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The Conscious Mind: Making your own descisions

Updated on July 24, 2012

Are we conscious of our conscience?

Hmmm. The conscious mind. What is it? How to perceive it? Why? What is it good for?

Well we are all born with a conscience. What is that conscience? What does it tell us to do? What does it tell us not to do? Why is the word science in conscience?!

Our basic human conscience enables us to see good or bad, right from wrong, or the difference of opposite actions and how they play out. Science is a study of the earth and since we are of the earth, I think our minds' inner thoughts and feelings are therefore called conscience, though that's my idea totally lol, something I just thought up.

How to perceive it?

Rather how to perceive. If we clear our minds of clutter we can see much more clearly that's for sure. This will also enable us to make our own descisions based on what we want, not what someone else wants or tells us to do. "If you don't make your own descisions, someone else will make them for you." Would you like to be free? You must make your descisions in life and when you do, the results will follow and if you want a good chance at good results, make good descisions. How to make good descisions? Weigh the good and the bad, even ask a few wise friends (wise as in wisdom...) and roll it around in your brain until you know/feel what you should do.

How to clear our minds of clutter.

Many meditate or spend time in a forest or at a waterfall, these basic elements of nature, which is part of us, because we are living in nature, we are surrounded by it (or supposed to be! lol) so it soothes us, for we are made to be in nature.

Contemplation. Staring at a starry sky. Floating in a pond. Whatever helps you to discern. Discerning comes much easier if we let go of what others had told us to do, what other's opinions are. Why can't we make our own descisions? Again "if you don't make your own descisions, they'll be made for you." One of our fundamental rights in America as in the Bill of Rights, the first Amendment, is freedom of speech. Why is it first? Because it's hard to act on things if you don't speak first.

What is the conscience mind good for?

Freedom to think, freedom to feel, freedom to be. Let me reccommend another hubber's hub called A Conscience Mind Never Needs To Escape Truth. It's truly a great read. And so I'll end this hub on that note as I'm just a beginner in this philosophy of life....

Peace :)

Where are you going on your path in life?



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    • schoolgirlforreal profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      I guess as we get older it becomes more and more obvious we need to make descisions for ourselves.

    • schoolgirlforreal profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Hi Cagsil,

      Glad to see you. I think this is a simple idea though it must be pointed out, for not everyone sees the "forest thru the trees"...I guess that means that sometimes the obvious in not recognized and our minds can get cluttered with what religion or govt tells us to do, and we lose sight of our own freedom...the freedom to make own OWN descisions, and I find that valuable.

      Thanks for being so informative, you've helped a great deal I think in enabling me to think more clearly...I belive I have a better perception --which can always use work--and more reading of your hubs (mental note :)) to be aware, have common sense, and not let "people" rule me or tell me what to do, or make me feel guilty in any way for who I am (as God made me) and embrace now.

      So, in Conclusion, I think to keep this mentality, it's almost like a prayer life, you have to feed it with meditation or re reading things...again like your hubs. Not meaning to over praise you (lol).


    • Cagsil profile image


      8 years ago from USA or America

      I'm flattered, honored and humbled- all in one. The Conscious Mind and What is it? The Conscious Mind includes your subconsciousness, consciousness(awareness of life) and free thinking/free will. The Conscious Mind learns from all aspects, views, opinions, and discerns truth. I appreciate your linking to my hub and also your compliment on the Hub. I'm glad it has made an impact, because that's what I strive for. :) Thank you very much. :)


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