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Understanding Your Purpose And Potential

Updated on September 7, 2016

What is your purpose and potential?

Your purpose is what you are created to attain. It is the explanation for your existence. It's the reason for which you are alive. Your purpose is your design, dream, objective and goal that is the end of your race. It can also be defined as your life plan and the reason for your existence. The project that GOD carved out for you to perform and complete on earth. Purpose is synonymous with your ambition and your hope. It is the zeal and the desire resident in you.

Your potential is the skills and talents for the fulfillment of your purpose. Potential is the inherent strength that has to be activitated so as to attain your purpose. You use both to execute your destiny. However, the two must agree with your potential. You can't do without the other. Potential is your hidden abilities. Your abilities are natural, because they're your GOD given talents and power for action.They might be invisible however it's resident inside you. It's an unused quality that explains what you'll do but however it hasn't been done. It's not what you have got or have been but what you will be. I call it the 'dormant ability'. I define it as follows:

the gift not activated

unused strength

preserved power and

unrealised success.

On the hand, if you have got potential without purpose and you are unable to explain the reason for your existence, you may find yourself using potential for the wrong purpose. It's possibly to possess potential and not use it in the slightest degree but when you have it and it's channeled into purpose, then you're talking about two different things. It does not guarantee performance just like quantity does not guarantee quality.

Why were you born?

Once your purpose is discovered, you must work with GOD to achieve it. You're not created to pursue materialism and live comfortable in this life but to achieve purpose. Therefore pursue it until it is achieved. I ask GOD daily to reveal my purpose, talent, skills and abilities to me and in the process I discovered that the greatest purpose of my being on earth is to worship my creator and build divine character. What about you? Have you asked questions like '' Why was I born?''

Although your purpose is personal but it's never private. I mean it's meant for the public - use it to serve others. The moment you discover it, you must run it with your potential but if you lack ability you will be unable to function.

When you accomplish a goal, the will for a larger feat develops anew.

Potential does not relate to what you have done but to what you have not got done. It's what exists and cannot been seen. Once a task is completed, it's no longer potential. It's like hope and tends forward to accomplishment. Potential is continually pregnant. Each uncultivated land is potential till the harvest season. Once the harvest is reaped, the potential cycle restarts.

There are a lot of us waiting to go forth. We possess the preserved power and unfulfilled success. The potential embedded inside us must be free externally. For illustration, the foundation set to make a home is a potential but the minute the home is complete, it becomes accomplished and not potential. Your purpose is the factor that you need to accomplish, the aim you've to achieve. However, your purpose can highlight your weakness and the truth is never focus on your weakness.

In conclusion, purpose is like the parable of the hidden treasure. When you find it, it becomes a precious jewel and rare gem. Once you discover it, you will turn around from whatever you are doing. The cemetry is considered to be richest place on earth because it is filled with dead souls who died with their talents. People who failed to accomplish their purpose. Your birth was caused because of your destiny.There's an end which you must begin and conclude; a project which you must execute and consummate. Your existence became necessary because of your destiny. For this eason, destiny will continue to scream at you to get on track.


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      Moronke Oluwatoyin 4 years ago

      Thanks for visiting my hub.

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      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Understanding Your Purpose And Potential great hub and very useful to all readers