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The Extreme Dysfunction and Cruelty Human Beings Possess

Updated on October 9, 2015

Humans Enjoy Destroying or Hurting others

As long as I can remember, it seems everytime I try to do something in life, something great, inspirational, musical, or something I dream about or aspire to do, there is always one or many humans trying to bring me down. In fact, if it wasn't for others humans i'd be far more successful than I am today. They say, oh, stop blaming others for your problems- sorry I have no problems, HUMANS are my problem. The sick sad and disturbing thing about the human race is that MANY humans out there truly enjoy hurting destroying controlling or ruining others, or other creatures. There are many wicked twisted humans with the penchant to hurt others and these very people may be professionals, teachers, doctors, even so-called humanitarians who inside are evil and just want to do bad to others rather than help or be kind. It's shocking how many wicked humans are out there in this world and especially in so-called 'civilized society'- evil is rampant and many of these pathetic humans have a very disturbing and innate desire to hurt others or animals.

Humans like to have control over others

It's bizarre, this strange need for 'CONTROL' that many disturbed pitiful humans have. They have a need to have control or power over other humans and live their pathetic lives this way. Sometimes they don't display this 'DESIRE" for this ridiculous need for control but many warped humans if given the chance will display it if they can get away with it. The sick sad human, such a waste of talent and mental ability using it only for the most meaningless purposes to exist- to have control over others. It seems anytime I try to do anything in life, I am dealing with control freaks, psychopaths and wicked screwed up evil humans wanting to control or dominate me or have power over me or hurt me. Such sick creatures these pathetic humans are. There are control freaks all around me and in my life- most people I meet seem to behave like control freaks- any chance they get they will want control over a situation- from my deranged parents, to siblings, to people around, teachers, counselors, aunts, uncles, all kinds of crazy messed up screwed up people exist in this world wanting control over another person. What is this need to dominate and have power over another human being that these worthless idiots even have? Why is it that people like myself NEVER had this strange need yet only seek peace harmony and love? Since the insane human desire to CONTROL over seems to be so prevalent in this world society and around me, I find myself upset furious and feeling out of control a lot, because there is some pathetic inferior human that wants control over me or my life. These humans have a huge defect and issues to treat others in this way but they are everywhere.

As you can see from the example below, humans can and will go to GREAT disgusting and disturbing lengths to have power and control over an innocent human being, and worse the humans will ALWAYS target the innocent good people. That's because most of these pitiful predators are evil inside and not like the good innocent human, so they are jealous and hateful towards the 'good person' and want to target or bully them or have control over them. In this example you can see how various members of a so-called vet clinic went out of their way to have control power and domination over an innocent woman, me, someone who wanted to adopt or even just care for these kittens that came, and while the clinic really didn't care much for the kittens, it's main interest was in controlling this female who had an intense love for these kittens, and who this clinic didn't want to give the kittens to for this very reason- they wanted to keep her on a leash, suffering, struggling, upset out of control and powerless, all down to the very point where one innocent kitten died due to their own negligence and neglect, and in the meantime their main interest was in sadistically controlling this person.

There are so many control freaks in my life, I don't care anymore- they have all taken various parts of me, my soul, crushed destroyed abused terrorized, and ive witnessed that these evil human monsters get away with all of their evil actions and deeds. The real question is why do these mostly demonic seeming humans enjoy doing this kind of evil to another human being, and esp the good people. Again because they are good and these wicked ones are not.

Rest in Peace little baby girl kitten, all I wanted to do was give you all the love and care in the world forever and make sure you live forever. I loved you so much, while these evil humans didn't care at all and watched you die, all because these monsters desire for control over me, trumped anything else. I would go up to heaven if I could to give you the love I wanted to give you little kitten. These humans are evil mongrels and I'm sure you knew that- you almost were in the care of an angel like yourself, and these scumbags took that away. You will never be forgotten and I hope and pray God is giving you the love and care that I so desired to give to you.

New kittens come to vet clinic

I loved these kittens more than anything you can imagine. I went to an animal clinic where I took my cats regularly and recently had began chatting with the vet tech through text. She one day informed me she took in these brand new kittens. I thought, oh cute. I went to check out the kitties one day in the clinic and they were 4 adorable little babies so beautiful and cute on another level. Instantly I became somewhat attached to them. I played with them and then left. Later, I was sad because of my stray cats I took care of, had been sick with a blockage and uri, and he seemed sick so I was a bit depressed. I told the vet tech through text and she told me "well kittens can make anyone feel better."! Then she told me she'd bring the kittens and deliver them to my doorstep!! I thought...really??? Are you serious??? I wasn't sure if she was telling the truth or not. But then hours later, she said she had to 'ask the vet' since they are part of the clinic. It seems her behavior revolved around being on somewhat of a powertrip in this case.

Hours later then she told me that the kittens were "property of the vet clinic" and that I could go to play with them on Monday. I thought ok? that's nice, but why even MENTION this to me? How strange to say "oh i'll personally deliver them to your door to make them feel better", then say "oh btw, they're property of the vet clinic, come play with them there." It's quite strange that she first talked about bringing them to my place, then quickly changed her mind. Why would she even say this? I would learn later, that its because these idiots apparently like to mess with people heads with regards to kittens. No problem. I went to the clinic and the next time I went I noticed, one kitten was gone. Everyone said "someone adopted her"! As if they were GLAD someone took the kitten. So it shows their actual adoption rules there- they give the cats to WHOEVER will take them. They were excited someone adopted the cats. They weren't controlling about it, or made rules about it- they were GLAD someone took this cat. Of course, giving the kitten away was sheer negligence on the part of this vet clinic. It was so young had JUST been brought in and was still getting acclimated with its sisters and brother. She NEEDED to be with her siblings. Doesn't matter- the clinic gladly gave her away. Everything seemed to be ok.

I went that Friday to check on the kitties and found out that a young female, the sister's calico twin had almost died that morning! I was shocked and confused- I said immediately that I wanted to adopt her. The girls were glad because, they said "she needs a good home." I went to the front office of the vet tech to talk to a newer tech who then seemed to be messing with my head- she told me that they dont usually adopt out kittens that young and that she'd put me on a wait list. She almost was talking to me in a rude way- as if she was lying or messing with me, which she was. I said her sister adopted out? She said "yeah I know I don't know why." That same night- the other vet tech I was texting, the one with MANY animals randomly texted me that she was going to take the girl kitty home at night to care for her. She also somehow knew I had stopped by the clinic that day earlier. So it was obvious the other tech told her I went there and wanted the girl kitty- so this female tech told me she'd take her- I think she did it to mess with my head thinking maybe she was going to keep her? It worked--i was so worried b/c I really wanted her then- in my mind i wanted her more than anything and was already planning out spending time with her and caring for her. I wanted her siblings too but I have 5 cats of my own, one stray and I wasn't able to take in many more. The little girl kitten, was so beautiful. She looked very similar to Gizmo from the Gremlins. I kept thinking, she looks like a little cartoon cat?? She was white black and a pinkish color and gorgeous. She was also really small. At one point she was very happy playing with her siblings when I came and let them out, only to be abrupted rushed back in the cage. She was doing well at one point- before it seems things went downhill due to the negligence of the incompetent clinic, and not allowing her to be properly cared for by a foster home or people who cared about her.

The next week I went to take in my own cat who had a URI, and two other cats did as well. I asked the vet if I could have her and she said yes and then she asked me why i didnt want the other kitten they had, a larger one who no one was adopting. She said "oh because she needs it more?" But the vet seemed kind of mad or upset about that- not sure why. She told me the kitten would die if she went with me b/c of my cat's having URI's and I understood. But it was obvious too i mentioned that these kittens needed nurturing and care, and she made a statement "well right now you only care about nurturing them or your nurturing instincts are there." The way she said it was kind of shady- as if i just cared because they were kittens or she didn't like that I wanted one. There was something shady about the way the vet was acting and it seemed almost as if she didn't want me having the kitten really- or wanted to control the situation. She also kept making statements about my cats not being vaccinated, and the vet tech kept texting me about my cats being vaccinated- she was wondering if they were vaccinated and acted suspicious- almost as if im not a good pet owner.


I had a Dream

Any dream I ever have in life is ALWAYS trumped or destroyed by other humans. From trying to be an actress or a model, to even getting jobs and having evil managers trying to bring me down. Anything Ive ever tried to do in life is always attempting to be controlled by a pathetic disgusting human creature. If you see something amazing and want it, there is always a HUMAN in the way trying to stop you, or me in most cases. Even the smallest things- such as taking in kittens and giving them a lot of love and happiness. Well I had a dream- I had a vision- a dream, that I was going to take these kittens in my home, for even a few days and give them lots of love and caring...take away their utter sadness and hopelessness. Show them there was a home for them, even temporarily, and let them play, have fun, and interact with each other and be siblings. They deserved that- they NEEDED that so desperately. I was like a mother, watching her children being cared for by others, worried, concerned, wanting to do everything to give them an extreme amount of love. So yes, I had a dream to love and care for these kittens, and when my house was clear and the cats mange was gone, I was going to make it a point to ask the vet if I could foster all of them just for a few days and give them the interaction they deserved and fun they needed. I was just patiently waiting for the time I could take these babies with me temporarily to love them and give them some care.

But, when it comes to wicked human beings- even the smallest dreams are shattered by these evil creatures. They will do anything to shatter the dreams of another, control them, create negativity and tragedies and destroy others. This is what happened with these disgusting disturbing scumbags. Wicked humans enjoy destroying the dreams of others, hurting people and creating chaos and hell. This horrible clinic and the monkeys that work for them didn't want me happily taking home the kitties and giving them an enormous amount of love, they wanted to keep them there, suffering in cages, cold, hopeless, scared, confused, unhappy. Only when THEY wanted them to leave would I be able to take them, if that ever happened. They wanted to take control of these kittens and in the process cause them unnecessary suffering and even death. Good job wicked humans- you're always there to be the evil monsters you are...

Control freaks and Psychopaths who found it fun to Play Games with a kind loving Person

People do this sometimes to good people- they treat the good innocent person as if something is wrong with them, just to mess with their heads or act suspicious. It's obvious these people were sort of acting as if they wanted to make me feel like I wasn't a good owner or wanted to use this situation against me. Strange that I cared about these cats more than anyone, and was being treated this way. For weeks after, i was so worried about these kittens. I'd come to the clinic every other day, call daily just to make sure the small one was ok. I was so scared she'd almost die again. My goal was to make sure she lived forever and was taken good care of and treated well. At first, the kittens seemed pretty happy.

Also, the first female calico they just gave away so fast, came back to the clinic sick. Apparently the owner wasn't making sure it was eating! So they didnt give this owner proper instructions on how to feed the cat, gave the kitten away WAY too fast, and didn't care at all. It died the next day. Nice huh? So these scumbags just GIVE this kitten away let it die and then keep the others away from me and acting as if im not the best owner or giving subtle hints ot that. Really they just wanted to keep the cats away from me knowing i wanted them so badly- like psychopaths- nope nope nope! We're NOT going to give you what you want--you will end up getting the cat when we say so and suffering.

One day I went to go visit them, once again this horrible vet tech is telling me to go visit 'them' and she's there- almost as if to go visit her. Sorry- I had no desire to visit her, just the kittens. I think it's so rude of her to expect someone to take time out of their day to go visit her or kittens regularly. I have things to do and I have to work too- but I was so worried about this cat I wanted to make sure she was ok. One day I went, and it was a little later, I ended up going there and we took the kittens out to play. First, another vet tech began playing with the kittens not letting me play with them!! It's obvious these jerks rarely played with them, and here I came to give them some love and comfort, and these nasty vet tech then took MY time to play with them herself! She was tryign to stop me from playing with them. These people basically just didn't want me having anything to do with these cats--playing with them getting positive energy, giving them love and care- they wanted to control it all. I was a bit frustrated then out of nowhere, bam, comes the other vet tech, the one i text sometimes, and she grabs them and puts them back in the cages. It was harsh of course and too abrupt. The others were ok but the tiniest one, you could tell was VERY worried and sad. She was so scared. I said I can tell she's not going to do well after this. Prior to that, they were having so much fun playing around--they got about 5 mins of fun before a stupid vet tech came and took them away.

I was SO worried about her all weekend, but I can't keep calling them to ask how they're doing. You can see the pattern here now- these people are purposely keeping these cats away from me. They are a small clinic and they have enough stray cats on their hands- strange that they seem to really be keeping this cat away from me, yet im a client coming every other day to see these cats? How sick and cruel of them. I got the feeling that regardless of the health of my cats and the URI's, the doctor would try to control the situation and keep the cat away from me- just for some sick pleasure.

The next week, I hear again the kitten isn't doing well. Let's call her trembelina. ADorable little conscientious beautiful kitten, so worried about her current state in this hellhole. I RUSH to the place and a girl tells me she's doing better, but she's going to take her home that night and care for her. Good, i thought- at least they figured out these kittens need some loving care not stuck in a cage all day. Worse, these cages were around examinations, dogs, noise, chaos--it was NOT a healthy environment for kittens to be in and these kittens were NOT happy there at all. I'm like a worried parent, rushing there all the time to make sure they're ok, and this nasty doctor and people want to make sure EVERYONE has care of her except for me. I still couldn't take her in because apparently my cats still had a URI, but honestly, she would have been much better off- I could have put her away isolated in a large bathroom- I felt she had a better chance of survival.

I came back about 4 days later, to find out that, the cats now had mange- so they were being treated. It was apparent the tiny one wasn't doing well and she was so tiny. The nasty vet tech acted as if "she's doing fine." I'm thinking, no she's not. This was all about control. So these pathetic scumbags had tons of animals to care for, and they wanted to make sure not to give me any care of a cat I was adopting anyway- disturbing. Heck, I just wanted to take all of them to a hotel room- just to give them some fun and playtime. Nah, these jerks and the vet tech acted as if "the clinics a great place." As if the cats were doing fine- they weren't. It's obvious they were miserable beyond belief. Also some of these techs are VERY shady and too rough with the animals- I had a strong feeling the tiny one trembelina wasn't going to survive. I took my own cats to get medication and the vet was weird and nice but also rude. She tried to tell me my cats got a URI because they weren't properly vaccinated. Really?? As if my not vaccinating them for one year was a huge deal. Really horrible person. Rather than focusing on what a good pet owner I was, they were trying to create flaws in me so that they could justify not giving me the cat right away. My cats got a URI because I got a new stray I had been taking care of and had just gotten him his vaccines. Also weeks before, when I talked to this vet tech, the one with many animals, she was rude to me a few times, almost in a controlling way to piss me off--so it shows shes not stable and not a great person really.

I went on a trip out of town, and the female vet tech barely texted me. By this time she rarely texted me- when I needed her the most and was really worried about the kittens. She stopped texting me at one point- again a sadistic move, but when she found it convenient she'd text me when she wanted. She took the baby girl and another new kitten in at night and left the girl's two siblings alone. The other two with mange had no playtime for weeks, and no one really cared about them much. I did and wanted to play with them and give them lots of love.

Unhappy Kittens Not Being Cared Properly

She did let me know that the tiny girl was doing good, and i trusted them under her care- but not the other techs. I once caught a tech being semi aggressive with the new kitten and they seemed like the "evil types" who'd do sinister things in private. I was like the kittens mother or something wanting ot make sure they were being cared for and wanting to give them all the love in the world. I went to visit the baby girl two days ago. I was told she was doing ok but I was worried about her--she was so small and skinny and worse, she needed food. I watched the vet tech barely feed her and her want more food. Oh yes, they wanted more than their share of burden of cats and kittens--they'll take in all sorts of strays and want to be the ones to care for them...and keep them away from people who are even going to adopt them??

You could tell this situation was completely about control--these nasty people didn't want me to have the kitten yet--because they knew how BADLY i wanted it. It was a play of evil sadism and cruelty. Wicked people really- even the vet admitted these cats need 'nurturing' yet for unknown reasons they just wanted to keep the cats at this clinic where they were miserable and upset. Oh Yes heres why--if the kittens can SURVIVE the torturous harsh conditions of

being locked up in a cage all day, being around chemicals and chaos, no real exercise or play, different people constantly headaches nightmares, then they were GOOD to adopt!! YES!! that was their horrid reasoning it seems---let's keep them HERE lonely cold suffering and if tehy can survive this horror then we'll ADOPT them out! (Yet of course we'll give one away after two days to an irresponsible pet owner who doesnt feed it with no instructions and watch it die a week later) but we will NOT give it to the most caring loving person who wants to give them all the love in the world- no. What these sadists and creeps wanted to do was kill my love, my passion, my desire for these kittens--they wanted to CRUSH my love and make me suffer and heck, kill some cats in the process why not? They dont care about the kittens at ALL.

So Two days ago i felt very confident the girl was doing good- though I'll admit she didn't look ok. I still thought ok- not much i can do because of course..i had NO control over this situation. This nasty clinic and people purposely wanted to keep her from me, so i could suffer, rushing to the clinic, worried sick, calling in bothering them, not working wasting my time. Can you imagine someone going through all this hell for these kittens and these sadistic monsters wouldn't care to give the person the kitten yet? I had a feeling if I asked for the kitten the nasty vet would give an excuse since she said "she'll be ready in a few weeks." Ah yes, if she can survive a few more weeks of torture in the cages, she'll be READY to go to a nice loving home with warmth and care---come on kitty let's see if you can survive the annoying harsh vet techs, the cold cages, the chemicals, chaos, you can do it! Twisted sick twisted I truly hope these creeps rot in HELL where they belong....

The kittens were MISERABLE, TORTURED, SUFFERING. Some cats are ok in cages, but no these cats--they were utterly scared, miserable. The baby girl was cold and sad and hopeless. I played with the ones with mange because no one even played with them and they looked horrified in general. I remember too that when I tried touching the baby girl after the first incompetent vet techs took her, she screamed as if "dont touch me." I do believe there was one fat tech who was probably abusing them. After she gave this one tiny one a bath, he was miserable- when I tried to touch him he too screamed. So it told me, that this long haired ugly pig female was probably treating them in a not so nice way. Also I saw her moving a kitten side to side harshly--it wasn't ok for her to do. Who knows whta this witch did behind closed doors??? Well that's ok!! The vet is always right of course and she'll keep these kittens suffering in cages, alone traumatized with crazy vet techs around to abuse them, rather than give them to a loving foster home...sickos..

Negligence of Human Control Freaks Causes death of beautiful Kitten

I woke up today, not a good day after a long fallout with a jerk friend of mine who too was a jerk who tried controlling me in different ways--and he wouldn't take no for an answer. It took a barrage of him harassing me last night for him to finally say he wont email me again. Control freaks and wicked psychopaths everywhere in this twisted world...Then I got a message from the vet tech with many pets, she was 'sad to say that the little one died this morning" and she had COCCIDIA? Apparently- being at a vet clinic, the vet didnt care and no one noticed. She was treated for 'hookworms" but not coccidia. Nice. So in the care of the clinic these scumbags DIDNT diagnose a parasite and im sure she wasn't being treated so well. They didnt care about her- why would they? They've proven to be psychopaths of many forms making sure to torture me for fun not let the cats have any fun with me, nurturing comfort or care and make sure I'm rushing to the clinic almost daily having a heart attack making sure the kittens are ok.

Furious wasn't the word I can describe- SAD HEARTBROKEN horrified..powerless out of control. That was the key--POWERLESS. these monsters took the power away from me and gave it to themselves- they wanted to keep those kittens there even if it was the worst thing for matter what, and never give them to a loving home who'd care for them. They could care less and never would. Their only goal was to torture me control me and make me suffer. The sickness present in many humans is horrifying---the human race is a disgusting evil disturbing one full of wicked scumbags. I dont care how many animals these monkeys take care of, they are monsters and murderers to me. They are monsters and murderers. They prefer for kittens to be locked up in their shoddy clinic day and night with no real love or interaction rather than letting a loving caring home take them in and someone who cared about them more than anything. They played head games witih me, esp the mentally unstable vet tech, and were sick on another level, while they gladly gave away one kitten right away to people who werent even caring for it and it died. These are twisted people and I hope to God one day they pay for what they allowed happen to this kitten and to me. The world is a sick place and this is a small example of how wicked evil and twisted these humans are..

there were two victims in this case--the innocents--the kitten was the innocent baby pawn being used by these murderers and psychopaths playing a game with it's life, and I was a victim of these psychopaths who used my love and care for these kittens as some kind of bait to keep me controlled suffering and struggling daily. They controlled all of us and created a tragedy and could care less. I truly hope these people suffer in hell and I wish to God there was something we could do about this wicked evil human race and what these monsters are capable of. I will never get over this- imagine you desiring something so extremely- wanting it more than anything in the world. You have a passion for wanting this so badly, and are waiting day and night, and then you can never do it. This of course, wasn't about MY desire to help those cats, if was about giving those cats utter happiness love and care...taking away the hopelessness on their faces of "will we be in this hellhole forever?" It was about showing them that there was happiness out there and watching them be so happy full of life joy and was about saving them completely and giving them so much love they couldn't imagine. I give this same comfort and love to my own cats, and they are happy and at least safe and know they are cared for. How BADLY these innocent babies needed this I cannot describe- they needed that hope and love more than anything and they KNEW I could give it to them- they KNEW i was there and they knew i was being held back from doing it. Even their realization of this made them very sad too- it didn't help that I went and visited them and left without them and they knew I was there to take them but couldn't.

This awful idiotic moronic vet tech said "they got plenty of love here." I texted her again..of course I wanted to yell and say "you stupid horrible person, do you really think you can compare them being locked up in a cage in a clinic you heartless piece of to them being in a loving home where they are getting exercise love and care"??? how EVIL cold and heartless of this b*tch monkey and monster to act as if they were getting plenty of care at this God awful clinic. They were MISERABLE- they were so unhappy so sad and so hopeless. I said to her several times "they needed to be in a foster home, they needed love and care." Oh but she knows best i guess right? Because she has like over 30 cats of her own she knows what's best for them. I told her the ones with the mange needed some exercise and these cats need love- her response "well this is their life and they dont know anything outside of this." Oh really? if they dont know anything outside of this you moronic thing, why are they BEGGING to get out?? How IGNORANT of her to think that these kittens were under such great care by shoddy shady vet techs, harsh jerks, chaos, chemicals and a clinic? I'd personally want to punch her out--I think she's a horrible person..

She litearlly acted as if, the clinic was a great place for them to be and they knew of no other life--horrible and awful-- this is why two died so far and they all look tortured and miserable?? It's shocking the evil and sickness present in human beings. Yes let's all leave at 5pm and leave them there alone for 15 hours in the dark--this is BEST for them..this is the environment kittens can THRIVE in? It would have been better if that person NEVER brought these kittens in the clinic- truly. They said "failure to thrive" I call bullsh*t. Even kittens with failure to thrive can be TAKEN CARE OF and SAVED if they are being properly cared for. It's obvious these kittens were NOT properly cared for at ALL as they were not diagnosed properly, one was given away immediately with no instructions causing chaos for the others and her death, another almost died about 5 times and wasn't being taken care of properly at ALL and when someone came to take her, they gave 10 excuses as to why she wasn't ready to go and she died, and the remaining two have mange and are miserable suffering and get NO interaction. Oh yes- whoever left them at this craphole did a great service for them. They would have been better off left alone orphaned and tried to survive on their own because maybe they would have gotten some kind of freedom rather than locked up in a cage then dead eventually. When they were first brought in, they were very happy and healthy, now they're a wreck and though yes that does happen to kittens, they weren't being cared for. These sickos seemed more interested in using the kittens to make me a puppet/pawn to come ot their clinic and bother them all the time then almost seem annoyed i was bothering them b/c that's what narcissists do, and to make sure I suffered in this whole situation, and kittens died. They also made sure the vet techs got ot take them home, not me. I'm the one who wanted her, so badly and to help her, but nope- they let the shady techs take them home esp the fat one who I don't trust at all. I had a strong feeling she wouldn't make it- she looked so skinny and miserable. Chemicals, noise, parasites :( She was the most loving cat--so tiny yet so full of life and live- she even rubbed up against you in the most loving way. How strange that a week after that, after the techs took her home, I tried picking her up and she screamed as if "don't touch me." That's when I realized- she is possibly being abused. The week prior to that, she was so loving and so happy. I feel these monsters tortured these kitties...indirectly allowed them to be abused/tortured just by keeping them there at this stupid clinic suffering day and night and not letting them get the love and care they needed and that i so desperately wanted to give them. When the girl kitten was ok, i felt much better- I didn't call or worry about her. I felt, ok she's going to be ok...this is good. But now, it's a different story- she never got the love i so desperately wanted to give her--she so desperately needed, under the control of this crazy vet tech and clinic who guaranteed she was so happy and doing well though she was malnourished skinny, terrified, and had coccidia which no one cared to diagnose.

I will never get over this situation- some people say...millions of kittens die or are killed. Ok well guess what, i am not around those million kittens, i am around THESE kittens who i had a chance to help and protect, and couldn't. I just wanted to give them some comfort and happiness..that's it. Even if I never had a chance to take them home I wanted them to feel safe and warm and these monsters at this clinic did everything to make sure that wasnt going to happen and these kittens would suffer. Thanks clinic, for a job well done and i truly hope that when God judges you, he judges you harshly for the rotten things you've done.

I can promise you one thing, if I ever rage at these people for the horrors they did to me and these kittens I guarantee they will sit there cold, heartless with no emotions or care and probably very happy inside. These were twisted psychopaths who got a chance to abuse and torment a few creatures, and got away with it. These were just blatant psychopaths who played a very twisted cruel game on me for sadistic sport, to watch me flip out, worry, rush to their clinic, suffer, and have kittens die all while I wanted to do everything to make sure they lived forever. May God show himself to these monsters for what they did. I have been through much suffering and trauma in my life, but despite all this, i rarely to never cry. Trauma can seep at you quite ferociously preventing you from being able to cry. This time, it was different, it's the first time ive cried and bawled in a long time- it has changed me in a large way. Despite me feeling upset sad tortured, a cleaner came to my house, he was a jerk to me, a nasty customer called me threatening me this very day and I had to stay calm--humans have all the control--these worthless mongrels- the evil ones. Humans enjoy controlling and abusing others if they get the chance and pick on the most innocent ones. I hope this clinic gets what it deserves, the nasty vet and techs involved in this horror and for what they do to others...shameful sick place and this world is disgusting and evil on another level...

Humans are monsters and Evil

People try to say that humans are generally more good than evil- and there are many that are, but in general the human race is evil as it can come. Humans are monsters- hateful messed up psychopathic monkeys who enjoy hurting controlling or tormenting other creatures. Many appear to be normal from the outside, heck they can even own 40 cats, but inside they are evil twisted psychopaths who when they see an innocent person seek to abuse or prey on it. Predators can describe most humans if given the circumstance. If given the circumstance or chance, if they are faced with a good person who is kind and innocent, they will choose to abuse and torture that person due to the evil present inside of them. Many of these humans enjoy mocking, destroying, ruining or hurting other humans and animals. This vet clinic was atrocious in the way they handled and treated these kittens. Though the kittens weren't flat out being abused (or maybe they were), their desire to neglect them mostly, choose to WRONGLY keep them locked up in cages most of the time, and also keep them away from a loving person who wanted to give them love and take them in, was cruelty and evil on their part. The idiots and losers that worked there proved to be psychopaths on many levels and they even enjoyed tormenting a female who loved these kittens more than anything and made sure to keep them away from her, causing her to come to the clinic constantly worried about them, and did so for NO rational reason, no medical reason- simply complete evil. Humans are evil creatures, many of them, who I truly hope end up in the pits of hell where many of them belong. Baby Girl Kitten, I know you are waiting in Heaven for me and I can't wait for the day we will be reunited and I can FINALLY give you the love I wanted to give you for over a month.


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