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The Atmosphere: Are you putting putting out great energy

Updated on October 28, 2014

The Mason Jar of Dreams

Everything you want from the planet should be stated, written and dreamed about before it actually comes into existence. The first step is to understand what is important in life. This brings the importance of your Life into perspective. Many people feel like they want to be rich, however your life is already Rich. Good Health is essential to focus on family, career and prosperity.

What makes your life Rich?

The Mason Jar contains your dreams, aspirations and ideas that you would be essential to living fully and not just existing , these are the things money cant buy, like true happiness, good health and a solid foundation. Take a mason jar, write every dream you have, is it to become a homeowner, survive cancer, be the best mom, go back to school? Write notes of any and all positive things you want to do with your life.

What you Reap?

Next, place all of dreams into the mason jar, light a match and burn every piece of paper in the jar while releasing the smoke and ashes into the atmosphere. This is the key to allow every dreams to be placed in to the atmosphere. After, you have released all your dreams, put a dollar in the Jar and place the top back on and keep this jar close to you. Every time you look at this mason jar it will reminds you of the seed you have sown and work as a metaphor that all things sown shall be reaped. You have allowed your energy to move into the atmosphere and create a wonderful things for you. Faith without work is dead, therefore use your faith and put in steps to do the work that gets you all of those dreams you placed in that Jar. Its only a matter of time, before you reap what you've sown.


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