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The Disinformation of Astronomy

Updated on June 9, 2015
If the astronomical information of our ancient ancestors were to be added to what we know now, there is no telling how far mankind could have progressed.
If the astronomical information of our ancient ancestors were to be added to what we know now, there is no telling how far mankind could have progressed. | Source

The Disinformation Deception

When dealing with what NASA knows and what it shares with the public, the rabbit hole is very deep and goes well beyond just mere disinformation, it is in-fact deception of the highest order. In the book Dark Mission (2007) by Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara, they provide the reader with an in-depth, detailed look at just how far this rabbit hole of secret information goes, making a very convincing comparison between NASA and a secret society.

This book provides enough evidence, insider information and previously unreleased photographs to reveal that NASA is more of an intelligence and technology gathering agency on 'Alien' ( I use that term loosely ) civilizations, than it is about space exploration. I have read extensively on many incredible subjects that most people would be too stunned to even consider and I can say that I was literally shocked by what was revealed in this book.

However what this book really reveals without coming right out and saying it, is that from the inception of NASA some secret intelligence agencies on Earth have had advanced knowledge of where to look for ancient 'Alien' artifacts, technology and instillations inside our solar system.

So immediately we ask, "How could they know this?

The answer is quite simple but still astonishing, they know this because they know the truth about the history of the human race. This is where the disinformation that is so prevalent in our society comes in. In an effort not to share this information with us, they have created a whole series of theories and explanations about how we evolved on this planet, that while seem reasonable, upon further examination of the facts, is highly improbable and even impossible.

So what is the truth?

I will answer some of your questions in the conclusion of this article, so read further but try to understand that The Disinformation of Astronomy is merely one piece of a vast puzzle designed to keep those that have power firmly entrenched in it, while preventing the public from recognizing some fundamental truths about our history. Disinformation in our society is designed for one purpose and one purpose only, to prevent the truth from being known.

The Censorship of Astronomy

Much of the publics current understanding of astronomy is based on information that was conceived of and written about over hundred years ago by such notable scientist as Albert Einstein and his 'Theory of Relativity'. However the basics taught in our early education system still relies on information described by Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) and Galilei Galileo (1564-1642). The Disinformation of Astronomy will try to delve into the ether of information that has been hidden from the common man and reveal concepts, ideas and knowledge that the public is only now becoming aware of.

Many people blame NASA for keeping humanity in the dark about space exploration and discoveries, claiming and rightfully so, that they are hiding knowledge from the people. However what must be understood is that due to NASA's original mandate, they are prevented by law from revealing any information that could be a threat to National Security.

When NASA was created in 1959, they were made part of the Department of Defense Agency (DOD). However this fact is not public knowledge, even though it is clearly stated in their original doctrine and most people are under the impression it is a civilian institution.

"Sec.305... (i) The [National Aeronautics and Space] Administration shall be considered a defense agency of the United States for the purpose of Chapter 17, Title 35 of the United States Code..."

"Sec.205... (d) No [NASA] information which has been classified for reasons of national security shall be included in any report made under this section [of the Act]..."

Many people still refuse to accept this information as true due to their current paradigm (world view) but it is only common sense, that our own Government would do this to protect our National interests. After all you wouldn't want any new technology found, being made public, that could be turned into a military, environmental or economic weapon.

Considering the above information it now becomes clear why certain new discoveries in space have been censored from the public domain. Over fifty years ago it was decided that the recent discoveries on our Moon, such as Alien instillations and bases, should be airbrushed out of all photographs to prevent the public from panicking. This kind of information would have radically altered our perception of history and education process at that time and those in power felt it was wise to keep this information from us.

However what hasn't been recognized by the majority of the public is that this kind of censorship has been practiced long before the inception of NASA. Most people are not aware and rightfully so, that many of Newton's and Einstein's theories and publications have also been censored. This kind of censorship is not just limited to these two scientist but to all scientist, from Tesla and T. Thompson Brown of the early 19th Century up to the present.

In 1900, Lord Kelvin widely known for determining the correct value of absolute zero (-273.15 Celsius) told the The British Association for the Advancement of Science "There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now. All that remains is more and more precise measurement."

What is interesting to note about that quote is that just a mere five years later Einstein published his now famous work 'special relativity' which called into question Newtonian Mechanics. However the public has been lead to accept that nothing new has been discovered in the intervening years since the Theory of Relativity was first introduced.

Yet, the entire premise of the U.S. Air Force's super secret B-2 Bomber works on technology created around the premise of anti-gravity propulsion systems and stealth technology. Because this technology is cloaked behind National Security issues the science that supports it isn't even taught in classical physics courses in any major Universities. So while our children are taught astronomy based on concepts introduced to the public over 300 years ago, our adults are taught basic psychics built around concepts introduced to the public almost a 100 years ago.

A recent book written by noted physicist Dr. Paul A. LaViolette called Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion: Tesla, UFOs and Classified Aerospace Technology offers a detailed description and science of antigravity and new 'ether based physics' concepts, which clearly outdates classical physics by at least 100 years.

In The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (1962), Thomas Kuhn wrote, "Successive transition from one paradigm to another via revolution is the usual developmental pattern of mature science."

That being said it becomes clear that if new physics isn't even being taught to the public, based on National Security issues, then much of what the public knows about new astronomical discoveries and concepts are not being shared as well. In a nutshell what this means is that any new discoveries in the field of astronomy, physics and energy technology will not be disclosed to the public.

However the real question is How long has this been going on?

Considering the work of such notable scientist as Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) and T. Townsend Brown (1905-1985) around the beginning of the last century and their work on antigravity propulsion systems and free energy devices that have never been seen in the public eye, I would submit to my readers that the censorship of these kinds of ideas and concepts have been going on for decades, if not longer.

The fact that the public has only in the last decade been allowed to recognize that binary star systems are the norm and not the exception and that rogue planets do in fact exist, one would only need read any of a hundred articles I have written about Nibiru Planet X to realize that this disinformation campaign concerning astronomy has existed for at least a hundred years.

The Universe

Currently NASA is ten years behind on entering new information into the public domain on recent space discoveries.
Currently NASA is ten years behind on entering new information into the public domain on recent space discoveries. | Source

Moon Rock Figurine

This carved figure of an angel found in a Moon rock dated at 200,000 years old was brought back to Earth in the late 60s but only revealed to the public in 2009.
This carved figure of an angel found in a Moon rock dated at 200,000 years old was brought back to Earth in the late 60s but only revealed to the public in 2009. | Source

200,000 Year Old Angel Statue

In 2009, a former NASA scientist and Geologist, Dr. Morris Charles revealed to the public a statue found in Moon rocks brought back to Earth by Apollo Astronauts, in 1969. This statue, closely resembles an angel with wings and is made from an iron compound found exclusively from one region of our Moon. Based on chemical analysis of the metal by geologists, they estimate the date of this statue to be around 200,000 years old.

While many contend it shows that some ancient Alien civilization existed on our Moon in the distant past others argue that it could have been from a species just visiting or observing. Of course, NASA contends this artifact has been available to the public for thirty years, they also tell us it is being stored at an undisclosed location for safe keeping.

NASA's Role in the Disinformation of Astronomy

NASA has played an important role in The Disinformation of Astronomy, not only in the United States but world wide. One of the little known mandates outlined when NASA was created in the late 50s was to seek out and retrieve Alien artifacts and technology left behind by Alien Civilizations on our Moon and nearby planets.

What is not readily known about NASA, is that despite what the public has been told that NASA is a civilian organization with complete transparency, it is in fact an adjunct of the Department of Defense (DOD) tasked with the National Security of the United States of America when related to matters in space. This is in direct conflict with what the Mainstream Media, our Government and NASA has lead the public to accept as true.

Immediately after NASA was created in 1959, it commissioned a formal 'Futures Study' to be conducted by the famous Brookings Institution, a Washington D.C. based 'think tank', officially titled Proposed Studies on the Implications of Peaceful Space Activities for Human Affairs.

Among the volumes of information compiled by the Brookings Institute, one paragraph stands out . . .

"While face-to-face meetings with it [extra-terrestrial life] will not occur within the next twenty years (unless its technology is more advanced than ours, qualifying it to visit Earth), artifacts left at some point in time by these life forms might possibly be discovered through our [NASA's] space activities on the Moon, Mars or Venus."

This statement by the Brookings Institution clearly indicates that they had some advanced knowledge of Extra-terrestrial Life and hence that this technology could be 'discovered and retrieved'.

It seems NASA's original mandate states that among its responsibilities they were to find and retrieve Alien technology on our Moon and other planets in our solar system. What this shows is some advanced knowledge that Aliens had left technology behind on these three specific planets, was in fact, known.

  • Documentation now exists through the Freedom of Information Act, that NASA using robotic space probes actually confirmed the Brookings Institutions so-called 'speculation' that indeed Alien technology did exist on the Moon in the early 1960s, before any manned space flights took place.

  • There is much evidence to suggest that the Apollo Missions were just public propaganda designed to convince an unsuspecting public of the need for their tax dollars and that other more advanced technology was and is being used for space exploration.

  • Recent photographs of the Moon by China's robotic space probes show structures on the Moon surface, where earlier NASA photos showed no structures of any kind.

  • Many ancient artifacts, statues and technology have been recovered from our landings on the Moon. However these retrieval missions may not have been accomplished from the public Apollo Missions of the late 60s and early 70s.

  • Now we know that NASA can censor data if it is related to National Security issues, so the many rumors and reports of air-brushed photos and now digitally manipulated photos can be confirmed.

  • Landing the Mars Rover on the surface of the Red Planet away from the now famous Face of Cydonia would seem to indicate that NASA does not want to confirm the existence of previous civilizations having lived on our nearest neighbor.

  • Revealing detailed photographs of celestial bodies much further away from Earth than our Moon, clearly indicates that all of the fuzzy, blurred and out of focus pictures NASA has released to the public in the past are nothing more than manipulated photographs, hiding structures and other data.

  • Recently released videos of the International Space Station (ISS) showing anomalous elements, such as air bubbles, static hair and unusual bouncing motions by astronauts lead many to conclude that perhaps we are not being told the complete truth regarding the Space Station.

  • The numerous whistle blowers, stories and leaks of information concerning NASA's role in the disinformation of space exploration may actually have been carried out by NASA itself to confuse and divide public opinion, including the fake Moon landing stories that began as early as 1968.

What people need to understand about disinformation in general and The Disinformation of Astronomy is that it is a two-way street and that not all of the confusing data can be attributed to institutions of higher learning, NASA and the Government. Quite often disinformation is designed to protect National interests, secret military technology and economic considerations but it is also designed specifically to prevent the general public from digging deeper for the truth.

NASA has admitted publicly that the amount of new information they have gathered about space is so vast that they are literally ten years behind in simple formatting, publishing and entering it into the public domain in digital or hard copy form. To some this would seem to be a ready made convenient excuse, after all one would surely expect some, shall we say 'selected importance' on what to publish.

What anyone interested in so-called 'space exploration' should keep in mind is that although, many of these space projects pretend to be investigating NEW discoveries, phenomenon and advancements, that NASA has already known since the late 50s exactly where to look for advanced 'Alien Technology' in our solar system. Most of what NASA does is to seek out this technology and recover it, the whole time pretending to be exploring space, so that the public will continue to accept the paradigm of new discoveries and exploration and most importantly finance it.

The International Space Station is a perfect example of the black hole of tax dollars that humanity has been funding for decades.

The most important information one would have to consider is how could you as an individual prove independently, without any outside advanced knowledge, where to look through a telescope or through Government or private institution documentation, that the International Space Station is actually in space?

Could this be achieved?

This is how disinformation works, because when we rely on one source for all our information, then in the interest of 'National Security' and preventing the public from panicking or discovering the truth, it becomes much easier to sell the Big Lie.

Best Video For Air Bubbles & ISS

"A human being is a part of a whole, called by us _universe_, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest... a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. Our task must be to free ourselves from this self-imposed prison, and through compassion, to find the reality of Oneness."

— Albert Einstein

Face of Cydonia

Had the Mars Rover landed in this region of the Red Planet, no longer would there be any mystery surrounding this discovery.
Had the Mars Rover landed in this region of the Red Planet, no longer would there be any mystery surrounding this discovery. | Source

New and Old Astronomical Ideas

One of the more interesting concepts about our Universe revolves around the new idea that it is of holographic nature however many ancient cultures on our planet, such as ancient Tibetan monks, Hawaiian Kahuna's and of course the famous Yaqui Indians of California have all held very similar ideas.

Without going into a lengthy definition of what constitutes reality, the basic premise of the Holographic Universe is that our own minds create the reality we exist in, much like the holo-deck on Star Trek The Next Generation. Many ancient cultures have long held the idea that our dream state is just as real as our waking reality, it is only our conscious perception of it that defines the difference.

From my own research it is clear to me that our ancient ancestors from the Egyptians and Sumerians of the Middle East to India and China and even the Aztecs, Mayas and Incas of Central America had a great degree of sophistication in Astronomical ideas, concepts and understanding that our modern society is only now beginning to grasp. This understanding of the nature of our Universe was not just charting the stars and planets but grasping the concepts of Quantum Physics on a natural level.

To me the most important aspect of The Disinformation of Astronomy is not the new discoveries being made but is the ancient knowledge that is being suppressed. This censorship of what has already been learned but withheld from the public by among others the Vatican, archeologists, Egyptology, translations of ancient writings and the knowledge of our ancients is what is holding us back more than anything else.

Consider for a moment if the writings of Zecharia Zitchin's Earth Chronicles Series, Immanuel Velikovsky World's In Collision, Michael Talbot The Holographic Universe and Richard Hoagland's The Monuments of Mars weren't considered fringe material by our mainstream education system and that all astronomical data from ancient sophisticated societies were revealed and discussed openly, where our species would be in our understanding of our Universe.

Moon Pyramid

Recently release photos of the Moon seem to show pyramids and artifacts that for years NASA claimed did not exist.
Recently release photos of the Moon seem to show pyramids and artifacts that for years NASA claimed did not exist. | Source

Ancient Knowledge

Do you get the sense that our ancient ancestors possessed a far greater understanding of our Universe than we know today?

See results

Secret Journey To Planet Serpo

This book written by former and current Defense Intelligence Agency members, details a secret exchange program with an Alien race known as Ebens, where 12 astronauts spent 13 years on their home world, leaving in 1965 and returning in 1977. Incidentally the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) was based on this secret space program and actually shows the astronauts going on board the spacecraft in the climatic conclusion of the movie.

This exchange program gave the United States Government a complete holographic book, known as The Yellow Book, in which a complete history of the Universe is chronicled, including but not limited to our solar system.

The Ebens provided the United States with technology that would allow them to solve all their energy needs without polluting the environment and reverse engineer their anti-gravity propulsion systems and this was all done in the early 60s, during President Kennedy's Administration, which merely leads to more speculation on the reason he was murdered by the Cabal.

So you see, before we even built the Apollo Spacecrafts we had Alien technology that would allow us to leave the planet and return unharmed. We have had free energy sources beyond what Nicola Tesla invented in the early part of the 20th Century and yet the Ruling Elite continues to subjugate the common man.

Christopher Knight & Alan Butler

Who Built The Moon

This book explores the concept of what many astronomers, scientist, researchers and writers have suspected for a long time that our own Moon is not a natural part of our solar system and was designed and built specifically for the planet Earth.

Many theories and documentation support the contention of this book that without the Moon in its present orbit sentient life on this planet would have been next to impossible.

This book provides the reader with such exacting details about our own satellite that the vast amount of almost impossible coincidences concerning the Moon can no longer be valid.


To be quite honest about why so much disinformation about subjects such as astronomy, archeology, geology and even the pre-history of mankind seem so prevalent in our society, is due to the fact that not all of humanity evolved naturally on this planet. Some of us are descendants of humans that colonized Earth thousands of years ago.

Now since our current race or species has interbred to such a degree, there is no longer a true lineage from those original colonists, except perhaps in some royal bloodlines. This is why I think members of the Illuminati and some Royal families are so bent on maintaining specific bloodlines. The disinformation and suppression of this knowledge is why our education system has been built on a false premise to preserve this lineage and prevent the natives of Earth or common man from recognizing this distinction.

The Disinformation of Astronomy serves the purpose of preventing the common man from recognizing that their ancestors did not originate on this planet.

Just think about the many ways in which the Earth's own environment would kill the average human, if they didn't have any clothing, shelter, protection from animals, diseases or ability to feed themselves and you will begin to get the picture. The weather alone, not too mention the Sun would kill most humans in a couple of days, so how could a species without technology survive and evolve long enough to even find a cave to live in? However that is another topic entirely and I will write about it very soon.

When considering the why of disinformation, try to understand the class distinctions between the ruling elite and the common man. The common man spends almost his entire day simply surviving in a world where technology should have made his life easier but hasn't. Entertainment in the form of electronic social media has perpetrated a Lie so Big that the average human doesn't even realize it exists.

The Ruling Elite, The Powers That Be, Illuminati or Cabal, whatever you wish to call them have carefully designed and implemented a plan, conceived of hundreds of years ago, to prevent the average man from even recognizing he is being lied to on a whole host of subjects, the least of which is astronomy.

So why would they do this, you ask?

So they can continue to live a life without the need to simply survive, a life of luxury, a life without a care in the world.

People are constantly telling me that a secret this big would surely have been revealed by now and I tell them it has but no one will accept it as the truth. Look at the video above, air bubbles in space is impossible and yet people continue to accept the International Space Station as reality.

It has been shown over and over again through research and even NASA's own data that no living being, animal or human could survive the Van Allen Radiation Belt that surrounds our planet between the Earth and the Moon using Apollo technology and yet the vast majority of the public still considers the Apollo Moon Landings as real.

The space technology the public sees cannot possible be used to take a human being beyond the radiation belt that surrounds our planet and bring them back alive. This is why all of our space probes are robotic, or satellites. Now don't get me wrong we have the technology and the space craft however the public has not been allowed to see it.

Consider how the Apollo Moon Lander could have 'blasted' off the Moon surface without creating a massive Moon dust cloud, those old enough all saw it on TV together. Wouldn't an anti-gravity propulsion system allowed it to drift off the surface far enough to engage thrusters, perhaps, if we are to accept the Moon Landings as real.

In all the recent sci-fi movies we see nowadays about space, all the spaceships have airlocks just like on submarines but the Apollo Moon Lander didn't have an airlock, how come? Did the astronauts wear their space suits inside the Lander when exiting and entering? Not according to the old videos they didn't.

The internet has not only allowed the average man to awaken spiritually but has also allowed mankind the ability to poke holes in existing theories, concepts and ideas that before took years of research. Nowadays the average man is becoming more informed and has the ability to gain knowledge from independent sources and does not have to rely on only one source for his news, information and research.

The distinction that I cannot emphasize enough is not that humanity isn't aware of and actually have advanced technology, the true history of our solar system and Universe and are having ongoing relations with Alien Species, it is that the public isn't aware of this. Certain groups within our society have this information and are unwilling to share it with us (the public) because it would level the playing field, there would be no rich elite, no need for many governments, nations, money and the list goes on and on.

The Disinformation of Astronomy is too vast a subject to be covered in one article but I hope I have provided enough information, speculation and research to allow even the average reader to explore these concepts on their own.

The Don't Teach This In School

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