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The ESFJ Personality: ESFJ careers, Relationships, and Life

Updated on October 31, 2012

The ESFJ personality is warm and highly altruistic. They are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to help others. They work very well in a team with a desire to be as efficient as possible. ESFJs take their commitments very seriously. They prefer clean cut rules and structure. They are very good at uniting people and helping them to meet a common goal. In addition, ESFJs value personal touch much more than the other personalities.

The ESFJs are the most extroverted of all the extroverted personalities. They are the most communicative and the most connected with the feelings of others. It is estimated that this personality type forms only 13 percent of the population. They desire harmony above all else. ESFJs care deeply about traditions and memories, working hard to preserve and nurture them. They constantly seek harmony in all possible areas and are easily offended by those who are not interested in participating in activities they deem noble or important.

The ESFJ personality will typically pay close attention to their looks. They are also quite sensitive regarding their social status. They tend to find it difficult to be alone. They love conversation regarding events or problems related to the personal lives of friends. This is one personality that is typically annoyed or insulted easily. When this happens the ESFJ will definitely make their displeasure heard loud and clear.

ESFJ Careers

The ideal ESFJ careers will allow this personality to utilize skills related to organization and dependability. This personality type does not mind monotonous routine. In fact, they take pleasure in making their environments as structured and predictable as possible. They are comfortable in social settings, work well in a team setting, and make excellent listeners.

  • Bookkeepers
  • Accountants
  • Administrators
  • Teaching
  • Medical Care
  • Counseling
  • Social Work

ESFJ Relationships

With their warm and caring personalities, the ESFJ personality makes a highly supportive long-term partner. They tend to be highly traditional and take their obligations very seriously. They strive to be accepted for who they truly are and, if not kept in check, this particular trait can turn into emotional neediness. ESFJs detest conflict and criticism, seeing them as personal insults. Any ESFJ partner should be aware of these traits in order to provide the ESFJ with the feeling of value and respect they need.

Intimacy with an ESFJ is typically loving and affectionate. This particular personality views intimacy as a way of expressing affection and to prove that the relationship is strong. They typically pay a lot of attention to the partner’s feelings, trying their best to ensure their partner is satisfied. ESFJs preferred partners are ISFP (introverted, sensing, feeling, and perceptive) and ISTP (introverted, sensing, thinking, and perceptive).

Famous ESFJ Personalities

Based on analysis of their work and life, the following have been identified as famous ESFJ personalities:

  • William McKinley, a former U.S. president
  • Bill Clinton, former U.S. president
  • Sally Struthers
  • Mary Tyler Moore
  • Sarah Palin, U.S. vice-presidential candidate
  • Dixie Carter
  • Sally Field
  • Danny Glover, actor
  • Nancy Kerrigan

Some famous ESFJ fictional characters include:

  • Dean Winchester, Supernatural
  • Monica Geller, Friends
  • Felix Unger, The Odd Couple
  • Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh
  • Donald Duck, Disney
  • Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz


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