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The Cosmological Constant-Einstein's Biggest Blunder

Updated on July 24, 2014

Why doesn't the Universe collapse under the Force of Gravity?

Sir Isaac Newton
Sir Isaac Newton | Source

Two great scientists with the same dilemma.

After publishing his theories of relativity Albert Einstein still felt dissatisfied. The Theory of Special Relativity and General Relativity helped to give us the best understanding of the universe to date and the mathematics worked perfectly.

Sir Isaac Newton felt the same uneasiness when he published his findings and his laws explained so well how the universe behaved.

The problem that both these scientists could not resolve in their minds was why doesn't the universe eventually collapse under the force of gravity into a big lump.

Planets attract or roll around on rubber sheets of space time?

It seemed reasonable to ask that if all the planets were attracting each other as Newton proposed then why would they not eventually all come together to form one big mass?

Einstein came up with the same problem by seeing the planets in a space/time continuum somewhat like imagining the planets were rolling around a taut rubber sheet.

The heavier planets would create greater distortions in the sheet due to their larger mass and smaller planets would tend to move toward them the way water swirls down a sink when you empty the basin.

Einstein's biggest blunder.

However, the idea that Einstein clung to of the static universe required him to adjust the mathematics by adding a constant to account for why the universe does not collapse under gravity.This constant was called the Cosmological Constant. The alternative would have been for Einstein to include in his theory that the universe was either expanding or contracting and this was a notion he was not willing to consider at the time.

Ironically it took a Catholic priest, Georges Lemaître to convince Einstein to trust in his own findings and accept that indeed the universe is expanding. Edwin Hubble showed beyond a shadow of a doubt that the universe is expanding by using the Doppler Effect to show the frequencies of refracted light from faraway stars shifted toward the red.


Faith that can move mountains is itself a double edged sword.

Because his theory depended on a dynamic universe and not on the belief of the static universe that his mind would not let go of, Einstein succumbed to the illusion we all fall prey to. We like Albert Einstein hold on to our beliefs even when the evidence is piled in front of us to the contrary.

We, like Albert Einstein when he added a constant to his mathematics in order to explain the discrepancy, make excuses in order to justify what we believe to be true. Our beliefs are so strong that they become the “facts” we cling to in our minds. The more people we can get to share our belief the more entrenched we become.

Unless we accept our dynamic nature and behave as one with the universe we become static in a thought form of our own creation. A belief started as an idea, a thought, just a notion like any other. It only gained energy when someone gave it attention and shared it with others for the purpose of securing their own view of the world and what they thought themselves to be.

Beliefs are “self” serving and have little to do with absolute truth.


Hypnosis gives you the freedom to choose.

Hypnosis is one of the most effective ways for us to ensure that we never become enslaved by our beliefs.By learning how to hypnotise yourself you learn how to suspend your critical filter when you wish to entertain thoughts and beliefs that are normally rejected by you out of hand.

I have created an audio for download from my website called Hypnotherapy Treatment Preparation which teaches you how to hypnotise yourself. Simply playing the audio regularly enables you to achieve the state of heightened awareness in order to entertain ideas that are outside your normal belief system.

This does NOT mean that you must accept the new ideas but rather gives you the freedom to entertain new ideas which your mind would normally dismiss as in the case of Albert Einstein in this article.

Hypnosis restores your freedom to choose to think what you want.

Post Script

It is also interesting that scientists have recently started to discover evidence for the existence of the Cosmological Constant that Einstein plucked out of thin air to explain why the universe does not collapse under the force of gravity and so the scientists' dance with the universe goes on.

Click this link to read more about why Einstein's self-proclaimed "biggest blunder" may not be such a blunder after all, according to the research of an international team of scientists. 

Hypnosis gives you the freedom to choose what to think


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