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Assertiveness ! A key to success

Updated on August 23, 2014

Be Assertive !

Assertiveness is Getting all What You Want, In a Fair Way,real assertiveness doesn't happen overnight assertiveness is the ability to express yourself and your rights without violating the right of others It is appropriately direct,open and honest communication which is self enhancing and expressive.
Assertiveness does not come from book readings seminars ,real assertiveness is born within ,you either have it or you don't or rather if you want it it must start with you .most of the people still do not understand the real meaning of being assertive ,they believe and still do that assertiveness is next to aggression , or you make say that they think that assertiveness is milder and nicer form of aggressiveness .Yet the two are entirely distinct sets of behaviour with different objectives and motivations

A Good look is the first step towards assertiveness.Deepen your understanding of what triggers the appearance .Consider your important relationships : spouse, partner, co workers ,room mates boss children and parents .Who has the upper hand and when ?How do you resolve conflicts?Are you quick to anger or do you stand by it and are afraid to make waves .As always be aware of your body image or your outer appearance along with what's running on your mind .your face is a reflector of whats happening within you a person who can provide a cover to one's inner emotion and show it's outer ability can prove to be best in all the spears
Developing a healthy assertive attitude can transform every aspect of our lives whether it is at work .relationship,appearance and dress code ,the way we shop ,the way we handle finances,and the way we spend our leisure time .Indeed taking time out for leisure in the first place is an assertive act .Being able to express feeling constructively and be open to others and ourselves and our needs ,maximises the chance of getting what we want in life in all the areas .This in other terms increases our confidence and our self esteem .
Living assertively can also benefit our health .Reduce stress level and make more energy available to us ,this leads to a beneficial effect to our health and also boost immune system .
As you begin to behave assertive you will see you are working against old and non assertive behaviour patterns which might have being withing you ever since which might have been their due to your environmental affect .
Thus we may conclude that assertiveness is associated with a sense of self worth you self worth .you build a positive attitude no but and ifs are in your like no negativity can affect you .You are what you look like a confident and high esteemed person .this is the reward of being assertive .so tie your laces to seek the assertive self in you It's there within you ,you just need to explore it.


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