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The Best Sites to Get Homework Answers for Free

Updated on October 25, 2011

Homework is one of those things that all students dread, especially after a long hard day of school. However, most teachers maintain that it is a necessary evil in order to reinforce new lessons and concepts introduced in class. While some students are academically driven, and as a result have little problem in completing homework assignments, the vast majority are either procrastinators or involved in so many extra-curricular or social activities that homework gets put on the back burner.

While I sincerely believe that homework is necessary, and that it should be done to the best of the student's ability, I also know that there are often exigent circumstances that can hinder a student's ability to complete an assignment on time. This may cause unneeded stress or anxiety, especially if grade point averages happen to be on the line. If you happen to find yourself under the gun and need homework answers fast, there are some online sites that just may be able to bail you out for free.

A Word of Caution Here: The following sites can and do consistently produce quality homework answers. But, if you become dependent on this method for all of your homework, it will eventually catch up with you when you're unable to pass exams because you haven't studied the material.

Wolfram|Alpha Search
Wolfram|Alpha Search


Wolfram|Alpha is by far one of the best sites on the Internet for math homework answers. The artificial intelligence engine can work out any math problem or equation in a flash, and it will even show you the steps it used to solve the problem. This comes in handy when you just can’t figure out where you are going wrong with certain types of math problems.

Besides complex mathematical equations and calculations, Wolfram|Alpha can also do fun things like comparing sports teams statistics, get specific geographical information, find out how many days, hours or minutes to a specific event such as your birthday, probabilities, compare currencies and exchange rates, calculate mortgage rates and so much more. It truly is an interesting resource for getting answers to just about anything.


ChaCha is a texting service that has really grown in popularity over that past few years. ChaCha even has an app that comes standard on a lot of mobile devices to help make it even easier to access. By using the app or simply texting your homework question toll-free to 242-242, you can have your homework question answered in a matter of minutes by a real person.

On the plus side, your homework questions are searched by real people who actually earn money and get rated by ChaCha for the answers they provide, so your answers are generally going to be of good quality. The minus is that ChaCha Guides are often strictly limited to how long an answer can be. This is important to know because if you ask a question such as “Can you compare and contrast the characters in Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”? You will probably be disappointed with the answer because the Guide will not be able to go in-depth based on word count limitations. ChaCha serves well as a resource for homework questions that have relatively short, definitive answers.

ChaCha - Human Powered Search Engine
ChaCha - Human Powered Search Engine

Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is a unique place to find answers to homework questions. You can start by searching for your topic to see if the question has been asked before. You will be amazed at how many teachers use the same homework assignments year after year. If you can’t find what you are looking for after searching, simply type your question into the appropriate text box and you will begin to get answers almost immediately.

What makes Yahoo Answers so unique is that you will normally have more than one answer to choose from. You may have 10 to 20 people (or more) answer your question, all around the same time. You then have the option of choosing the best answer. Another cool thing is that others will be casting votes on which answer they think is best, and this could be a factor in helping you choose which answer to use.

Yahoo Answers
Yahoo Answers

The Wrap Up

A quick Google search for “Homework Help” will show you that there is no shortage of Internet sites available for homework assistance. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these sites requires a subscription or charges some type of fee. The sites mentioned in this article are free from any obligations and totally free to use. Let me say again, the best way to complete a homework assignment is to work it out yourself to the best of your ability. But, for those times when you may have over-extended yourself, these sites just may save the day!


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