not familiar with us yet or will let us know again the things that we taken for granted before or the things that already slipped out from our minds. In addition, questioning help us enhance our talents, crafts, expertise and skills that are beneficial to our life and work. Making questions prove to be ver y essential since it also help us answer complicated questions like, “Why we are here,” “What is the purpose of our existence,” “If there is really God” and the like.

The importance of questioning in our pursuit for education.

While we embark to acquire education and it is innate to have immense questions in our mind at first. But as time goes, by the answers we need will fall into places one after the other although not all of our questions will be answered. Yes, it is not necessary to have questions at an instant, since variety may come into play. Some of questions will need time to get the answers or sometimes it is simply better not to give answers at all. For instance, if your child would want to know how he bursted into life, this may take time to make a reply or perhaps this will not be answered at all for the kid will get the answer in the future when he is already an adult. You may resort to having an indirect answer or inevitably need creativity if you desire to answer this type of question right away. The same is true when it comes to acquiring education. There are times that you need not answer some questions.

In education the students are usually bombarded with enormous questions to help him overcome challenges, polish skills and make him whole. Questioning can also take the form of a sort of evaluation to help a teacher or an instructor to determine the learning progress of the students and know if things are on the right track.

Keep in mind that it is necessary for a student to know why his answers are correct, too, aside from making them. This will ensure that the students are improving on their reasoning skills and to find out if the lessons given are fully understood.

Questioning is already part of the lives of people and without it perhaps the world we live in will be in state of confusion and development is beyond reach. When trying to ask questions it is nice to say it a nice way and it must be brief as much as possible.


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