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Are Women MBA's Better Than Their Male Counterparts-The Benefits Of Being A Woman With An MBA

Updated on November 24, 2010

INDIRA NOOYI-Chief Executive,Pepsico


MBA aspirants across the world have their reasons for it.Whatever be their qualification,and whatever their field of interest,pursuing an MBA assures them of a respect that others would die for.Besides,a fat salary is always welcome!And to be in constant demand on the job circuit is bonus.A software engineer from an esteemed University was in great demand across the world,but having an MBA along with it,just perked up his/her resume.Add some job experience to that,and you have a millionaire in the making.

Today,doctors,engineers,healthcare professionals,lawyers are all pursuing the BIG BUCKS pursuing an MBA.Those with an entrepreneural streak also pursue the Executive MBA to start off on their own and provide jobs.Whether it is fulltime or partime,or distance education,professionals in every field are in hot pursuit of an MBA.

Man or woman,the reason to get a Management degree is the same.Let us examine some more reasons.When you have a bit of experience and are mid career,you might consider a change in career,fast track your career,gain critical business skills,develop overall perspective,move up the value chain or simply seek additional qualification.

What Do MBA's Acquire?

Besides the qualification,the impact that this education gives them is as follows.The ability to respond quicker to challenges,the ability to think out of the box,quick grasping of overview of management and business,ability to manageĀ  diverse opinions and show profitability using optimum manpower,money and available resources.

Employability is enhanced due to the skills that an MBA brings with him/her. Ability to quickly distinguish relevant information,clarity of thought,firm judgement,understanding issues and finding solutions,ability to use complex data in decision making.The ability to be a leader and quickly innovate with brilliant ideas,or conceptualise and be creative whether in a startup or an existing industry or company is the hallmark of every management professional.Teams are built with the knowledge of each one's capability and ability to contribute effectively to the organisation,and MBA's know how to get the best out of them by motivating them and influencing as necessary.Handling diverse opinions comes naturally to them.

Would You Consider An MBA Degree?

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Of Woman MBA's

For centuries,among most cultures,women have been treated as second class citizens.The right to think and live independently is now being appreciated.Women were denied education and awareness so as to be under complete control of the father and brothers until she married and later her husband and inlaws.Her thoughts were dictated and her steps were watched and deciphered and quickly cut from gaining knowledge that would perhaps be a threat to the family.Even among Indians,it is only since the past few years that women have been allowed to pursue higher education and seek a career outside her home to supplement the family's income.

Today,Woman is the BOSS! At home and at her dream job!She has acquired all she wants-education,property,dream career.She decides on her financial commitments as well,hitherto unheard of.She chooses her investments carefully.She decides when to get married or not,whether to have children or not,she is also the decisionmaker when she is in office.She is a leader,a decision maker,multitasker,team leader,manager,management consultant,empathizer(here she scores over her male counterparts as she is more emotional by nature).She is quick and demanding and never puts off until tomorrow what can be acheived today,NOW!Problem solver and has the ability to quickly have an overview of things and systematically go nto each data for clearer perspective.

A woman brings with her some important characteristics that man does not possess-being intuitive, having a higher EQ(emotional quotient),acting on her instincts and being highly enthusiastic and being consistent in setting and reaching goals.Integrity and honesty become most important to her as she performs her very best.

A business womens' meeting held recently in one of India's metros,concluded with some of them recounting their personal experiences in the business world.Some were entrepreneurs and the rest were Managing Directors,VP's and CEO's of their companies.

A majority did not see the need to differentiate between being a woman or man as long as work was done profitably.Some said that they had to prove themselves before male counterparts before commanding respect.And some said that as long as they worked hard,and acheived goals,success had to follow.The key is to work hard in getting work done,motivate yourself and influence others in problem solving and acheiving goals.All agreed that work-life balance has to be maintained,otherwise personal life tends to suffer,spouses and children neglected,and a guilt factor haunts you.Most solve this by reserving weekends for family,having daily sessions of yoga or meditation,unwinding by reading books or listening to music,and making travel plans with family atleast twice a year.

It is no wonder then, that we see many women on the Boards of various companies,industries and the financial consultancies.Women are definitely on the top and serve as motivation for others to reach there as well.And the best part is their families are supporting this trend while society benefits.My own daughter is barely out of B-school and has majored in Finance.She works for a large bank and is well on her way to being the woman on top.Something I was denied a good quarter century ago,only to be married off after a basic degree.

Times have certainly changed for the woman across the world!Like President Obama said,"Yes,Change We Can!"


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