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Is our World just a Virtual Reality?

Updated on May 11, 2018
Nadine May profile image

Born in Holland Nadine emigrated to South Africa taught art therapy and had a spiritual awakening that influenced her whole outlook on life.

science fiction writers
science fiction writers | Source

Can works of fiction hint at the truth of our true being?

One of the science fiction writers that has inspired me the most in the last four years is Julian May, the author of ‘The Sage of the Exiles’. It’s the story of a world where the mind has become a weapon; and of two brothers, each possessed of astonishing powers – one a peace-bringer, the other an advocate of evil

When do we call our reality a virtual experience?

The answer would be: when we are watching TV, or surf the internet.

While I'm writing my novel: Parallel Realities these are the questions that occupies my mind. What is our blueprint to immortality?

Is the world we see around us the actual world, or is it merely a copy of the world presented to our consciousness by our brain in response to input from our senses? The book A course in miracles’ explains it very well that our physical world is also an illusion.

The human brain is the most complex organ in the known universe. It is both physical and biological. Consciousness on the other hand is neither physical nor biological. Consciousness as we understand it is a non-material entity capable of independent, eternal existence, and not a property.


Have you read, or studied the workbook: A course in Miracles?

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Our virtual reality

Scientist all now agree that our biological brain cannot experience the world beyond our senses, but it can register any data that is transmitted to and from our sensory organs.

My article what is the difference between intellect and mind, goes deeper into the topic of the mind. It is the external nature of perception which concludes that there is something deeply mysterious about consciousness.

  • When we attempt to observe consciousness, we only see whatever we are conscious of.
  • Our experience of a three-dimensional object is a direct observation of consciousness.
  • There is no distinction between the observation and the thing observed.

Who invented virtual reality technology?

Virtual reality came to the public’s attention in the late 1980’s and 1990’s

A virtual reality is a three-dimensional, computer generated environment which can be explored and interacted with by a person. That person becomes part of this virtual world. We are then in cyberspace. It reminded me of my out of Body Experiences. Were they real? Are our dream worlds real?


Our physical reality

When we see a physical object, like a book that we hold in your hands,

  • Our senses of seeing and touching, is assumed to be the book itself. The book is not merely an image, but appears as a solid three- dimensional object.
  • Our senses of hearing and smelling are activated because the book emits sounds when we flip its pages and emits an odor of pulp and ink.
  • All objects produce a vivid spatial sensation of shape, volume, texture, and weight as we manipulate it in our hands.

Our belief in the reality of our perceived world is continually reaffirmed by the stability and permanence of objects we perceive in the world.

Me writing visionary fiction
Me writing visionary fiction | Source

The two worlds of realities

  • Our physical reality that we experience
  • Our mental reality which we can visualize in our mind.

The objects we experience as being in the physical world around us are the products, or "output" of consciousness rather than the "input" to it, therefore our experience of a three-dimensional object is a direct observation of consciousness.

The reality we experience is seen in the entire scene that appears to be out beyond our eye, out in the world around us. It’s no good looking at the back of our head, where we believe the cortex to be located, because all we see there is an image-less void. The reality itself is again to be found out in the world we see around us, and the unseen realms we are not aware of.

No perceptions are experienced within our head where we imagine our visual cortex to be located.

What we can perceive in all directions
What we can perceive in all directions | Source

Programmed animals

  • A similar story is doing the rounds on the internet about a poor elephant who was cruelly tied to a chain in an open arena inside a shopping mall for a long time. When the poor Elephant was freed, he, or she would not wander off. It only walked in a circle as if it was still chained.

Let’s hope the elephant also made the shift.

Thinking out of the box.

What we can perceive in all directions,

  • above the dome of the sky, below the solid earth under our feet, or beyond the walls, floor, and ceiling of the room we see around us, is all located in the inner surface of our true physical skull!

An aha moment came to me when I remembered the story of the fleas in the shoe box experiment that I heard years ago.

There were lots of fleas in a shoebox, and for a while the lid was firmly closed. At first the sound of fleas hitting the lid could be clearly heard, but later it stopped. When no sound was heard for a few days, the lid was removed and guess what? All the flies jumped only as far as if the lid was still on!

Then one day one flea by pure accident jumped higher, further away and landed out of the box! In a short time the rest of the fleas followed!

Do contemplations bring about a shift in Consciousness?

The video I created for this purpose had to do with our pineal gland, and the exercise below is also an idea that could stimulate a person’s perception.

  • Press your fingertip gently against your eyeball through the eyelid, touching the eyeball at a point opposite the retina, which covers mostly the posterior half of the eyeball.
  • Wiggle your finger while doing this, and you will see a visual sensation that looks like a moving dark patch. After a while you start seeing the pressure of your fingertip "from the inside".

This means that the physical contact with your skin must also be inverted to remain in register with the inverted visual image. The pressure is in fact a remote signal directly from the external world without inversion.

Any mental image switches effortlessly between our internal and external contexts of focus. It is this automatic switching of our mental context that makes it so difficult to believe that what we experience as being real is just an illusion.


How did we lose our divine awareness at birth?

It’s my feeling that our story begins at birth, or, more accurately, just before conception. I’m sure that we are all perfect at that split-second moment before conception. The moment the egg is fertilized by the sperm — our body begins to take shape. Our time in the womb is peaceful. If we were we able to stand over our perfect blueprints, we would probably be aware of our Life Force. (our soul probably does)

Our Life Force has many names: Kundalini, Tantra, alchemy, serpent power, primordial energy, cosmic power, Reiki, Vital Life Force and Primal Spirit. Until the moment of birth, does our Life Force control our awareness of truth? I think so.

Something happens after we are born. Somehow the frequency of interference increases, because that’s when we start doing things to ourselves. That’s when we bring our will, or lack of it, into existence and our personal Egos take control.

Is it during our first seven years when serious damage is done?

  • Why does our brain go to the trouble of constructing an internal replica of the external world?
  • Is there a bigger picture to the evolution of human kind?

Our external world is not constructed so as to be viewed by an internal observer, but rather, our internal reality is a data structure in the brain, just like any data in a computer!

  • Is it our goal to gain enough self-awareness to mature beyond this child state?
  • Could it be that a strong sense of ego is often gained at the cost of losing our sense of unity – a threshold upon which we wait for our Divine Complement?

Link to: The dimension of consciousness.

If only our true blueprint was born without interference. By that I mean without some stimulus altering the growth process. Would that make all the difference?


Are we being corrupted on a DNA level through stimuli?

There are two types of stimuli: those under our control and those beyond our control.

Most birth defects are beyond our control. They occur in many ways, from genetic imperfections to externally induced toxic chemicals to harmful vaccinations to illness or addiction in the expectant mother’s body. Not being a scientist, I don’t know much about them, apart from the many controversial articles on the internet.

I do, however, know about the stimuli that are under my own control. I’ve explored them at length during the struggle to bypass the obstacle of being a dyslexic. Or was it a blessing?

People today are intuitively sensing that they possess a perfect body (one designed for us before our birth).

To me that means that the degree of our deformity at birth is determined by the toxicity of the stimulus we allow to keep happening to us in our early years. Rudolph Steiner, the great teacher of Anthroposophy said that in his book:seven-year cycles continue throughout life.


During the course of my own search for the meaning of life, having had several psychic experiences that I could simply not ignore, I came to this conclusion:

I was told that Planet Earth was at its creation given a role as an "Experimental Ecology Planet", in which new life forms and varieties of plant life were to be developed.

Today many of us are awakening to our Soul purpose. To be the volunteer "Celestial Gardeners" until a virtual "Garden of Eden" is established.


In my perception Sevan Bomar is one of the most diverse speakers of our time. He is truly one of those individuals who knows how to explain about creating a bridge towards enlightenment through authentic actions. He raises the bar for what is generally discussed by mental, spiritual, and physical advisors.
His slogan is: We are here for the emancipation of the Human Species.
Having a passion to awake from these third dimensional experiences, driven by the full intention of liberating minds, that in itself will set us free.


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